Fans Protest the Cancellation of BBC America’s Copper

Photo: Kevin Ryan and Tom Weston Jones in Copper
By Matt Skwiat
October 4, 2013

The beloved BBC American television show Copper was abruptly cancelled last month, after its second season. The sudden demise of the show has caught most its fans off-guard and left many with unanswered questions.

Premiering last August on the then new BBC America channel, Copper seemed destined for longevity. Created and directed by executive producer Tom Fontana with Academy Award winner Barry Levinson and Tom Kelly, the series shined a light on the gritty underbelly of the Five Points district of mid-nineteenth century New York, where crime and punishment lurked hand in hand. The underbelly of New York, the Five Points neighborhood was densely packed with poor and immigrant masses (many of them Irish). Copper centered on Kevin Corcoran, an Irish immigrant policeman trying to solve the crime that tore apart his family. Initial reviews were lukewarm, but many found potential in the character development, overarching storylines and numerous similarities with Martin Scorsese’s film Gangs of New York. Irish America’s Tom Deignan applauded Copper, writing in the October/November 2012 issue that the show “paints a vivid portrait of Irish American life,” adding that “they highlight the journey from the horrors of the Famine to the complexities of the 21st century crime fighting and family dynamics.” Buzz for the show grew to a crescendo when it premiered to 1.1 million viewers, the largest audience for a BBC America series debut.

The question that haunts the cancellation of the series is, what went wrong? Fan excitement seemed on the rise leading into the show’s second season. According to BBC America executives, Copper was cancelled due to low ratings and tepid reviews. A Newsday review remarked of the second season that it was an intriguing cop show in Civil War New York,” but “neither the cop part nor Civil War part are entirely convincing.” Other critics voiced concern over the portrayal of Irish Americans in the story as further perpetuating stereotypes.

All quibbles aside, the show seems to have connected with a large and impassioned group of fans. BBC America offices and personnel have been inundated with letters, petitions, and emails calling for the reinstatement of the series.  Numerous Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages like “Save Copper” have been set up in an effort to voice their anger over the show’s cancellation and an effort to bring back the series.

The final episode of the series – filmed long before the cancellation was announced – carried little to no resolution for any of the characters (or audience) with a look finally at the Civil War battlefield and a gaping cliffhanger that prefaced more things to come.  It was clear that the cast and writers were anticipating a third season which further adds to fan discontentment. While no formal word has been issued by BBC America over the fate of a possible reboot, there may be a silver lining for Copper fans. The show’s executive producers and creators are considering a film version that would examine life in America after the Lincoln assassination. Only time will tell if the series lives on, but it is certain the she show won’t soon be forgotten.

94 Responses to “Fans Protest the Cancellation of BBC America’s Copper”

  1. Karla says:

    The fans aren’t about to let go of quality shows. We are inundated with things like “Honey Boo boo”????? And this show is cancelled? Really…

    • Jessica says:

      copper is one of the best tv series I have ever seen. I am a dedicated fan and will continue to wait for season three. Please bring back Copper…..

      • Christine says:

        Honey Boo Boo and several other “real life” series are BS! We finally get something worth watching and it touched on the truths of that time, how could you air crap and not this? Bring Copper back, it was ultimately one of my favorite programs and I looked forward to watching every time it aired, PLEASE! Save us from all this other useless crap!

    • Marshafromthe panhandle says:

      I agree that Copper portrays an area of New York as well as the immigrants who settled there with a vividness that is not surpassed. This is a story I hope will come back to viewing entertainment! The show certainly gives a richness to our American melting pot. Why must we be inundated with reality TV???

    • Lisa Harper says:

      i hope my be netflix will at least take over the series. i hate to see good series like The Copper end

  2. Lainie K says:

    Thank you to Irish America for covering the fan’s movement to Bring Back Copper! A show of this caliber deserves a second life on tv, Netflix or in the movies.

    BBC America did the fans and stars of Copper a disservice by adruptly cancelling this show. They ended it with a horrific cliffhanger, because even the writers didn’t know there wasn’t going to be a season 3. BBC committed an injustice on its viewers.

    If you really want to save Copper, join our campaign to do so. Visit

    Save Copper Facebook page

    Save Copper TV Tumblr

    and follow @Save_CopperTV on twitter for details.

