Roots: The Joyce Family

The Joyce crest

By Julie McAvoy, Contributor
February / March 2011

Though not Gaelic and sometimes found in England of non-Irish origin, Joyce may certainly be regarded as a true Irish name, and more particularly a Connacht one. The first Joyce to come to Ireland of whom there is an authentic record was Thomas de Jorse a Welshman, who in 1283 married the daughter of Turiogh O’Brien, Prince of Thomond and went with her to County Galway; there in Iar Connacht, which runs over the Mayo border, they were at first aligned with the O’Flahertys but they went on to establish themselves so firmly and so permanently that the territory they inhabited became known as Joyce’s Country. Statistics of births, deaths and marriages show that this is still their stronghold: over eighty per cent of the Joyces in Ireland come from Galway or Mayo.

Derived from the Brehon personal name “Iodoc,” which is a diminutive of iudh meaning lord, the name was adopted by the Normans in the form of Josse. While some scholars believe the name derived from the French Joice, which means joy, a multitude of names developed in Ireland and England from Josse, including Joce, Joass, and Joyce.

The Joyce coat of arms displays two eagles in tribute to the special relationship the bird has to the clan. Legend has it that while William Joyce was traveling in Europe during the Crusades he was captured by Saracens and sold into slavery to a goldsmith in Algeria. He escaped and was led by an eagle to the location of a buried treasure. After returning home, he used the riches from this treasure to build the walls of Galway City. It is believed that it was William who designed the Claddagh Ring, one of Ireland’s most enduring symbols. He is said to have learned his silversmithing trade when he was held captive in Algeria. Later, William Joyce’s granddaughter Margaret Joyce, or Margaret na Drehide (of the bridges), built bridges throughout Connaught, which includes the modern counties of Mayo and Galway. Margaret also encountered an eagle, one that dropped a jewel into her lap.

Many of the Joyces became successful merchants and interspersed themselves throughout the Fourteen Tribes of Galway. The clan also produced many fine scholars, historians, linguists, and folklorists.

The Joyce clan also produced a most infamous member. During WWII, William Joyce, also known as Lord Haw Haw, was the voice on the radio that embraced fascism. Born in New York City but raised in County Mayo, he was eventually captured by the Allies, convicted of treason, and hanged.

Without a doubt the most famous Joyce is author James Joyce, who was born in Dublin on February 2, 1882 (d. Jan. 13,1941). A poet, novelist, playwright, and author, Joyce’s works include: Dubliners, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake.

June 16 marks the annual celebration of Bloomsday when Ulysses’ Leopold Bloom began his modern-day odyssey through the urban landscape of Dublin in 1904. Joyce chose this day because it marked his first outing with Nora Barnacle, the Galway woman who became his wife.

Other Joyces in the publishing business include novelist Brenda Joyce who specializes in mystery and romance novels and  William Joyce, author and illustrator, whose illustrations have appeared on many New Yorker covers. In entertainment, Alice Joyce (1890-1955) made a great impact in the silent film era. She performed with Clara Bow in the 1926 film Dancing Mothers and appeared in close to 200 films. Unfortunately, her career dwindles with the rise of sound in movies. Michael Joyce (1951) is the founder of Cinema Production Company Services Incorporated, a Los Angeles-based movie visual effects company. He has worked as the Innovative Miniature Supervisor behind movies such as Godzilla, Independence Day, Cliff Hanger, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Die Hard 4.

Joyces in the sports world are represented by Matt Joyce (1972), an offensive tackle who played for ten seasons in the NFL until retiring in 2004, and Matt R. Joyce (1984), a Major League baseball outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays. In the world of cricket, former England batsman Ed Joyce (1978) is playing for his native Ireland in the 2011 World Cup.

And in politics, Irish-American State Senator Brian A. Joyce (1962) is serving his seventh term in Massachusetts. He said of his Irish ancestors: “The Joyces have come a long way since leaving Claremorris, County Mayo 100 years ago, and much of our success is due to the values and work ethic brought by my grandfather from Ireland.”

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  1. Tom Ford says:

    The immigration records show that my great grandmother emigrated from Ballinck? Ireland in 1895 via Port of Philadelphia from Queenstown, Ireland. She settled in Boston and worked as a housekeeper. Her name was Sarah E. Joyce-Ford. She married my great grandfather, John J. Ford in 1899. Are you aware of any ways to trace the Joyce’s back any further from what I’ve been able to find out. I’d love to connect with some Irish family

    • Kathleen says:

      I’m related to the Joyce’s. My maternal grandmother was a Joyce. Her father and grandfather, both John Joyce immigrated in 1853 to Portageville, NY. When I went to Ireland I found the marriage of John Joyce, Sr. in The South Mayo Family Research Centre, Ballinrobe, Co., Mayo, Ireland. Tel: 092-41214. Also by joining ancestry.com you can do a family search.

