Top 100 - 2011

Dicky Eklund

Dicky Eklund comes from a family of fighting fame. He was recently portrayed by Christian Bale in the award-winning biopic The Fighter, which focuses on the relationship between Eklund and his half-brother, boxer “Irish” Micky Ward. Bale took home an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for the role – and gave Eklund a prominent shout-out in his Oscar acceptance speech.

Dicky Eklund, also known as “The Pride of Lowell,” doesn’t stand in the shadow of his brother’s success. In fact, Eklund served as Micky Ward’s full-time trainer throughout his career. Through his own 10-year professional career as a welterweight from 1975-1985, Eklund had a total of 19 wins out of 29 fights, four of which were won by knockouts. In October of 1993, he was crowned the New England Welterweight Champion. He is also a three time golden Gloves champion. His most famous fight was against undefeated Sugar Ray Leonard in 1978, which was televised on HBO. Eklund didn’t win, but he was a fierce competitor.

Eklund’s career came to an end due to a crack cocaine addiction, which also landed him in jail. Upon being released, Eklund inspired his brother Micky Ward to return to the ring, helping to lead him to becoming a WBU Champion.

Eklund now works as a personal trainer and boxing coach in New England and travels around the country with his brother, giving motivational speeches to college students.