Business 100 - 2011

Greg Murtagh/Triad Retail Media


Greg Murtagh is founder and CEO of Triad Retail Media. In 2000, he was first in the digital media world to enable brands to reach shoppers via digital shopper advertising on large retail eCommerce websites. Greg has worked with many of the world’s largest retailers on how to become effective web publishers, adding a significant incremental advertising revenue stream to complement their already large eCommerce businesses. Triad was recently named one of INC Magazine’s fastest growing U.S. companies.

He began his career in sales with Procter & Gamble (Vicks) and quickly rose through the ranks within large consumer goods companies for 15 years before founding Triad. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from The Cox School of Business Management at Southern Methodist University. Greg says of his Irish roots, “I’m proud of how my grandparents took the risk to come here. I love the hardworking and happy spirit of the Irish.” He resides in Dunedin, Florida with his wife, Liz, and their twin sons, Liam and Quinn.