      • Laurie Joyce says:

        Hi Kathleen
        Please join the Tribe Joyce Family History Group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/451010678267171/


        • My GreatGrandMother was Ellen Joyce, married to John Joyce, in Clougbrough, Galway. My GrandMother and her sister Ann and Katherine Joyce arrived in NYC, in 1930, I think.

      • Paul Hawkins says:

        Hello Kathleen. I know it has been awhile since you posted your comment. I think we may be related. My mother’s mother was a Joyce. Her mother (my great grandmother) Honora A. Joyce, we believe, was born into a Joyce family in County Mayo, Ireland and then married a Joyce (Thomas Joseph Joyce.) Based on oral family history, we believe that Honora A. Joyce left Ireland in the late 1850s as a teenager, and that she went to live with her brother John in New York state. It seems to me that this very well could have been the John Joyce to whom you refer, the one who arrived in Portageville, New York. If you have any documents or information that you can share about these Joyces, I would be very grateful. My email address is Paul4justice*at*live.com.

      • jina r joyce says:

        i could be related to you

      • Trish says:

        Familysearch.com is good too

      • Michael Joyce says:

        Hi Kathleen, do you know the name of the village in Mayo that your ancestors hailed from? I live just a few miles outside Ballinrobe.

        • Kathleen says:

          John Joyce and Mary McTigue (Joyce) Lived in Gortbrack, Mayo, Ireland. He also called it Mount Joyce on a document from the Ballina Sustainability Fund where he borrowed 4 pounds in 1846. They were married on March 2, 1840 in Shrule RC Church in Shrule,Mayo, Ireland. They had Catherine in 1843, Martin in 1845, and John A. Joyce, Jr., in 1848. They arrived in the US about 1852 or 3. Mary was born 1857, Hannah in 1860 and William in 1864
          Their address was 6676 Tenefly Rd., Portageville, N Y, Lot5-6F.

  2. Laurie says:

    Hi All
    I am collecting information on Joyces from around the world. Any contributions, requests or queries are most welcome
    Laurie Joyce

    • Michele Miles Gardiner says:

      Hi Laurie,

      My Joyce great-great-grandparents, John and Catherine Joyce, left Ireland and arrived in New York City in December of 1863, with my 4-year-old great-grandpa Peter and his baby sister Margaret. I don’t know exactly where they lived in Ireland though.

      • Lisa Everett says:

        Hi Michelle, Margaret (daughter of John and Catharine) was my great-grandmother. I’m new at this but I am 99% sure that she was my grandfather’s (Leo Simonton’s) mother. So hi cousin! 😉 She had a brother Peter, also born in Ireland, and more siblings born once they moved to NY.

      • Laurie Joyce says:

        Hi Michelle

        Please join the Tribe Joyce Family History Group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/451010678267171/


        • S.fawn says:

          Hi I was a Joyce before I got married my father was Francis James Joyce born 1912 he came from Tipperary county . I think he had 10 or 12 brothers and sisters ,he came to London were he lost contact with his family some who had gone to America .

    • Whitney Joy walston says:

      My grandfathers name is John joy named after his father and grandfather who shortened their name from Joyce when they immigrated from Ireland our family settled in Arkansas

      • Laurie Joyce says:

        Hi Whitney

        Please join the Tribe Joyce Family History Group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/451010678267171/


        • Michael Joyce says:

          My great great grandparents lived in Washington Township, Ouachita County Arkansas and great grandfather Jeremiah Monk Joyce was born there in 1836. Great great grandfather Martin Joyce was born in South Carolina in 1805. We don’t know who our Irish ancestors are but grandfather Clement Joyce told me that we hail from Joyce Country Galway Ireland…

          • James B Joyce says:

            We are definitely related. My father (James), grandfather (Barney), & great-grandfather (Thomas) were from Ouachita County, AR. There is a small town outside of Smackover (Joyce City) named after them. Thomas & Barney hit the oil strike there about 100 years ago. It’s a very large family.

    • Matt joyce says:

      What do you want to know,i live in mayo

      • Sandra Conley says:

        I am a descendant of Ambrose and Sela Joyce through their chlld Margaret. I need a proof of connection for Margaret’s parentage. A copy of a Bible page, something that names Margaret as their daughter. This is for Daughters of the American Revolution. This is the one gap of proof I need. I found a will naming Margaret and Ambrose as heirs to Ambrose’s maiden sister, but the dwill doen not state that she is Ambrose’s daughter. Do you have any information that will help”

        • Kathie Joyce says:

          I am looking for any information on a Teresa A. Maguirk, born about 1828, who sailed from Sligo to New York City, NY in 1847.

        • Joshua Morgan says:

          Greetings Sandra!

          If you scroll down this page, I answered your question concerning concrete proof … plus something extra which you might not have heard about regarding the Joyce connection to Thomas Jefferson. The proof which you’re lacking at the moment is outlined below elsewhere on this page.

        • matt joyce says:

          Sandra as you can see,i have not been on this site for a while. Your problem may not be obtainable online. A visit to the parish of their birth may be needed .This may not be possible,depending were you live. A Will does not normally state the fact of parentage. your situation looks as if it has some age to it. Your time period my not have any documentation

      • Laurie Joyce says:

        Hi Matt

        Please join the Tribe Joyce Family History Group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/451010678267171/


    • My Grandmother was ELIZABETH Joyce . Had s Son she named Henry Joyce Mixon? Any connection?

