Roots: The Dowlings

The crest of the Dowling clan.

By Adam Farley, Editorial Assistant
December / January 2014

In 1609, the few patrician members of the Dowling clan were transplanted from their native Laois to the border of north Kerry and west Limerick, dividing the clan’s geography. Today, the majority of Dowlings can be found still in the east of Ireland, where the new British landowners generally ignored the lay clansmen in their home territory along the western bank of the River Barrow. That region, anciently known as Fearann ua n-Dunlaing, or the Dowlings’ country, hints at the etymology of the name, which is theorized to be one of the few “residential” surnames in Irish, coming from dun, fort, and laing, possibly a corruption of the Irish long, meaning ship.

After the transplantation of the clan’s leaders, the remainders in Laois spread east and south down the River Barrow through Counties Carlow, Kilkenny, and eventually Wicklow. In fact, in the Rathdrum area of Wicklow, there are at least four townlands called Ballydowling. It is from this area that the oldest notable Dowling emerged: Thady Dowling (1544 – 1628), an annalist and Irish language grammarian.

Coming forward in the centuries and across the pond, another man of learning was Victor J. Dowling (1866 – 1934), a New York State Supreme Court Justice and an active Knight in numerous Catholic chivalric orders, including the Order of St. Gregory the Great, Papal Chamberlain of the Cape and Sword. Another law man was the London-born colonial official Sir James Dowling (1787 – 1844), whose father was from Laois. This Dowling went on to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and wrote numerous influential treatises. His brother, Vincent George Dowling (1785 – 1852), opted to stay in London and became a successful publisher of sports magazines, including Bell’s Life and Fistiana, dedicated to boxing.

Continuing with writers, the 19th-century poem “The Brigade of Fontenoy” was composed by the Kerry-born Bartholomew Dowling (1823 – 1863) in commemoration of the Irish soldiers at France’s decisive defeat of Britain in the 18th-century Battle of Fontenoy.

In service of the British Army in India, William Dowling (1825 – 1887), born in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, was awarded the Victoria Cross for his deeds during the 1857 Indian Mutiny at the Siege of Lucknow. In America, Richard W. Dowling (1838 – 1867) was a key Irish figure in the Confederate Army (though he was born in Galway), achieving the rank of lieutenant in a unit of primarily Houston-based Irish dockworkers.

Perhaps the oddest connection to the hard side of history is the 1910 marriage of Dubliner Bridget Dowling (1891 – 1969) to Alois Hitler, Jr., making her sister-in-law to Adolf Hitler. Alois had been working as a waiter at the Shelbourne Hotel since the late 1890s, though pretended to be a well-to-do European businessman when he met Bridget. They eloped in London and eventually moved to Liverpool, where Bridget had a son, William Patrick, in 1911. Three years later, however, Alois abandoned the family, returned to Germany, illegally remarried, and arranged for word to be sent to Bridget that he was dead. German officials eventually discovered the illegal bigamy however, and they were finally divorced in 1929.

After World War II, Bridget and William Patrick re-located to the U.S., where William had previously traveled, lecturing on his infamous uncle. They settled in Long Island and changed their last name to Stuart-Houston.

Also on Long Island is Dowling College, named for Robert W. Dowling (1895 – 1973). Born in New York, Robert was an important real-estate investor and philanthropist and had key roles in the development of Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. He also won a Tony award in 1948 for his contribution to theater development (he owned or partly owned at least four theaters), and was one of the original producers for The Sound of Music.

More recently in the theater business is actor and director Vincent Dowling (1929 – 2013). The Dublin-born thespian got his start at the Abbey Theater before transplanting to Cleveland in the 1970s to head the Great Lakes Theater Festival, where he was the spur that turned Tom Hanks from a festival intern to a Cleveland Critics Circle Award-winning actor. Later, Vincent Dowling moved to Massachusetts, founded his own theater company, and won an Emmy for his production and direction of the PBS film of John Millington Synge’s Playboy of the Western World.

