Business 100 - 2008

Joseph Walsh/Curtis Circulation Company

Look at any magazine rack in the United States or Canada, and you’ll find the fruits of Joseph Walsh’s labor. Walsh is chairman and chief executive officer of the Curtis Circulation Company, the leading national distributor of magazines, with over $1.7 billion in retail sales and 36 percent marketplace share. In all, Curtis distributes some 900  publications throughout the world, including Newsweek, Woman’s Day, Elle, and The Economist.

In addition to his duties at Curtis, Joe also provides support to a homeless shelter in East Harlem, New York, which he and several
fellow businessmen helped to open. He is also heavily involved with a number of Irish organizations, such as Project Children, which to date has brought over to the United States 20,000 Catholic and Protestant children for a four week vacation, the Irish American Partnership and the Irish American Unity Conference.

As a first-generation Irish-American whose parents both hail from Cork, Joe’s Irish heritage is a very important to him. He, his wife, and their five children are all Irish citizens.