    • Mary Joyce says:

      Hi. I’m a Joyce, and although I don’t know much about my family’s origins in terms of who first came to America, I can tell you that my family is HUGE. My paternal grandfather is the oldest of seven, my father is the youngest of five, and I’m the youngest of four. Starting with my great grandfather (completely paternally) as number 1, there are now over 180 members of my family.
      One notable family member of mine is my great grandfather, John M. Joyce. I have a link attached to an obituary for him from the New York Times. It’s from 1989 so it’s very old, but you can see how rapidly my family has grown since then based on the numbers at the end of the obituary.
      I hope this helped you out!

      • Michael Joyce says:

        Hi Mary. Do you know what parish or village they emigrated from, and was your grandfather’s name John?

  3. Anthony Howard-Hill says:

    I am a Joyce decedent. My grandmother and grandfather were Horace and Freda Joyce, Which Immigrated to New Zealand where I live today. The family crest at the top of this page is identical to theirs. Unfortunatly they only had one daughter (My Mother), so the Joyce name has not carried on, however my sisters middle name has been kept as Joyce.

    • Anthony Howard-Hill says:

      Story as far as I am aware.

      Mathew E Joyce Married Lilian Giles Had 8 Children Named:

      Alfred S Joyce, Edith Joyce, Harold L Joyce, Ivy Joyce, Marcia Joyce, Thomas E Joyce, Violet Joyce, Horace Joyce.

      Horace Joyce Married Freda F E Mellors Had one Child:

      Mary Joyce, End of Joyce tree.

      I could be wrong about some of the names, this is from an old photo album and my mothers memory

  4. Edward Joyce says:

    My father John Joseph Joyce was born in county Mayo, Ireland on the 11th October 1903. He lived in Cleveland Ohio from 1928 to 1932 then settled in England. I was born in England on the 25th March 1934. I served for 30 years in the Lancashire Constabulary and retired in 1992 with the rank of Detective Inspector. I have 4 children and 6 grand children.

  5. Jason says:

    I am a Joyce, my grandfather is Edward Joyce. He is son to Anthony Andrew Joyce who came directly from Ireland. I would like any possible family connections out there from the Joyce family. Contact me at jasonj526@gmail.com

  6. Deborah Joyce McDougald says:

    My grandfather was Joseph Joyce and my grandmother was Esther Hoey Joyce from Tullamore County Offaly. I’m a Joyce living in NYC and looking for other family members.

    • Rachel Joyce says:

      Hi Deborah
      I am a Joyce and recently found my fathers side of the family. My Joyce family are from Tullamore and I believe my grandfather had a brother called Joseph. Do you know if he moved to The Uk? If so if this is the right Joseph I may have a picture of him. My grandfathers name was John Joyce they were brothers not sure of other sibling names but can find out more.

      • Daibheid Joyce says:

        There were a number of Joyce families recorded in the Offaly from the 1800 onwards one family that may be of interest to you is the family of an Edward and Catherine Joyce recorded in the 1821 census living in Birr. http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1821/King_s/Birr/Ballindarra/35/ Edward was aged 50 (born circa 1770) and listed as a Chimney Sweep living with him were his children, Edward (20), Henry (17), and Bridget (25). This man may also have had a son James who married an Eleanor Gill who turn had a son Edward born Feb-1845 in Banagher Co Offaly and grandsons John-Joe and Edward. This family had connections to Offaly and recorded in subsequent census in Birr and Tullamore where their trades were listed as chimneysweeps and braziers (brassmiths). They were living in the Tullamore area in the 1850s. The family of John-Joe (who was married to Mary Walsh) were recorded in the 1901 census and the 1911 http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/King_s_Co_/Tullamore_Urban/Pensioners_Row/1472199/ and http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/King_s_Co_/Tullamore_Urban/Pensioners_Row/561742/ The Children included John, Mary, Joseph, Winifred, Thomas, and Kieran. The son Edward was listed as among the Offaly war dead in WW1 (Kieran married Mary Cash Tullamore 1912)

        • james a whitney says:

          wow!!!! my grandmother was Winifred joyce, she married walter whitney from palenville, new York state in the USA. Winifred has 5 sons… james (my father) Edward ,john and gerod( twins) and walter jr. if anyone has any other information it would be greatly appricated thank you, james whitney jr. age 64

          • Theresa joyce mckerchar says:

            My grandmother was a Winifred Joyce too her father settled in stirling Scotland brothers Timothy Andrew marie

        • Deborah Joyce says:


          I believe that is my Da’s family because he was named after an Uncle Edward who was killed in the War. There was also an Elizabeth who we called Aunt Lizzie.