Finally, in a bit of serendipity, who would happen to have an honorary doctorate from Dowling College but this year’s Business 100 Keynote Speaker, the Limerick native Michael J. Dowling? Read more about him in his keynote interview.

74 Responses to “Roots: The Dowlings”

  1. Robert Dowling says:

    I would love it if some one in conemara was related in anyway shape or format .we live in Newcastle upon Tyne and family also lived in Shotts parish Scotland.

    • Brant Rowden says:

      Hello my name is Brant Rowden, and I found out that I was related to Timothy Dalton, and I was trying to find out that I was really related to Timothy Dalton. If I am I would appreciate if you please ease contact me back, and let me k ow of I am right, and if I am related to him. Then am I related to the Dowlings.

  2. Martha Dowling Durbin says:

    Would love to contact Dowlings still in Ireland. I have traveled there twice and never met anyone . Would love to locate Ballydowling (I understand there are 3-4 towns by that name) .

    • frank dowling says:

      My name is Frank Dowling. I live in Dublin. You are welcome to message me and tell me about yourself.
      Regards F

      • Maria Russell says:

        Hi There Frank,

        My dowlings are from Kildare and Dublin, my mum was a dowling born Dublin 1939 and my GF Leo was born think 1909 I am aware many were master plasterers and went back and forth between Dublin and Liverpool.
        Other family names are Leigh, Campbell and possibly Russell.

        Do any of these names correspond with yours.

        • Sharon Dowling says:

          My Dowlings come from Clane, Kildare and South Dublin. I’ve been on Ancestry and traced back to early 1800s in Naas. All Richard and Patrick Dowling, father and son names. My father, Richard Dowling b. 1919 in US was first US born citizen in my tree. It is possible that we are related.

          • Chris Myers says:

            Is that you, Cousin Sharon? Planning a trip to Dublin this summer and wish to look into family there.

          • Sharon says:

            Hi Chris! Small world!! Lol
            Our family are from Naas, Clane, Timahoe and Straffan, Celbridge. Back in the day it was considered So. Dublin. If you go to Celbridge, you can go to the church where our great grandparents were married in 1877. I found the certificate in Dublin archives on my 2014 trip. There are Dowlings in Prosperous in our tree. Richard Dowling owned the main bar there. He was our cousin. His great grandfather and ours were siblings.
            I have a large tree worked up with 4 years of researching and can go back to 1600s. I’m now going to Shapinsay, Orkney Islands next month to see Nana’s side of the IrviCambridge,
            I gave the tree to Mike. If you want it Let me know.
            Love ya!

          • Joe Sprowl says:

            Hi Sharon,

            My Dowlings also come from Nass. My particular Dowling family is Esther Dowling who married Martin Carr 17 Jun 1821 in Monasterevan, County Kildare. They lived at Ballysax and Suncroft. Would love to know more about Esther’s family. Any help is greatly appreciated.

            Kind regards,

          • Patrick Dowling says:

            My Name is Patrick Dowling.
            I am from Newbridge in Co. Kildare.
            It’s about 20 minutes from Clane.

        • Seb says:

          Hi, I come from a big group.of Dowling’s in Dublin/Kildare. Go ask in the Inn at Newtown if you ever go to Kildare.

      • Sharon Dowling says:

        Hi Frank,

        My Dowlings come from Clane, Kildare and South Dublin. I’ve been on Ancestry and traced back to early 1800s in Naas. All Richard and Patrick Dowling, father and son names. My father, Richard Dowling b. 1919 in US was first US born citizen in my tree. I wonder if we are related.

      • Loretta says:

        Hi Frank, My grandmother Annie Dowling Condron had a brother named Frank. Also there were brothers Joe, and Dominick as well as sisters Molly, Tessie & Bernadette (I’m missing a few). She came to US in early 1900s from Dublin. I do remember visits from her brother Joe & his wife Kitty when I was a girl. If any of these names are familiar to you, I’d love to hear from you

        • Catherine Harbeson says:


          My grandfather was Joseph Aloysius Dowling, who married Catherine Morris, she was always known as Kitty. This can’t be a coincidence! They lived in Brooklyn, then Yonkers.

