Top 100 - 2011

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy has been a stalwart fixture with the San Francisco Giants since 1958. He started out as a bat boy at the age of 16. He then became a visiting clubhouse attendant, and has held the position of equipment manager since 1980.

Murphy began his career in baseball as a bat boy for the San Francisco Seals from 1954-57. He was then picked up by the Giants in their first season in San Francisco in 1958. On his first day, he recalls meeting Willie Mays. Since then, Murphy has never missed a home game and he has seen the team reach their highest highs and lowest lows. After witnessing three World Series losses in 1962, 1989, and 2002, Mike Murphy finally got to see his team win in 2010. He had the honor of carrying the trophy into the clubhouse.

At 69, Murphy is seen as a father figure to many generations of baseball players for the Giants. He has prepared equipment and uniforms for over 50 years, and always lends an ear to his players. Many even call him “Uncle Murph.”