    We have a letter writing campaign, email campaign and there is a petition.

    Our goal is to find another network to take on Copper or to help Tom Fontana see his movie made to wrap up what was to be Season 3.

    So please, anyone who is interested, join the cause today before it is too late.

    • Diana says:

      Wow! This is seriously one of the most incredible series shows I have ever seen! It’s addicting and there is no cure but to see more!!!! I just watched the entire two seasons in a row on Net flix and now to find it’s been cancelled is devastating! How could this show have had poor ratings!!! There is a serious loss here for those who created it, starred in it And watched it!! Sad day indeed 🙁

      • Erin says:

        I know! I watched Season 1 way back before Season 2 was out and absolutely loved it. Getting carried away with other series’ on Netflix I just got back to watch Season 2 and finished it earlier today. It’s seriously one of my favorite freaking shows. So I decided to google when Season 3 is to come out and this is what I find?! This is BS, that ending… I NEED AN ANSWER. I need a new season! I seriously think Netflix should take over like they did with the last season of Arrested Development and help create more Copper. I mean look at how many shows Netflix puts out as Netflix exclusives, Copper would be perfect. I wish I had known sooner because it seems like every one has started to give up hope.

        • Tom says:

          Me to – We watched both seasons in over three days. We were hooked ! I googled when season 3 was coming on and
          then I was shocked. They at least owed the viewers a closing. They knew when they started airing season 2 there
          was not going to be a season 3.

          • Certainly a third season would be well- viewed. I just discovered it on Netflix never hearing a peep of advertising for it. Put a third series on Netflix and bring some resolution to the storyline. It has so much potential if only the word got out

  3. I really don’t watch TV much. I’d rather read a book However, there are some shows that are worthy of me lighting my tube and “COPPER” is just such a show that I thought was well written and executed.

    Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when last month, just before the cliffhanger of the second season, I find out the show had been canceled…WTH?! I mean, really?! In the midst of all these reality shows that we’re inundated with, we finally get a decent show that even men like, and BBCA just yanks it off…I don’t get it!
    For the effort to bring back the show, with a GIVEAWAY, please check out our post on http://bookworm2bookworm.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/help-save-copper-on-bbca-by-carla-ives/

    Thanks so much!


  4. Patti says:

    I am with the “Bring Back Copper” group on Facebook..we have started a credible campaign to bring the show back. Our group even received a visit by one of the cast members. I can tell you that I have never been this passionate about a TV show. I had stopped watching TV till Copper came a long..I just could not sit down and waste my time watching mindless reality TV shows. After watching an episode of Copper, I always wanted more..Copper was a breath of fresh air. The show was so good that I found myself researching things that were highlighted on the show..how many TV shows can spur that kind of interest? I can truly say that I learned real historical facts that I had not heard of before. The strong cast of characters, the writing, the costumes, the music..it all beautifully meshed together.. As an American with Irish ancestry, the show made me think about my ancestors and what they went through..trying to assimilate into life here in the USA

    • Is there any chance we can renew this fight for Copper?!!

      I’m a late comer to this cause, so I willing to try anything, even though I’m so late to the board.

      I just binged the 1st 2 seasons on Netflix & have never been so blown away (pun intended) by the quality of any slow. Not ever.

      Is there anything we can do, after all this time?? Can’t Netflix or Hulu pick it up (production-wise) after the final show? I’m just sick that it’s over, because it was such a superb sow, in every way. And I’m as picky as anyone could possibly be about quality tv. No way this fine show should remain dead.

      Anything at all we can do?!?

  5. Jessica says:

    I think that BBC America holds a huge amount of the responsibility if it were the ratings that were the cause of the cancellation. I myself had NEVER heard of Copper until a friend introduced me to it over the summer. It was through Netflix where I not only watched the first season but also became a HUGE fan of the show. I had to search and search for the second season to find out when it was on. Even when flipping through the channels and stopping on BBCA to watch other shows I never saw an advertisement for Copper.

    That being said. This is a great show and I was truly devastated to learn it had been cancelled. I, like other Copper fans, am determined to see this show resurrected soon!

