Business 100 - 2013

Katie G. Finnegan/Hukkster

Katie Grace Finnegan is the co-founder of Hukkster, an e-commerce tech start-up that allows online shoppers to track sales and discount information on products. Since launching in May 2012, Hukkster has been recognized in the Time Inc. Top 10 NYC Start-ups of 2013 and the Time Inc. 50 Best Websites 2013, and Katie and her co-founder Erica Bell were TechWeek 100 honorees.

A 2005 graduate of Colgate University with a BA in history and religion, she went on to earn her MBA in Corporate Finance and Strategy from Duke. With roots in Galway, Mayo and Cork, Katie attributes her success to her Irish heritage and  family. The eldest girl of five, Katie is used to working as a team, and she and her co-founder are very proud of the team they’ve created at Hukkster.  “We knew building the right team, with the right skills and passion was what would really set us apart. By yourself you can only accomplish so much,” Katie told Irish America, “but motivating a team makes your product exponentially better and influence [go] exponentially further!”