Wall Street 50 – 2013

Anita M. Sands/UBS Wealth Management

Anita M. Sands is the former chief operating officer of UBS Wealth Management Americas, where she most recently served as group managing director and head of Change Leadership. Previously, she was managing director, head of Transformational Management for Global Operations and Technology at Citigroup. Before moving to the U.S., Anita was at the Royal Bank of Canada, where in 2007, she was appointed as the youngest senior vice president in the history of the company.

Anita was recently named one of “ The TEN to Watch” by Registered Rep. Her educational background includes a Ph.D. in atomic and molecular physics and a first-class honors degree in physics and applied mathematics from Queen’s University Belfast. She attended Carnegie Mellon University where, as a Fulbright Scholar, she graduated with a master’s in public policy and management. She is also a graduate of the London School of Music, and a former all-Ireland public speaking champion. She was born in Drogheda, Co. Louth.

Anita received the 2012 Women of Concern Award from the Irish relief organization Concern Worldwide, U.S.