Business 100 - 2008

Mike O’Driscoll/Jaguar Cars

Mike O’Driscoll is Managing Director of Jaguar Cars and is also President of Jaguar and Rover North America.  As managing director he is responsible for the global management of the Jaguar brand, while simultaneously responsible for the marketing, sales and service of the company’s automobiles in the United States, Canada, and Mexico as President of Jaguar Land Rover North America.

Mike joined Jaguar Rover Triumph in 1975 as a business student, and held various positions in Finance, Product Development and Marketing. In 1987 he became Marketing and Product Planning Manager for Jaguar Cars North America, a position he held until 1992 when he was appointed General Sales Manager for the United States. Mike took a short break from Jaguar in 1995, when he went to work for Ford and Lincoln Mercury, where he held various senior management positions. He rejoined Jaguar in 1999 as president of Jaguar North America.

Born in Coventry, England, to an Irish father from County Cork, Mike has an MBA from the University of Warwick.