  6. Carla says:

    The groundswell of activity on the part of Copper’s fan base should let the producers know that maybe they should take a second look. The show increased in everything. . . acting, writing, plot lines, fan engagement, etc. . . in the second season. Millions were connected on FB to watch the last episode of Season 2. When word came down that it was cancelled with no resolution, all hell broke loose and continues to break. The new Fox show “Sleepy Hollow” (also very loosely historical) was renewed after only 3 episodes and yet Copper was cancelled after two solid seasons? The fans are nowhere near done yet.

  7. Pamel says:

    Irish America , Thank You for bringing attention to the hard work being done to save Copper.This fan is truly appreciative !!

  8. Jenny says:

    It’s not only fans of Copper on BBC America that are upset, I live in Toronto and watch Copper (which is also filmed here) on Showcase. I believe that the fans care not a whit about the so called critics and we watch what we watch for many reasons and the reason I watch Copper is because it’s good, hard hitting, well written, well acted drama and we need more like it!

  9. I plan to continue supporting Save Copper and the Best Goddamn Bakery InNew York protest. The offices in New York will expect more fruit cakea

  10. Jeff says:

    I found this show extremely intriguing. There is no other show like it on TV anyway. It is historic and gritty, rough around the edges. Shows like this should be on TV rather than “reality” themed programs!

    Bring this program back, give it more play time and promotion! Author Anne Rice considers it one of the best shows on TV!

  11. Doug says:

    This was a TV show with quality writing, acting and style – something sorely missing from most that seem to live on and on. It was not a show for everyone, it required your attention and you had to stay with it – guess that those are now considered “bad things” by network execs who would rather dumb us all down to the intellect of your basic bar of soap.

  12. Maria F says:

    Rarely we have a gem on a TV network, if BBC America isn’t willing to bring back Copper I suggest any public television would welcome it. Tired of zombies,ghouls shows,bad taste for television. For once a great show with promising future well written and enjoyed by real people. Hope the show will be back! #SaveCopper

  13. It’s sad that the bbc themselves called Copper one of the best shows on tv. Then they up and cancelled it on us. I just got their catalogue in and their still calling it the highest rate show on cable. Bring back our Copper it’s better than any of the news shows that’s out there.

  14. Joe Cogan says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to the effort to save Copper! This truly is a special show to inspire such devotion among its fans, and it deserves a second chance.

  15. Christina Gowen says:

    Thank you for calling attention to the cancellation of a great show such as Copper. I hope that another network will notice the devotion of it’s fans and pick it up for a few seasons.

  16. Kristen Dyrr says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning the Save Copper Facebook page! I think people are just beginning to realize that it was canceled. They didn’t even warn us, and the worst part is that “series finale,” on BBC America, usually means “season finale.” I think many people were like me, and didn’t realize it had actually been canceled until they looked it up online to see when it would be back.

    I’m so happy to see so many people pushing to bring back this amazing show and all it has to offer. Thank you!

  17. Teresa Mccarthy says:

    My husband kept telling me how good this show was, so I tried it. I watched entire Season 1 and Season 2 in two weeks. I was hooked after the 1st episode. Something unexpected always happened and I love the main characters, especially Det Corcoran!!!!!

  18. t ericsson sasha-shea says:

    give the show a chance, a different night a different time. do not give up, i love this show

  19. febe says:

    thank you so much for this article! The fans want this show to return1

  20. Princess says:

    this was one of my favorite shows!!! i never missed an episode of Copper and would often watch it again the next day On Demand! there is no way this show deserves to be cancelled and yet trash and smut tv abounds every week! what a disgrace to end a fabulous show with amazing characters and stories!

  21. Soooo pissed they took Copper away from us in NY. BBC, you need to wake up and give us more seasons of this wonderful show!

  22. T.L.Favors says:

    I’ve always held BBC America in high regard — it’s got some of the best top-quality drama on TV. But canceling Copper after only two seasons is a huge mistake. There’s far more to ALL the stories told on this stellar show.

    *Please don’t turn into another FOX TV.*

    T.L. Favors

  23. chris haakenstad says:

    finding out that copper was gonna be cancelled a couple weeks before the season finale was like getting punched in the stomach. i love watching shows set back in the civil war era and viking age. copper brought to life what life really was like for immigrants and former slaves who called the “five points” home. i was dumbfounded when i watched what was supposed to be the season finale/series finale and didn’t know what to think when the Tammany Hall guys were waiting for kevins answer and then he goes to evas and the whole place is packed up and then two bodies in the barrels. BBC America should have at least gave the show a proper send off instead of what we got. maybe another episode or one more season to see how things went. i hope there is another channel willing to pick this show up and do right by all of us fans.