          • David Joyce says:

            Hi Deborah the details of your grand uncle Edward Joyce Born 1888 Kilbride, Tullamore, County Offaly. Killed in action 14 Sep 1914 Age 26. Service number 8471 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers , buried at La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre-Memorial Cemetery in France. He is listed in De Ruvignys Roll of Honour. i can email you further details on his family if you wish, regards David

  7. Blake Joyce says:

    Cheers from Guelph, Ontario Canada!

    Blake Joyce

    • Emily Hahner says:

      Hi do you know if you’re related to a John Joyce who married a Mary Burns in the 1850s/1860s? I’m researching my husbands family and hit a dead end. Also I know this is a super old thread so if you miss it thanks anyway.

  8. Michael R. Joyce says:

    Interesting article. I’m just commenting on your reference to Michael Joyce the visual effects supervisor. I also was in the film business and was the Sr VP of Production for Worldwide Production for both 20th Century Fox and United Artists. According to the other Michael Joyce’s resume on IMDB he was born Michael Wilkerson. I had heard his name used in the past as Mike Joyce, but I am interested if his ancestry dates back to the Joyce’s. I on the other hand can go back 4 generations through the Joyces of Youngstown, Ohio and back to County Mayo.

    • Tim joyce says:

      My name is Timothy Joyce my grandfather Robert Joyce and my grandmother came here from Ireland in there early 20s and landed in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After a little bit they settled in Chelmsford, MA. My brother is Jeff Bauman, we have the same mom and different dads.. I never met my dad and have our mothers maiden name which is Joyce. Anyway lions gate is making a movie about my brothers best selling book ‘Stronger’ he was injured in the Boston Bombing and has been an inspiration to many people ever since. You being in the movie business I wonder what you could tell us to expect with this movie, and also to let everyone know that Jeff has Joyce in him.

      • Michael R Joyce says:

        Hi Tim,
        Your email is very interesting. It is amazing to me how many of the names of our Irish ancestors are the same. My father was a Robert Joyce,not the same person though (my father was born in Los Angeles in the 20’s). And as far as I know, no other of my Joyce family have lived in MA.

        Your brother’s story is remarkable. Having lost the use of my legs in 2003 through a spinal cord disease, I am always inspired by the positive stories of others in similar situations. I retired from the Motion Picture industry in 2003 and have lost touch with my former colleagues. But seeing that “Stronger” is a Lionsgate film and it has been announced that Jake Gyllenhaal is to be the lead, the film should be well recieved.

        All the best to you and your brother. Joyce’s do seem to “abide”.
        Michael Joyce

        • Robert Joyce says:

          ……abiding away here. Durango Colorado. 🙂

          • Elizabeth Woods says:

            I have a Henry Joyce, Mixon whose mother was Elizabeth Joyce. Supposedly closely related to James Joyce. They would have settled in the South East United States.

    • Michael P says:

      I too trace my family back to one of the Joyce families of Youngstown and to Co. Mayo through my grandmother’s (maiden: Herman) parents (O’Horo). My line of Joyce’s are from Galway, near the Mayo border. Let me know if your interested in more info: mp.joyce@yahoo.com

  9. paul joyce says:

    Hi I am from the Cork branch of the joyce clan, IAm Paul joyce my folks are from Tivoli And they ran boats there to go across the harbour.and fish for salmon. They wud of been my grand uncles Tom An Billy. My father was michael. He had brothers john,val, berty, sisters Carmel ,Ann , And Mary.
    Hope that can be of help to Joyce’s with family from Cork.

  10. Jacob P. says:

    Hello and good greetings! I’ve been trying to find things about my family. My mother she is a Joyce and some names used in the names she has told me had matched with name sakes.
    My Grand Father. His name is George Henry Joyce the Third. I’m sad to say I’ve never met him. Trying to see where he came from, I found some snags. Certain things about him aren’t recorded publicly.

    I want to learn more about my family and figured Joyce would the first quarter I learn about.

  11. Sean Patrick Joyce says:

    My husband, John Joyce who was naturalized in the United States in 2014 is from Newcastle Northern Ireland. We have a son Sean Joyce that was born in Vincennes. I believe my husbands father was from the Newcastle area and his mother, Jan Buckley was from England in an area close to Wales.

    My son is very interested in where he and his family came from. He and his father make an annual trip to Newcastle every year.

  12. Seamus Joyce says:

    Doing some research on my family line as well. Wondering if anyone has any info on Stephen Joyce born in Queensfort Galway (listed as 60 on 1901 census) died 3 February 1910 and or his wife Honor Flannery (listed as 50 on 1901 census) died 13 January 1929. I know they had a small farm in Tuam. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Annie Joyce says:

    I am a Joyce also, father Robert, Granfather Walter, roots traced to Galway
    My grandfather, father & family landed in Jersey City, NJ. It’s amazing to see how similar Joyce names are, my brother is also named Michael Robert Joyce

  14. Sharon A. Joyce says:

    My name is Sharon Joyce, my father was Robert Dawson Joyce, Jr., (born 1927) and his father Robert Dawson Joyce (born around 1898)who was married to Gertrude Camille. Both were from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am just starting family research, and would like to trace ancesters from Ireland. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  15. Tricia Joyce says:

