Wall Street 50 – 2009

Don Connelly/Don Connelly & Associates

Don Connelly, perhaps the nation’s most successful advisor to the retail brokerage industry, has long been a powerful beacon of wisdom to investors andfinancial services professionals. His career on Wall Street spans nearly 40 years and includes positions as stock broker, financial planner, branch manager, wholesaler, national sales manager and for nearly 19 years he was company spokesperson, senior vice president and senior marketing officer for Putnam. Now, as founder of CampConnelly.com, an extraordinary ‘e-boot camp,’ Don’s timely and provocative
sales ideas are available to thousands of financial professionals around the globe. Audiences at England’s Cambridge University, Harvard, Wharton School of Business, Chapman College and Pepperdine have all benefited from his presentations.

Offering practical guidance to financial services professionals, Don is known as a guru on managing client relationships, selling and becoming a successful financial advisor.

A third-generation Irish American, Don says, “Being of Irish descent makes me stand just a bit taller.”