  24. Lisa McHenry says:

    I saw your article mentioned on the Save Copper Facebook page. Thank you for sharing this. This is a wonderful period piece show. Hopefully BBCA will reconsider.

  25. Christine Rentz says:

    We love Copper and want it back on television. Please sign the many petitions to show your support.

  26. I didn’t even get to see the last episode., it never aired here for some reason. I hope the CW picks up this fantastic, beautifully written, talented show to replace the hype I’m hearing about their ‘hits’ (BATB,Tomorrow People,etc.) Since Nikita is over why not put this “money maker” in.. With over a million viewers y’all can’t go wrong.!! Thanks, gracesymington@gmail.com

  27. Ryan Bayne says:

    TV ratings are being effected by the young generation and dim people out there. All of which who can now get hold of low cost devices to watch TV and have no interest in drama that require a half-decent attention span. The people actually paying aren’t getting a thing they want. The shows that are airing don’t cost as much as they claim either or huge amounts of money are being giving to celebrities who are x-drug users or made of fake parts and I’m not talking for the TV show itself. Stop paying your licenses if TV doesn’t have much of what you want. In this age we need a pay-as-you pay-per-episode pay-per-season approach.

  28. David Shupe says:

    I protest the cancellation of Copper on BBC America !!! they should bring back the show, sell the rights to another network or make a movie to end the series proper

  29. Lisa Cline says:

    Thank you Irish America for taking up the cause of seeing Copper re-established on BBC America. I would have never know it was cancelled if I had not gone and began searching out on the web. It is a SHAME that a high quality program such as Copper as been discontinued when we are flooded with reality trauma drama! We will join the fight to bring it back.

  30. corners says:

    “The show’s executive producers and creators are considering a film version ”

    They ALL say this after canceling a show to make fans calm down.

    We will never see a movie.

  31. corners says:

    I did not know Tom Fontano also was a huge Part of HBO’s “Oz”

  32. Scott Bible says:

    Copper is very well written and the story lines are intricate and compelling. The dialogue is well polished, unique and entertaining. The aggregate of all elements that comprise a superior television show are copiously present in this gripping and riveting television series. There are indeed myriad television shows which depict the time era Copper takes place in, however, most of them are “westerns” and do not depict life in a big city on the opposite side of the country. Copper also eloquently portrays people of disparate social classes’ and their opinions regarding the significant events of the day as well as their commentary on the Civil War. Copper in my opinion and the aforementioned reasons, is much superior to the preponderance of current programs. According to my research following the news of cancellation, Copper has established a considerable fan base, which is an exceptional achievement for a show with only two seasons. This fan base has not taken the news of cancellation well and there is now an intense letter writing campaign to keep the show alive. This campaign might only be shadowed by the campaign which took place in the 1960’s to keep a certain science fiction show with decreasing ratings from remaining cancelled. This show of course was none other than Star Trek, which despite that early setback, is now a house hold name. It is my belief that the fan base would continue to grow and gain traction with subsequent seasons. Copper has the potential to become a worldwide phenomenon and should thus be reinstated immediately.

  33. Sereeni says:

    I learned about Copper seasons 1 and 2 through Netflix. I think this was a great show. From what I read it had decent ratings for its time slot and channel.

    I don’t understand the motivation for cancelling this show.

    Critics? They can tell us their opinions and thoughts all they want but this show (with any possible “issue”) was a great watch, and much better than most television.

    Ratings? It received great ratings for Sunday night and highest rated for America. If they didn’t like the ratings they should have moved it to another night as not to compete with other Sunday night heavy hitters (HBO for instance and its shows etc) or the fact that they basing ratings on an antiquated rating system that’s not changed for the past few decades. With the introduction of DVRs, mobile streaming etc one would think they’d broaden their scope of how to measure ratings.

    Money? Sure the idea of revenue earned would go hand in hand with ratings and the commercials seen but I suppose they wanted companies and advertisers to pay more for a slot but that Copper wasn’t pulling the weight to warrant a higher price?