    I am also a Joyce living in NYC. My grandfather was Steven Aloysius Joyce born in Scranton, PA.in 1898 to John and Bridget Joyce (Coyne) who immigrated from Galway just prior to that. They had 11 children, 9 of whom survived young adulthood. Interestingly many of the men never marred and as a result our Joyce line is about to end just two generations later. There are many of us still alive from what began with John and Bridget’s marriage but born to the Joyce women and so all have different names now except myself as I decided to keep Joyce. The last names of the other children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great great grandchildren now include Daly, Corbett, Jeffers, McIntyre and others. I believe that there are over 60 of us total that were born to the women in this family since. Would love to know if there are more of us that were brothers and sisters of John Joyce. We don’t have any records.

    • Patricia Edwards says:

      Hi, Tricia, my father’s mother was Jessica Joyce, she married Fredrick George Miller. C 1921. In Duryea. I was born in Scranton 1954, My dad Phil Miller in 1928, jessica’s father was John Joyce & mother Hanna Sheehan. Jessica had older sister Irene who work in new York for years .and sister Mary died in her early 20’s of influenza I think 1918ish. I’ve got more details at home, currently away on trip.
      Joyce has been hard for me to search. Think there’s a Cusick in the family. A Sheehan death certificate in PA stated County Clair as roots. Love to connect glen8626@gmail.com

    • Trish says:

      Hi tricia, I responded on this site awhile back to you. Hoping still to connect. Please email me. Headed to Ireland summer of 2019. Hoping to connect something solid before trip so I have a place to start over there

    • Connie Joyce Richards says:

      I too live near Scranton Pennsylvania. I have been trying for years to find a joyce connection to Annae Joyce Fitzsimmons but have not had any luck.
      Do you have an Anne in your family tree?

      • Trish says:

        No Ann that I come upon. My great g father John born 1854 somewhere in Ireland, family said Cork city., Is the only one I know. Father Edwards Mary Cusick. Don’t know if John came to America aloe or with parents. My best guess is as a child, in mid 1880s years change from census to census. He married Johanna Sheehan 1879 ish in scranton.

      • Gerry joyce says:

        I’m from athlone in the centre of Ireland

  16. Michele Miles Gardiner says:

    I found your Tribe Joyce website but am not able to log in after registering. So I am following the Tribe Joyce Facebook page and joined LinkedIn. I may want (or others in my family may) to do the DNA test. My mom’s sister (a Joyce) took a DNA a few years ago and was surprised to find some Nordic and other European DNA in her findings. She was surprised since every family connection she knows about came from Ireland. So this now makes sense.

    For the least expensive test ($99) what would we find out? I’m a little confused by all those DNA charts on the Tribe Joyce page.


    Michele (Grandaughter of the Joyces)

    • Kathleen A. Joyce_Page says:

      Hi Michele,

      Too bad you have to pay $99.00 on DNA! The Joyce Tribe is easy to follow. It is a Galway name, and is one of the 14 tribes of Galway city of the 12th century. The Joyce clan were given land in Connamara in West Galway, and it is referred to as Joyce Country. Although there are Joyces all over Ireland today, it is originally a Galway name. James Joyce, the writer, his grandfather came from Joyce Country Connamara. Richard Joyce is given credit for creating the Claddagh ring. The town of Claddagh is part of Galway city. By visiting Galway you can learn a lot about the name.

      I am from Innishbarra, Lettermore, Co.Galway. My mother was also a Joyce and my ancestors came from around Recess, Connamara, which is Joyce Country. It is an interesting name and a name forever associated with Galway and the West of Ireland.

      • Julia Connolly says:

        My grandmother Bridget Joyce from Shannadonnell was married to Festy Ridge. Her father was John Joyce married to Julia Sullivan both frtom around Recess. My grandfather’s mother was Annie Joyce originally from above Recess. She was married to Thomas Ridge. In 1965, as a teen, I was taken house to house in Joyce Country to meet relatives. I remember meeting a cousin Barbara Joyce whose brother “had died at the well”. In Chicago I met Irish cousins: Bridget Joyce the nurse whose brother Martin was still in Ireland and Maureen and Margaret Joyce sisters. Maureen married a Pete Murphy and Margaret married a Lally. Does anything here ring a bell with your family tree? Please email me either way. Thanks so much.

        • Charles Hyde says:

          Hi Julia
          I am a double Joyce. My grmother Brigid Delia Sullivan b 1889 Derradah East Recess to Martin Sullivan and Rebecca Mannion. Martin’s mother Honor Joyce of Derradah East. Rebecca’s mother Barbara Joyce. Martin and Rebecca third cousins. One of Martin’s sisters married a Lally from Ballinafad. In 1987 John Francis Joyce and his brother Patrick still occupied a home at Derradah (Derryadd) East.