      • Bernice Faloon says:

        I am in the process of searching out my Irish roots. Thus far I have found to be descended from John Dowling who was married to Margaret Dowling, begat John Dowling II who in turn married Deborah (Libby) Dowling. ( they became my grandfathers grandparents)… also I belive that John & Margaret had another child named James. He married Mary Elder (Molly). they bcame my grandmothers great grandparents…
        Is it possible that James is brother and not son of John I…

        My grandmother was born in 1896 and my grandfather in 1882….

        John I & Margaret I have led to believe both were born in Ireland, unfortunately I know not in which county…how do I find this info????

  3. Rosco says:

    My father is law is a dowling, he is actually trying to find the identify of his great grand mother who married William Dowling (fr William, mother Elizabeth). The story goes, william married an indian woman, and upon returning home, the family disowned him in England, so he moved to South Africa. So there are dowlings here.

    • Patricia Ann Dowling says:

      My name is Patricia Ann Dowling born 1957 I live in the UK. My Father is William Francis Aiden Dowling. Born in 1926 in Castlerea, County Roscommon, Ireland. He is still alive, age 93 next month and living over here in the UK. The family moved from Castlerea to Canada when he was a few weeks old. Eventually the family settled in Winnipeg. His Brother was Edward (Eddie) and his Sister was Una. There were lots of cousins I believe and I have a photo taken from back then. The family returned to Ireland when Dad was around 10 years old after the death of Dads brother Gerald who is buried in Winnipeg.
      If anyone would like to get in touch please email. I know we also had family in South Africa.

      • Mark Gordienko says:

        Hi Patricia, I believe you are second cousin to my wife Sheila Dowling. We live in Tsawwassen BC and her dad Chris was born in Winnipeg.

  4. Am a cousin of the iris actor Vincent Dowling. Will be in Ireland this fall. Wonder if I will meet any relatives.

  5. Wyatt Dowling says:

    I live in Houston, Texas. My dad is a “Dowling” and I have no idea how we got the name. Not sure if I’m Irish, English, or whatever. But now I’m a Texan, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Nothing is as important as good fajitas.

    • Mark says:

      Wyatt—In all likelihood, you are descended from Robert Dowling who in 1780, died fighting against the British in South Carolina.

  6. Kiley Dowling-Mercer says:

    My dad is Michael T Dowling…..Im sure we are all related somehow!

  7. Melanie Radack says:

    My great great grandfather was Thomas Francis Dowling of Kildare. He came to the USA in 1893 and married my GG grandmother, Ellen Conway, also from Kildare. Are we perhaps related/cousins? I would love to visit Kildare someday!

    • Hi my father was born to Norah Dowling in 1934
      She was from
      Glenkitt Ireland
      Would anyone know her family
      She married James Keenan
      Norah died in 1934

      • Hi Ann Marie
        My GF came from Glenkitt (John)
        His first son Mick was born 1937
        If u want more info let me know
        Fran Dowling

      • MaryKathryn Victor says:

        Where were your Keenan’s located?
        My gr-grandmother was a Keenan. Her father was William Keenan (1830-1880) from Crubeen (various sp), Ballyroan, CO Laois (formerly Queen’s CO), Ireland.

        I am also on Facebook and Ancestry.

    • Sharon Dowling says:

      Hi Melanie,
      My family comes from Kildare also. My grandfather emigrated to US in 1881 . His name is Patrick Dowling. Born in Clane, Kildare. 1880. His father, Patrick, was born 1858 in Ballynafaugh, Kildare. Perhaps we are related. I have done research through ancestry and have a tree to compare notes with.

