Wall Street 50 – 2013

Joe Connolly/Bank of Ireland, U.S.

Joe Connolly is executive vice president  and head of business development for Bank of Ireland’s U.S. Branch. In this role he and his team are responsible for identifying and establishing relationships with the many U.S. multinationals operating in Ireland. Regarding his role he says “U.S. foreign direct investment is a key part of the Irish recovery and it’s important that the Bank of Ireland supports these companies in any way that we can.”

The Bank’s U.S. office also works closely with the fast growing number of Irish companies that have established U.S. subsidiaries in recent years. These companies employ over 89,000 people in the States.

Joe, born and raised in Dublin, has worked for the Bank of Ireland for 35 years, holding a number of senior treasury management positions in Dublin before relocating to the U.S. with his family in late 2003. While  always proud of his Irish background he says he has been very humbled during his 10 years living in the U.S. by experiencing first-hand the enormous pride Irish Americans have in Ireland and their desire to support its continued recovery.