          • Julia Connolly says:

            Charles Hyde. I have looked for you through
            DNA testing to see if we were related. Nothing
            has shown up; however, perhaps you have not
            done any DNA testing. It sounds as though we
            may be related. If you get this, please email me
            directly at JTConnolly@aol.com Thanks.

        • James Desmond Lally says:


          I don’t know whether this website is still active but I may be able to help you with the marriage between Margaret Joyce and William Lally (Lallie) which took place in Manhattan in 1880. If you would like to contact me at the above email address I will see what I can do to help you further.

  17. anthony joyce says:

    I thought Thomas Joyce designed the claddagh ring, not william as you state. You should provide references for the information.

  18. Michael Joyce says:

    My great great grandfather, Martin Joyce, was born in South Carolina in 1805 and married Mary Monk in Forsyth Georgia in 1824. My great grandfather, Jeremiah Monk Joyce, was born in Washington Township, Ouachita County, Arkansas in 1835. We would like to know more about our family history but all we know is that Martin was born in South Carolina in 1805. As a child when I would ask my grandfather about the Joyce name all he would tell me was “Galway”… Others were told “Joyce Country”. My grandfather never had much to say to me.

  19. Hannah Joyce says:

    Hi, I am a direct descendent of the joyce clan who were involved in the maamtrasna murders in Galway. My grandfather Johnny joyce who’s original name is Martin Joyce his grandfather who was also Martin Joyce was away from home when the muriders took place so he survived and he is now my great great grandfather. I now live in Dublin. Have you got anything related to a Patsy Joyce who was in bed during the murders my grandfather is trying to reconnect with his family. Would you have any records of that name??

    • Michael Joyce says:

      Thursday 2 June 2016

      Hannah, my great great grandfather, Martin Joyce, was born in South Carolina, USA in 1805 according to records we have found. We don’t know our heritage before Martin. Our Grandfather only told us that we hail from Galway and Joyce Country and he never had much to say… My brother Stephen Joyce was given a photo of Martin Joyce recently. If you want a copy of the photo, contact him at sjoyce8675@aol.com … Thank you for your reply! Michael Joyce.

      • Johnny Joyce says:

        Your reply to Hannah has no connection to the Joyce family who were murdered in Maamtrasna, Co. Galway in 1882. My grandfather Martin emigrated to Cleveland in about 1887 and my father was born there in 1892. We are trying to trace my granduncle Patsy Joyce who we think emigrated to the U.S. around 1895/6. But we cannot trace the ships manifest of SS Germanic in May.of either year.

        • Michael Joyce says:

          Thank you Johnny. I think http://www.familysearch.org/ has ships registers and they are free.

          My great great grandfather Martin Joyce was born in South Carolina, USA, in 1805. We don’t know who his parents are or where in South CArolina he was born.

          Martin married Mary Monk in the 1820s in Monroe County, Georgia, USA, and they settled in Washington Township, Ouachita County, Arkansas, USA.

          Their son and my great grandfather Jeremiah Monk Joyce settled in Franklin, Robertson County, Texas, USA in the 1880s.

          My grandfather, Clement Joyce, was born in 1887 in Franklin, Texas.

          I believe our ancestors came from Ireland because when I asked my grandfather about our heritage all he told me was Galway and Joyce Country…

          • Hilary Barnfather says:

            My gt. gt grandmother Catherine (Kitty) Joyce married William Fitzpatrick in Clonmore Tipperary in about 1821. They later emigrated to the US . I am descended froma daughter Catherine they left behind in Liverpool. I would love to know more about the family. Where did they go in the US? I think Kitty died in Kilkenny before they left.

  20. Kathie Joyce says:

    My husband’s 2xgreat grandfather was Horace Joyce who was born about 1814 and lived and died in Norwalk, CT. I don’t know where he was born. Does anyone know anything about the Joyce families who lived in the Norwalk, CT area?

  21. Shane says:

    Hi I am looking for any help in connection with a Joyce that was a school teacher in a school in Sligo/Mayo area

  22. Ed Costello says:

    My grand parents were Thomas Richard Costello & Bridget Joyce, both of Ireland who both married & settled in Monson Massachusetts USA during the 1870’s. I know much about my Costello’s & almost nothing concerning my Joyces. If its of interest to anyone please contact me at the above e-mail, . Many thanks.

  23. Shannon (Susan) Joyce says:

    My great-grandfather, Edward Joyce, was born in Killarney, County Kerry, in 1842. By 1863 he was in Cleveland, Oh. I don’t know when he arrived. I don’t know if there were any other Joyce’s with him. I know that he arrived with people named Falvey and Cullen. He married in Cleveland in 1863 to Anna Banks. He had Mary, Ceil, Nan, Edward, John and Joseph. Mary, Ceil, Nan had no children. Edward had one – no idea if m/f, probably born in Youngstown. Joseph had one daughter, possible named Hannah. John was my grandfather. he had six children: Edna, Edward, Gladys, Joseph, Lucille, Virginia and Thomas. Three died young – Lucille, Virginia, Thomas. Edward and Gladys never married. Edna, the oldest, had one daughter, Edna O’Reilly Hermanski. Joseph had one daughter, me, born in 1947. I kept my name as I know of no other Joyces in my line. Also, we do not seem to come from “Joyce Country”. Anyone out there know anything of this family?

