Wall Street 50 – 2009

Kevin Murray/AXA Financial

In 2005, Kevin E. Murray was appointed executive vice president and CIO of AXA Financial, Inc. and member of the company’s Executive Management Committee. As executive vice president and CIO, Kevin directs all systems strategy and delivery towards the execution of its mission to become the industry leader. Over the past 25 years, Kevin has held a number of leadership roles in the technology industry with a significant focus on retiring legacy technologies and successfully implementing new strategic business systems. Prior to joining AXA, Kevin served as CIO of the American International Group.

Kevin is a member of the American Ireland Fund New York Regional Advisory Board, the AT&T Technology Advisory Board, Hewlett Packard Advisory Board and the Enterprise Ireland’s Advisory Board.

Kevin earned a BS in computer science with an emphasis in finance at Penn State University. He is a second-generation Irish American. All of his grandparents were born in West Cork and migrated to the Bronx, NY in the early 1900s. Kevin resides in New York City.