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Dr. John L. Lahey:
2011 Irish American of the Year

The president of Quinnipiac University is honored as a leading educator and keeper of our heritage. When John L. Lahey was a boy, he once accompanied his father, a hard-working bricklayer, to a worksite. He wanted to see what his father’s job was all about, and to try it out for himself. His grandfather, DanielRead more..

Dr. Kevin Cahill:
Irish America Hall of Fame

Several buzzwords, not all of them kind, have been used to describe the current state of health care in America. The word that guides Dr. Kevin Cahill’s nearly 50-year career in medicine is ‘solidarity.’ “Solidarity is a wonderful Latin American word that means “Are you willing to get down in the mud with people?” heRead more..

President William J. Clinton:
Irish America Hall of Fame

Politician, peacemaker, and hero to millions of Irish. As a major supporter of the Irish peace process, Bill Clinton moved mountains.  The 42nd President of the United States took the strongest position on Irish issues ever taken by an American president. In 1994, he granted a visa to Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams, fulfilling aRead more..

Mary Higgins Clark:
Irish America Hall of Fame

A bestselling author who is proud to call herself “an Irish girl from the Bronx.” The oldest living resident of New York died recently at age 111 and in a New York Times article only months earlier, she told the reporter that she had kept her mind alert by reading Agatha Christie and Mary HigginsRead more..

Chuck Feeney:
Irish America Hall of Fame

The billionaire who selflessly and quietly gave it all away. Charles “Chuck” Feeney has amassed billions of dollars in wealth. However, he doesn’t own an opulent house, a car or a Rolex. He prefers taking cabs, riding the subway, or just walking when he’s in New York. He flies economy, even on international flights. AndRead more..

Michael Flatley:
Irish America Hall of Fame

The man who brought Irish dance to the global stage. He’s been the world’s most famous lord for the past 15 years. Now Michael Flatley is poised to become a movie star . . . and a 3D one at that. The Chicago native always had it in the back of his head that hisRead more..

William J. Flynn:
Irish America Hall of Fame

A leader in business and a force for progress in the Northern Ireland peace process. When William J. Flynn was celebrated in a special issue of Irish America in 2008, the outpouring of praise from both sides of the Atlantic was immense. Irish President Mary McAleese, Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams, deputy First Minister ofRead more..

Denis Kelleher:
Irish America Hall of Fame

The Irish Immigrant who became a titan of Wall Street. Denis Kelleher, the son of a shoemaker, immigrated to New York in 1958, at age 18, with $1.50 in his pocket. He was in search of a better life and determined to provide for his widowed mother back home. In a matter of days theRead more..

Jean Kennedy Smith:
Irish America Hall of Fame

Activist, humanitarian, diplomat. Often referred to as the shy Kennedy, Jean Kennedy Smith has quietly blazed her own trail while still holding true to the family legacy of public service. The last of the Kennedy siblings still living, Kennedy Smith has devoted her life to advocating for the disabled and working towards peace in NorthernRead more..

Dr. James Watson:
Irish America Hall of Fame

He helped map the structure of DNA. Next up is a cure for cancer. James Watson helped unravel the structure of DNA, a feat so stunning that it is considered the greatest scientific achievement of the 20th century. A Nobel Prize winner as a result, Dr. Watson is deeply proud of his Irish heritage and isRead more..