    Money due to the cost of production? I’ve read that Copper was filmed on a set. So the cost of filming should then theoretically be less expensive because there are no locations. It’s all filmed on a sound stage. Did the actors want a bigger paycheck? Assuming that contracts might have been up in the air then wouldn’t there have been some ripple in the water before then? It seemed that the actors’ contracts were not yet finished, or in negotiations.

    Lastly, those involved in producing the show. So the only thing that comes to mind is that there was some kerfuffle with the production companies, either one/some wanted to pull out, wanted a bigger piece of the pie, had their contract coming to an end, or went defunct, lose an investment, or lose distributor (according to IMDB there were 6 different companies that helped with distribution and production…and three were production: Shaw Media, Cineflix Studios, Beta Film, Rocket Science VFX was special effects, and BBCA and Shaw Media were the distributors).

    It would have been nice to know exactly what happened. If it was that they couldn’t afford production, or lost a contract, then tell us. I also believe that if this was something they knew coming down the pipe line they should have allowed the show to tie up loose ends.

  34. missy says:

    I just found Copper on Netflix and can’t get enough. What the he’ll happened? I’m done wasting my time with BBC!

  35. Jack says:

    BBC America must need the airtime to run more Star Trek, because American networks didn’t rerun those enough apparently.
    Now they can focus their resources on that ridiculous show they call the American version of Top Gear.

  36. Dina says:

    Only now have we discovered Copper on Netflix. I’m enormously saddened to find it was cancelled… And with so much garbage on the tube. Sigh.

  37. Mustang says:

    Cooper was a great show, acting was outstanding, costumes and stage setting was wonderful. I truly enjoyed the series. I hope they consider bringing it back.

  38. Barbara says:

    I have commented already and now it’s gone. This is an excellent show and should not have been cancelled. What is wrong with some of the producers, directors or whatever companies are making the decisions in taking off MANY good shows that have a wide fan base?? I just caught this show on Netflix and watched both seasons in 2 days. My mom and I both loved it and I cannot BELIEVE when I went on line to find that another show Copper has been cancelled?? Why? What ratings company are they listening too? People watch these shows 1) on demand 2) netflix 3) Amazon. Just because we do not watch the show on the time and day that it is usually on does not mean people are not watching it and there are fans that have been fighting for this show to come back on since September 2013. Here we are in August 2014 and we want the show on, what’s the hold up? They keep these moronic reality shows on and other series on Cable Networks as well they keep on the crap shows and get rid of the series that people have been watching for years ??> Dexter, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, I am not sure off the top of my head but there are others as well. Please have the sense to address this and listen to the public who watch the shows and bring back this show. I love it. Thank you.

  39. Dills2009 says:

    My husband and I just finished watching Copper on Netflix. We didn’t realize that there were only 2 seasons. When Kevin walked into Eva’s empty bar….We expected the next season to come up. We were actually yelling, “no! no! no!” at the TV. What in the world is BBC thinking??? These 2 Americans want more!!! BBC needs a kick in the ‘arse!”

  40. I think they got off a bit with the search for Boothe. It looked forced and was a bit like “jumping the shark”. The last scene of the series was a shocker though. I will miss the show,

  41. Loved Copper, very disappointing it was canceled after 2 seasons!

  42. Tom says:

    Cancel Honey Boo Boo ! What ashame. This was quality

  43. Tim says:

    Bring back Copper

  44. arab says:

    Bring this show back ! The history + story were awesome ! Damn it man were losing sons , boardwalk and now copper?? Smh

  45. kay Handley says:

    Bring back copper cancel the kardashians and all reality TV!

  46. Stacy says:

    Biggest mistake ever please put copper back on it is a great show!!!!

  47. Steve & Barbara proctor says:

    I can’t believe this show is cancelled. Fantastic exclamation!!! how can we ever trust you again and get involved in the show when it has the risk of being cancelled?? To be frank, this really pisses me off. it had become a nightly ritual for us to watch this show and now we are left hanging. Bad network

  48. Terri McClelland says:

    SHAME on BBC! Just like American ABC, NBC and CBS you cancel/give up on EXCELLENT series! It is getting past the point of “Why bother to watch ANY series!” COPPER, along with RIPPER STREET and the BEST series I’ve ever watched! I protest your canceling such an interesting, factual series! SHAME SHAME SHAME

  49. Terri McClelland says:

    My apologies….COPPER, along with RIPPER STREET are the BEST series I’ve ever watched! I protest your canceling such an interesting, factual series!

