Sliabh An Iarainn

Sliabh An Iarainn, Co. Leitrim. Photo: Claire McWeeney

By Claire McWeeney

Sliabh An Iarainn at 10:30pm in mid June is the most ethereal setting I have ever experienced. This magnificent landscape just down the road from my home in Augnasheelin, Country Leitrim was a staple of my childhood. Sliabh An Iarainn (translates to “the iron mountain”) consists of remote scenery that is breathtaking and thrilling. The location makes it a treasure to locals and it has essentially been a playground for my family for years. It is majestic yet simple; exploring the area could never become dull. Whether you are leisurely walking about the trails or boldly hiking the up edge of the mountain, it will induce a glorious sense of vitality courtesy of Irish nature.

My yearly trip to Ireland has and will always have an eminent effect on my life. My parents, immigrants from Leitrim and Cavan, have raised me in settings so powerfully enriching in the broadest of ways. Lands in both Connacht, Ulster, and New York all evoke the remarkable emotional state of the sense of home. I feel exceptionally fortunate to be able to experience such an immense interconnection. It is something I will continue to cherish daily.

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  1. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Lovely image and very engaging commentary.

  2. Bonnie Hyde Simpson says:

    Thank you for this lovely image of Iron Mountain. We visited Ireland for the first time in the middle of August this year, and the friend I was visiting took us up there. What a beautiful, wild, free place! The view was spectacular.

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