Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 – 2014

Sean Hogan/IBM Global Healthcare

As vice president and industry general manager of IBM Global Healthcare, Sean Hogan leads IBM’s business serving clients across its services. With an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science in engineering from Dartmouth, Sean has particularly focused growth that is predicated on the development and transformation of existing business models and advanced technology throughout his career.

Embracing the Irish “reputation for determination, warmth, and integrity,” as he calls it, Sean is proud of the work IBM is doing to support its clients deliver greater access to high quality, cost-effective care. Sean says “healthcare is an information-intensive industry,” so his key interests include technology applications that help the medical community access and analyze data in order to achieve better patient outcomes. For example, IBM is working with clinicians to develop IBM Watson cognitive computing technology to help oncologists fight cancer, and predictive analytics to improve early detection of heart failure.

Sean is a fourth-generation Irish American. All 16 of his great great grandparents are Irish and lived in the U.S., emigrating from all over, including Clare and Cork. He and his wife Jana currently live in Ridgefield, CT with their three children, Matthew, Jared, and Kate.