    BRING BACK COPPER!!!!! Even if it’s done through Netflix!

  50. h to the biz says:

    Well, at least now hbb is cancelled too…

  51. g money says:

    “You know how Kevin likes to sleep with a handful.”


    Best line in the entire series.

  52. lindsey chester says:

    ok this freaking sucks, any time i find a show i like it gets cancelled because its not vampires or zombie bull shit. BRING BACK COPPER!!!! This Irish American is not happy!! its a damn good show!! you want ratings get big names in it, how the hell do you think shows like charmed kept going, get big names in it!!! I just want my show back

  53. Usovika says:

    Miss that damn show!

  54. mars says:

    Please bring back this wonderfully entertaining show. Maybe Netflix willpick it up and run with it. This might be as popular as House of Cards

  55. Austin says:


  56. Linda Bloom says:

    One of the best shows ever! Bring it back!!!

  57. DeAnne R. says:

    I just checked to see when Season 3 started & found the show has been cancelled!!! WHY??? This was such a great show! You take away great shows like Copper & Atlantis & add crap like Tatau!? Really disappointed in you BBC America!!! Start listening to your viewers!!!

  58. Marisol says:

    Please, bring back Copper. I love this show, I keep watching season 1 and 2, over and over. I’m a big fan of this show and the cast, loved them. Great actors, all of them. Thank You!

  59. Rod Smiley says:

    I am a fan of Copper and am disappointed that it has been cancelled. With all the garbage on now why would you cancell an outstanding show like this. The writting is great and the acting cast is outstanding. Please reconcider your cancellation

  60. Steven says:

    Amid all the vampire, werewolf, zombie, and vampire/werewolf/zombie series dominating the airwaves, indeed, let’s get rid of one of the truly original shows out there! Cheers, BBC!
    Maybe as a replacement you could offer up another teenage angst driven series? Or, how about an additional series portraying the decadent, corrupt, incestuous nature of yet another “Royal” family, huh? There certainly aren’t enough of those.
    Whatever you do, please, I’m begging you, do not give us anymore truly original series just so you can pull the rug from under our feet.
    If you’re going to kowtow to the demographic of idiocy, please, don’t waste my time – nor any other fan of a brilliant series such as Copper – by beginning something grand just to stamp it out before the tale is told in it’s entirety.
    Much appreciated.

  61. Hayley says:

    You can’t end a show like that!!!! We need another season please!?!?!?

  62. My wife and I came home every night excited to sit together and watch copper well we came to the end of the show I Googled when season 3 was coming out just to find it wasn’t. We are both deeply saddened and would really like to see more of this great show. I really hope that u can see that this is a great show and I will be sure to pass the shows name on to all my friends so they can enjoy.

  63. Dana Showalt says:

    I just started watching 2 days ago on Netflix & couldn’t get enough, watched back to back episodes till it was over & I can’t believe it was cancelled.

  64. Celticrose says:

    Pleas bring Copper back, may I have More please

  65. Lou Dimedio says:

    This show is a masterpiece. A true drama, done so well. Exelent acting, writing, and historical perspective. What a loss if you don’t continue.

    • bob zaidman says:

      Copper was a great melding of history and drama that gave you a clear picture of how life was in the 19th Century for immigrant ‘pioneers’ that explored America in the development of its cities.

      My relatives were there in New York at that time .. I can now picture their lives.

      Thanks to all concerned for making the show .. let’s hope the producers realize they have an audience waiting for more than we got..

      For those hurting hard I can suggest the book ‘Low Life’ by Luc Sante .. his research into the many layers of culture from the street side of New York City history is inspirational. I’m sure the Copper folk had it in hand as they set the stage.

  66. This was such a great series and I CAN NOT believe they cancelled it! So disappointed.

  67. Angela Cunningham says:

    Copper was an awesome series. I just found out about it 2 weeks ago on Netflix and watched it all. I can not fathem the cancellation of this incredible show. Especially to end it the way they did was just devastating. It needs to be brought back!!! I am a HUGE fan now!

