Aliah O’Neill

Aliah O'Neill

Aliah O’Neill earned her MA in Irish and Irish- American Studies at New York University in January 2010. She graduated in May 2008 with degrees in English and Philosophy from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. She currently resides in Brooklyn where she spends her time writing and listening to music.

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  1. Richard Gordon says:

    Seeing your name, I felt compelled to say that two children of Wesley & Margaret O’Neill (Margaret Gordon O’Neill being my 2nd grand aunt), died on Grosse Ile in the summer of 1842 – James, age 7, in June and Henry, age 15, in July. They were apparently from Enniskeen, near Kells, County Meath. If perhaps you are from this family, please be in touch.
    Rev. Richard C. Gordon, Pennsylvania USA

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