    • Shannon Joyce says:

      Update: My error. My great-grandfather, Edward Joyce was born 1841-1843 in Killarney, County Kilkenny, not County Kerry. His father’s name may have been William.

  24. KEN BROWN says:

    I have firm data that shows my 2nd great-grandfather–James A. Joyce–was born 3 Jan 1810 in North Carolina; died 15 Aug 1882; buried in Mt. Gilead Cemetery, Keller, Texas. In more than 20 years of searching, I have been able to find NOTHING on his parents or his origin (probably Ireland). Anybody have any info…or a possible source for help?

    • Faye Joyce Closson says:

      There are an abundant amount of Joyce families in north Carolina! Alot of them live in and around the Mayo River

    • Clifford L Schaefer says:

      My info shows that my families James Joyce of Keller, TX is the uncle of my great great grandfather William Ralph Joyce, who owned land along Bear Creek in Keller and is listed in the Keller Historical Society records. There were three brothers who came from Ireland. My aunt’s information shows County Mayo, Ireland. their names were James, William and John Joyce. William had three sons who he also named James william and John. James who came to Texas, William who went to Louisiana and John who I do not know where he landed. I am of Williams descendency. William died when his son William Ralph was a child and when My gr. great grandfather William Ralph was 15 he traveled to Texas and lived with his uncle James and aunt Miriam In the keller area until coming of age. BTW Miriam is Miriam Grandberry, Sister of Confederate Gen, Hiram B. Granbury ( he changed the spelling of his name) of which Granbury, Texas is named for. If you are James descendant then you are a several generations removed cousin of mine.

  25. Julia Connolly says:

    Laurie Joyce, our moderator, has always encouraged us to get one of the DNA tests. I finally put my toe in the DNA genealogy water with the Family Finder DNA test (the least expensive) hoping I might find 5-10 cousins.
    Last week I received my results and almost keeled over. I now have a list of close to 1500 cousins with email contact information. They are in Ireland, England, USA, Australia and heaven knows where else. I want to encourage everyone to do the same. This is the shortest and in the long run the cheapest way to find members of your family tree. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle; hopefully we will all share our piece with the others. My listing of relations is in a previous post entitled Julia Connolly says. Check it out in case we’re related please. Julia

  26. Sandra Conley says:

    I am a Descendant of Ambrose Joyce and Celia Joyce. Ambrose was the son of John Coon Joyce and Celia was the daughter of Elijah Joyce. The cousins married and had 12 children. I am from M. Margaret Joyce who married Thomas Neal. I am looking for proof of parents Ambrose and Celia for DAR supplemental. Ambrose sister left a will mentioning both Ambrose and Margaret, but does not mention that Margaret is the daughter of Ambrose. Looking for information or possibly a copy of family Bible with listings of children. They died in North Carolina.

    • Joshua Morgan says:

      Sandra, are you able to view my responses? I’m new to this website, so, I’m trying to get a handle on just what exactly I need to press, etc.

    • Joshua Morgan says:

      Greetings Sandra!

      Have I understood you rightly to mean that you seek proof that a Margaret, who married Thomas Neal, was the daughter of Ambrose Joyce and Celia Joyce?

      If so, request from the DAR a photocopy of the entire evidence supplied by applicant Elizabeth Cavendar (which I think is a misspelling of Cavender). I have this file. Within the applicant’s file is a Buncombe County, N.C., record dated 1870 concerning the heirs of Celia Joyce. The names are horribly misspelled throughout this document. Celia Joyce (“Sela Joice”), by now deceased, is mentioned as having a daughter Margaret who married Thomas Neal (or “Neill” as it appears on the paper).

      The above DAR application is in reference to Revolutionary War patriot John “Coon” Joyce of Rockingham County, N.C.

      This line has a connection to Thomas Jefferson. Here’s how:

      Mary Hunt had three husbands: (1) Robert Minge; (2) William Allen; (3) Field Jefferson. The said Field Jefferson was uncle to Thomas Jefferson. Thus, Mary Hunt was an aunt-by-marriage to Thomas Jefferson. Celia Joyce descends from Mary Hunt’s second husband William Allen as follows:

      William Allen & Mary Hunt (aka Mary Hunt Minge Allen Jefferson)
      Valentine Allen & Nancy Arnold
      Elizabeth Allen & Elijah Joyce
      Celia Joyce

      More about Mary Hunt and her three husbands can be found in the scholarly work Genealogies of Virginia Families: From Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 1 which is located in the Google-Books feature on pages 455-465. I tried to furnish you with a link to the 2007 reprinting, of which I’m referencing, but this website keeps rejecting my posts when they contain web links (so it seems).

      By the way, if you learn of a Joyce Bible floating about, do let me know please. I’d love to get my hands on it. I’ve wondered that very thing, too.