  8. Matt Jones says:

    Hello and good evening I am tracing my family back and my ancestor was michael Dowling that is buried in Ontario Canada. If any one can help me with the gap between him and Ireland it would be greatly apprciated

    • Karen says:

      I don’t know if your Michael and ours are the same, but I have a Michael Dowling buried in Ontario. He’s the earliest ancestor any of us has found. We have no idea how he got to America, though.

      • Matt Jones says:

        It could be and I have been having trouble fiquring that out also. He is buried in the Northumberland area

        • Karen says:

          Yes! It’s the same Michael Dowling. My GEDmatch # is A478297. Are you on Ancestry? I think DNA is the only way we are going to be able to connect Michael Dowling with Ireland. I think he had 2 wives because he has a daughter born in the 1750’s in NY, and the next one was birn in the 1770’s also in NY. I have no parents, no siblings, and no last name for his wife Hannah.

          • Carol Mittan-Doeden says:

            I think I am also searching for information on Michael Dowling (1740/1817) married to Anna Kellogg and Hannah (?). I am a descendant of his son, JOHN DOWLING (1775/1825).

            Michael was buried in Ontario Canada and came from Ireland according to the records I have found on My Heritage sites.

            I could use any help you may be able to give me on this project.


          • Matt C Jones says:

            Yes I am on ancestry, my username is nehuskers81

          • Matt Jones says:

            Yes that is the same Micheal

    • Karen says:

      By the way, I just had my dad do a Y-700. We’re definitely from the Michael Dowling line (via James), but the Y-700 comes up matching with the Devlins in County Tyrone. At least we know we’re Irish for sure. Haplogroup R-A10531 (under R-A10530). 4 other Devlins have the same haplogroup. No matches with Dowlings. At any level. None. How’s that for a twist? I’ve been searching for Dowlings in Northern Ireland and can’t find much. I don’t know when the name evolved, but they think likely in the US. Would love more of our line to do Y DNA testing if your male surname is Dowling. Then join the Devlin Surname Project on FTDNA.

  9. My mother is Dorothy Dowlng her family is from Freshford in county Killkenny. Her dad was Edward Joseph Dowling and her mom was Anastasia Doyle.They came to the US in 1919 and lived in the Bronx. My mom married William F. Ashton and they moved to New Jersey and had 12 children

  10. Ereka Dowling says:

    Hi.. I am a Dowling in India.. And know thatbmy four fathers were irish.. My grandfather was Benjamin Dowling and great grandfather was Alfred Dowling and both served the British military in India.. Like all of you im just tracing my ancestors back

  11. Kimberly Dowling says:

    My great-grand father was John Dowling from Allenwood, Co. Kildare. One of his brothers was Patrick Dowling. They both came to Ellis Island in the early 1900’s via Cork.

    I met some of my grandfather’s cousins when I went to Allenwood. One of the 8 sons of that family and a widow, Kathleen, and her family. Apparently my Dowling family was only 1 of 2 in Allenwood but Dowlings are more prevent in Co. Kildare.

  12. Francine says:

    Hello, I am looking for my ancestor named John Dowling who married Jane Tubman. He immigrated to New Brunswick Canada. He was born around 1780.

    Thank you

  13. Mrs H Ferguson says:


    I am of the Dowling’s from Chew Magna in Somerset, George Pyke Dowling, Rev of St Andrew’s, father to Eliza Dowling – Clarke ( Tasmania & Victoria, Australia ) & Maria Dowling – Whittaker, of Dowlingville, South Australia).
    Traveling to Somerset, England & Ireland in from 21st June 2018.
    Please contact me for follow up & chat up. From Mrs H Ferguson

  14. Mark Dowling says:

    Hello Dowlings
    Im interested in my Dowling ,Quinlivan Conlon and Mariner ancestry we will be visiting Ireland from Australia in September 2018 would love to do some research and may be catch up with some long lost cousins?