  68. Kirby Rutledge says:

    I am in the same boat, I heard about the show not even 3 weeks ago and have already finished watching both seasons, once I started I could not stop. I can not imagine why this show would be cancelled. If it were due to low ratings, perhaps the marketing team did not give it enough publicity or maybe even sell the rights to another channel or team that would market it like, say……Sons Of Anarchy or Party Down South, those shows have both gained so much popularity and are still airing today, and in my opinion aren’t even close to being as good as Copper. Bring back the series, it’s without a doubt one of the best series I’ve watched in my time…..and that’s saying something.

    • Chris says:

      Same thing happened to me started watch and watch two whole seasons straight now my nights and days a are out of whack great series.

  69. Please, put this series back on. My family and I really miss it! It was a great show that I enjoyed very much. Sincerely, Sharon Leif-Lefebvre, of Irish/German decent.

  70. Diana says:

    I liked quite a few things about the show, like the multicultural focus and the willingness to Go There with edgy storylines.

    I felt though that sometimes they lost control and direction, writing themselves into corners… such as with the Annie character. Loved the messed-up quality of it, but the character ended up so non-fixable and the plotline lost all believable avenues of resolution that they just took her out of the show for a while, and then she returns having fixed herself inexplicably, Deus ex Machina style.

    The costuming and makeup is mostly so good that when it fails, it’s jarring and disappointing. Examples: the first season did not put much makeup on the women, even on the very pale ones with blonde eyelashes. Loved that! Very correct. Then suddenly, in season 2, they are all wearing mascara over false and curled eyelashes, and some fully made up with modern eyeshadow. How sad that they clearly knew better but then pandered to modern tastes.

    Anyway, it was a love-hate watch for me. They did some things so well, they built up my expectations, so when they changed directions or gave up, it was a huge let down.

  71. joellen says:

    I sit and watch the seasons all and within a couple of days I was very disappointed it’s stopped I hope that you guys have planned to bring it back I believe that you guys would do very well and it will be up there on the charts maybe even awards all the characters should stay the same also that’s what made the movie so well or excuse me the series. It gives us an Insight on our past and that life betrays itself again once more in our evetyfsy life today. So saying this or that bring it back you will not be disappointed I promise!! sincerely yours Joellen

  72. Ralph says:

    I once read the series ended because after the death of the president there was no were to go with the story line. There were plenty plots and crimes after that sad time in our history. Also there were plot line left unanswered. I believe the real reason for low ratings, if any, was due to people hearing and seeing things they really didn’t want to know, living conditions and people in the five points area and the general east coast area of that era, We all like to think of that time as a time of balls and beautiful gown, brown stone houses, but it wasn’t like that for everyone, in fact very few. The living conditions for the immigrants was horrific the economy the lowest. I love to see the show come at least as a TV movie to tie up any lose plot lines.

    • Jo says:

      I really love it the movie and didnt finish bbc is jerk im so mad im excited to watch every episode ahhhhhh so unfair

  73. Annabell says:

    I also just watched this on Netflix and thought it was great. I’d never heard of it before. Bring it back. Why would BBC America listen to critics. Just put the show on Netflix and ignore the critics. Everyone I know who’s watched this Copper show completely loves it.

    Also, the accent of Francis is so sexy. That actor should be cast in lots of other shows and should also do Audible performances where the actor reads a book and acts the characters. He would be great for Irish stories or Irish characters is historical fiction.

  74. Neva Rios says:

    Please don’t quit!!! That every cops Moro!!!

  75. Mx says:

    Bring back Copprr , one of the best shows ever , BBC REALLY DROPPED THE BALL on this one

  76. Gillian Whitcombe says:

    I’m gutted…. I’ve just binged watched copper over the last week and now feel I’ve wasted my time. Can’t believe this show got cancelled. It is definitely one of the best shows I’ve watched in a good while! I’m not an American fan, I love in Northern Ireland and I need more copper!!’ Bring it back!!

  77. Paul says:

    So .. A well made interesting show gets dropped, when there is so much utter garbage being produced and shown on the same networks…

    Another case of appeasing the ignorant masses rather than investing in something worthwhile.

    If ratings are so important that it decides everything you produce, we will end up with wall to wall dross… almost there already!


  78. Tamara Avis says:

    I am saddened, it was a great show….i love historical pieces.
    This was so very good…i look for those kind of shows….i was looking for season three…but alas, we as the audience, have little say so…

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