Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 – 2014

Patrick Donohue/Sarah Jane Brain Foundation

In 2007, Patrick Donohue established the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, which has now become one of the leading organizations worldwide working to prevent, identify, treat and eventually cure pediatric acquired brain injury (PABI).

Sarah Jane Donohue, Patrick’s first child, suffered traumatic injuries just days after she was born when she was violently shaken by her nurse. Sixty-percent of the rear cortex of her brain was devastated. Patrick was told that his daughter would never walk, never speak, and never move independently again. In the weeks and months following, Patrick, decided to change his career to what he calls “changing the world for Sarah Jane”.

In September 2013, Patrick established iHOPE, the International Academy of HOPE, the first and only school in the world, to educate and habilitate kids with brain injuries and other brain-based disorders. The school, in New York City, has already grown to 40 students. It will serve as the pilot program and change agent for modeling best educational practices all over the world.

Patrick’s philosophy is: “Things work out best for those who make the best out of the way things work out.” He says, “It is unfortunate that I got involved in this because of Sarah Jane’s prob­lem, but I hope our best efforts will help her and many others like her.”