    Warm Regards

    Mark Dowling

  15. Patricia Ann Dowling says:

    My name is Patricia Ann Dowling born 1957 I live in the UK. My Father is William Francis Aiden Dowling. Born in 1926 in Castlerea, County Roscommon, Ireland. He is still alive, age 93 next month and living over here in the UK. The family moved from Castlerea to Canada when he was a few weeks old. Eventually the family settled in Winnipeg. His Brother was Edward (Eddie) and his Sister was Una. There were lots of cousins I believe and I have a photo taken from back then. The family returned to Ireland when Dad was around 10 years old after the death of Dads brother Gerald who is buried in Winnipeg.
    If anyone would like to get in touch please email.

    • Randy Dowling says:

      Hi Patricia.

      Please email me. I remember my Dad speaking of Eddie from Winnipeg.


  16. Grace A Tibbetts says:

    Hi. My family were Dowlings originally from Ireland but lived in New York City. They owned a small publishing company in the 1850s but haven’t been able to find it. They had three daughters and one son. Two of the daughters, Jenny and ? were Ziegfeld folly girls and the son, Willie, was in WW1. Mable, my great grandmother, married beneath her so they disowned her and that’s why I don’t know so much about that branch. However, her two daughters, Constance Dowling and Doris Dowling became actresses on Broadway and later Hollywood in the 1940s. I know the line was Irish only because my grandfather insisted to have a proper Irish dinner on St. Patrick’s day and told us how when his mother died, she left every cent she had to the Catholic church because she was a good Irish woman. Does anyone know of this line at all?

  17. Nicole Dowling says:

    Hello I have traced my family history back to a gentleman named Frampton Dowling born 1685 Died 1736.I can’t find any information on his parents. He was supposedly from county Tyrone Ireland. If anyone has any information on him it will be greatly appreciated.

  18. Bethany Dowling Swem says:

    Had my DNA done and started mapping the family tree. Dad always said they came from Ireland but I can only trace it back to Daniel Dowling 1781–1861 son of Elizabeth Dowling in Coxley, Wells, Somerset, England. I don’t know if Elizabeth was married to a Dowling or if Daniel was illegitimate. Daniel died in Wells, Somerset, England, United Kingdom.
    We have the family shillelagh and a lot of red heads to back up the lore of our origins. Any help would be greatly appreciated by me and my family.

  19. Sean Dowling says:

    Hi to all the Dowling’s out there!
    My name is Sean Dowling, trying too find some history of my ancestors in NSW Australia, never meet my grandfather Desmond Dowling, but was fortunate enough being able too speak with my great grandmother Nancy Kelly, that was more than 30 years ago now! Sadly it was only on the phone, we lived in Western Australia ( still do) we called her Sydney Nanna as far as I am aware she lived on for over 100 years of age, I also understand she never got married, she stayed a Kelly, until she passed!
    Also I’m not completely sure but as much as I know she was also a direct descendant of the infamous Ned Kelly, if there is anybody who’s aware of any information regarding these events, I’d love too hear something I don’t know my great grandfathers name or where he was from, any information so great fully appreciated! thank you & kind regards too you all ?

  20. Daphne Dowling - Brice says:

    Hello, I’m looking to connect with my family from Ireland. If anyone has any information on Decania Dowling who was married to Elizabeth Zorn and had a son named Dr. Elijah Henry Dowling who resided in South Carolina, please contact me.

  21. My name is joseph m dowling. I live in CT USA. I have been unable to locate ancestors prior to Bartholomew J Dowling, my grandfather who arrived in the USA in 1903. He married Mary Mullaney who arrived in the US about the same time. Both were from the Cork/Kildare area to the best of my knowledge. Please send any information you think relates to “Bart” and his ancestors prior to 1903. Thanks, Joe

    • Joe Sprowl says:

      Hi Joe,

      My Dowlings were also from County Kildare. Please let me know if you have DNA tested. I may be able to help you out with your Bartholomew.

