Wall Street 50 – 2011

Daniel Forbes/Dillon Eustace

A Dublin native, Daniel Forbes is the U.S. Representative for the Dublin-based law firm Dillon Eustace, which is particularly active in financial services and commercial matters. He is involved in the firm’s business development front, designing and implementing strategies to further attract U.S. clients to use the Irish international financial services industry as a global platform for conducting business. He also works closely with the Dublin office (where he worked for six years) in his capacity as an Irish qualified Asset Management and Investment Funds lawyer to assist U.S. clients on matters relating to structuring of traditional and alternative investment funds in Ireland.

A graduate of University College Dublin, Daniel is a member of the Law Society of Ireland. In 2007, he represented Ireland on the team that reached the semi-final of the Lawyers Rugby World Cup. Since coming to New York, where he lives with his wife, Lucy, he has joined Irish Network NYC, the IBO, the IIBN and the New York chapter of the Irish American Bar Association. Daniel calls himself “extremely privileged to be in a position to play my part in further strengthening the unique economic and cultural ties between the U.S. and Ireland.”