      Kind regards,

  22. Matthew Ryan Dowling says:

    Hello. My name is Matt Dowling. I live in Oklahoma, US. I recognize many names here that seem to be common between others with this name.
    My father, william edward jr. His brothers are James, Daniel, Charles, and Patrick.
    Their father’s name was William Edward.
    That is as far as I know. I do not know my great-grandfather name, but may be able to find out.
    Would be very interesting to trace this back, possibly connecting with some of above….

    • Sean Dowling says:

      G’day Matt, I’m not sure!
      But a lot of the names your finding too be similar we’re all born in Ireland! Some made there way too Australia & USA, I’m not sure if this helps but the furthest I’m able to trace back is a Martin Kelly & Mary Kelly they had a daughter Margaret Kelly who married into the Dowling name! I guess If you can find these names in search I’d say yes they are definitely connected!
      Good luck & kind regards Sean
      Ps let me know how you go!?

  23. Bethany Dowling Swem says:

    I am looking for my 3X Great Grandfather’s family Daniel Dowling 1781–1861 born in Coxley, Wells, Somerset, England. We haven’t been able to go any farther back. It is possible his grand father was Giles Dowling. And his mother married a Raxworthy. But this is just maybes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Daniel’s son Edwin Henry Dowling migrated to Fine NY. That is where my people are all from.

  24. Brian Robert Dowling says:

    Hello O Dunlaing Clan! 3rd generation American Dowling here.
    I’ve always felt most connection to our Irish roots, although my Dowling Grandparents we’re also Polish and interwed as 2nd cousins.
    The first pure Irishman from my family line is a Francis or Frank Dowling, who came by way of Wicklow and South Dublin, from a large Catholic family. I’ve found a birth record of 3 different Francis/Frank Dowling all born around the turn of the 20th century, as it’s hard to get much info now that my Dad , and grandparents are deceased. All of us live here in St.Louis Missouri, Frank had a few kids, I know Joesph Edward Dowling is my Grandpa, who married Dolores Tsarek, ( a Russian Polish Catholic cousin of his) because GGpa Frank married a half Irish, Half Polish woman apparently, and my grandparents met at a family wedding and married like I said, as 2nd cousins which has made it hard to trace back. Plus, alot of the stories with the RCC and adoptions, makes it harder to find DNA matches. I haven’t done any DNA searching, but I am interested to know whoy fellow Ath Cliathe and Chille Mhantain relatives are. I’ve been an avid reader into REPUBLICAN history, and know quite a few of our ancestors had to bail out at that time because of the Easter Rising. My Great Grandpa Francis would have been a young boy with siblings somewhere around the 1900 to 1916 time frame, and I think living at an address in Rathdrum or another very well known area in South Dublin, where Nora Connelly ( daughter of The Great James Connelly would have been a xlose neighbor). Wishing all our clan the best from St.Louis.
    Francis Dowling/Dolores Dowling Tsarek
    Dennis Dowling
    Constance Dowling
    Deborah Dowling
    Johnny Dowling
    Robert Dowling ( my da)
    Kenneth Dowling

  25. MaryKathryn Victor says:

    BrianRobert Dowling- I am also a Dowling from St. Louis.

    • Brian R. Dowling says:

      Hi! Lots of us in St Louis ??
      We’re from both sides of the River but settled in North County where my dad grewup

  26. David says:

    A Dowling from laois close to carlow. Lots of dowlings around this part of laois

  27. Larry Dowling II says:

    Hope you all safe and well.

  28. Daniel Dowling Andrade says:

    Hi, I’m Daniel Dowling, I’m from Mexico my dads grandpa was Jeem Dowling Kennedy apparently he came down straight from Ireland and married a Mexican lady. It would be cool to find out if anyone else knows any Dowling’s that came to Mexico or Southern California.

  29. Joe Dowling says:

    Hi we are Dowling my parent’s are from dublin Ireland ballyfermot grandfather John Dowling my dads Sean brothers Thomas, Richard,
    Paul, chris sisters Barbara, Maria , Carol

  30. Rene Linares Dowling says:

    Grandson of James Louis Dowling, born in USA, he lived and died in Cuba.

  31. I live in Pinson TN USA, family moved to TN in the 1950’s from Denver CO.

  32. Nicole Dowling, James Dennis Dowling Sr. 1758 (wife Polly “Mary”)
    is James Dennis jr. 1781-1839 (wife Jane White) dad, his son is Robert Lee Dowling Sr. 1704 (wife Beaulah B), his son is Robert Lee Dowling jr, 1730-1794 (wife Sarah Gwinn) Frampton Thomas Dowling 1622 from Ireland his dad is Francis Dowling 1557 Ireland

    1622 from Irleland (wife Ester Coffey born in Ireland)

  33. Nicole Dowling, James Dennis Dowling Sr. 1758 (wife Polly “Mary”)
    is James Dennis jr. 1781-1839 (wife Jane White) dad, his son is Robert Lee Dowling Sr. 1704 (wife Beaulah B), his son is Robert Lee Dowling jr, 1730-1794 (wife Sarah Gwinn) his son
    is Frampton Thomas Dowling 1622 (Ester Coffey) from Ireland his dad is iFrancis Dowling 1557 (wife non Dowling)

  34. Nicole Dowling, Anna Mary Dowling 1873 is my great
    Grandma her dad is Robert Nelson Dowling 1847-1931, his dad is William
    Henry Tucker Dowling 1780 (wife Jane Ann Cleland) his dad is
    James Dennis Dowling Sr. 1758 (wife Polly “Mary”) his son
    is James Dennis jr. 1781-1870 (wife Jane White) dad, his son is Robert Lee Dowling Sr. 1704 (wife Beaulah B), his son is Robert Lee Dowling jr, 1730-1794 (wife Sarah Gwinn) his son is Frampton Dowling 1622 from Ireland (wife Esther Coffey from Ireland) his dad is Francis Dowling 1557-1649 (wife non Dowling) and Somehow there is a Michael Dowling 1698. I hope i got it right!! Email me!’ MeriCathryn Rauser

  35. PETER J DOWLING says:

    We have relatives who hail from Naas since around 1900, namely James Dowling, who lived in Barracks Gate and owned a pub there called ‘Swan’ Dowlings’. The family was well known in Naas and also active in Naas Urban District politics. James’ sons also owned a Garage (Paddy) and Grocery store (Thomas) in Naas in the 1920s-1940s.
    The family (William and Bridget) originally came from Clondalkin, Dublin where they owned a large dairy farm.

  36. Linda Dowling livata says:

    Hello to all the Dowling’s. I’m looking for my grandad John Dowling, born in Ireland around 1870. Came to NYC in 1889. Married/or not Mary Jenkins
    Had 3 sons. If any Dowling out there can assist. We would be most grateful

  37. Deborah says:

    Hello Dowlings:
    I’m related to Margaret Dowling, bon in Dublin around 1767, a first fleeter to Australia in 1787, married Owen Cavanough in Australia. Please let me know if you are related to Margaret. Many thanks!

  38. Rebecca van der Kley says:

    Hi there, I am a descendant of Elizabeth Dowling 1804-1883 she married Michael Marshall I think they came from Chew Magna and they ended up in New Zealand

  39. Ty Brown says:

    Im pretty sure im a dowling. Im from florida, any my family history is rough. Its all over the place, seneca indians, cayuga indians, the Iroquois War with the United states, to the original Dowlings that came to the united states.

    My ancestral link to the dowlings is Colonel Nathaniel William Brown

    Im sure my genes are water by now, but its nice to know where i came from.

  40. Melissa Walker says:

    My grandmother’s father is Jesse Willard Dowling. I trace his ancestors back to Frampton Dowling circa 1622-1701. His son Robert Lee Dowling was born in 1704. So maybe Frampton’s death date is wrong. Does anyone have any information on this?

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