      • Joshua Morgan says:

        Oh, I should have mentioned that Nancy Arnold is sometimes called Nancy Anne Arnold.

    • Laurie Joyce says:

      There is a Facebook group for the Descendants of Thomas and Alexander Joyce – https://www.facebook.com/groups/310249532470271/

  27. Robert Joyce says:

    My name is Robert T. Joyce and live in Tampa Fl. I am the youngest son of William D. Joyce. His father was William Ignatius Joyce from Youngstown Oh. and he married Amelia Doney. I believe that there are relations in Pittsburgh as well. From what I can tell our clan is from Galway (Conamarra) and immigrated to the USA through England. William Joyce lived in Mansfield Oh and was in the automobile business. He was married to Lois Donahue, both have since passed away
    If you think think you are related

  28. Elise Schramp says:

    Im a Joyce on my mother’s side. My great grandfather, Thomas Joyce, was born in Balleyconelley, County Galway, Ireland. He had a brother named John and a brother named Martin. There were possibly more siblings, but I only know the boys. Thomas sold land his father gave him and moved to the US in the early 1900s. He settled in Youngstown, OH and married Mary Conners (or O’Conners). Thomas had six children – Thomas, John, and Martin and Mary, Patricia, and Genevieve. John, known as Jack, was my grandfather. Thomas’s mother or grandmother was named Mary Nee. This is as much as I know about the family. I know most of my moms generation and my generation as the family was pretty close. If you think we’re related, let me know!

  29. Cindy Fegley says:

    Good afternoon!

    I am so excited to find this site! I have recently started working on my father’s side of our family tree (my mother has been working hers for 30+ years!)

    Here’s what I “think” to be true so far…

    My father’s mother was a Vernon. Her father (my great-grandfather) was Numa Warren Vernon (1901-1937.) He was the son of Alexander H. Vernon and Martha Ann Joyce (1871-1935). Martha was the daughter of Lusina Dillon and Hiram Joyce (1825-1914). Hiram was the son of Samuel Joyce (1777- ?) and Sarah (Breedlove??) Samuel was the son of John “Possum” Joyce (1743-1827) and Nancy Anderson. I noted someone above posted a relation to John “Coon” Joyce. It is my “understanding” that “Possum” and “Coon” are related…1st cousins maybe? Possum is the son of Alexander Joyce (1720-1778) and Sarah Austin. (Sarah’s mother, Frances, was a Native American, but I’m not certain which tribe as I’ve seen suggestions of Saponi, Pawmunkey and Catawba.) Alexander Joyce seems to be the son of another Alexander Joyce (1685-?) and an Jane Hamilton. They show as being married in VA in 1718, but I don’t know when he left County Galway, Ireland where he was born. That Alexander is the son of Anthony Joyce (1650-1685) and Margaret Feeney. I have to admit, there’s a LOT of speculation here as most of what I’m basing this on is the trees of other people and not a lot to back it up so far.

    If anyone can help substantiate any of it, it would be much appreciated!

    • Laurie Joyce says:

      There is a Facebook group for the Descendants of Thomas and Alexander Joyce – https://www.facebook.com/groups/310249532470271/

      You will find a lot of relatives there 🙂

    • Emily Hahner says:

      Hi, this is a random respons but the Native American heritage is through Sarah Austin whose mother was named Elizabeth Rice and was a Catawba Indian. I’m an Austin on my fathers side and her name was given as both Frances and Elizabeth however Elizabeth pops up more.

    • Tony Joyce says:

      Alexander Joyce Sr. 1718–1778 is my 6th great grandpa from Ballynahinch, County Down Northern Ireland. I know he came from there to Virginia then to North Carolina and in Rockingham County married Sara Jane Austin in 1739. He was 21.
      He was the father of the first John Possum Joyce Sr.. His other son Elijah Joyce had the first William Coon Joyce Sr.. So yeah the two that had arguements and split apart in Rockingham County. Possum stayed and Coon came to Stokes County right near Possum. They couldnt get along is all Ive been told.
      Anyway Alexander married another woman Jane Hamilton in 1758 he was 40. His other wife died the following year. Wonder if he had two wives at once? lol I never found a divorce record.
      I have four sons. My dad is Johnny Lee Joyce, his dad is Kohn Henry Joyce his dad is William Alexander Joyce, his dad is Richard Henry Joyce, his dad is William Coon Joyce Jr., his dad is William Coon Joyce Sr., his dad is Elijah J. Joyce, and his dad is Alexander Joyce Sr.. I never found anything about Alexanders parents yet in Ireland but I was hoping we wete from Galway…

      • Mike Joyce says:

        Martin Joyce, my great great grandfather, was born in South Carolina in 1805, according to U.S. Census Records.

        This is as far back as I’ve been able to go with our Joyce genealogy research.

        All I know about our Irish heritage is what my grandfather, Clement Joyce, told me when I asked him about our Irish heritage. All he said was ‘Galway’ and maybe ‘Joyce Country’.

        Martin Joyce married Mary Monk in 1824 in Forsyth, Georgia. They moved west and settled in Washington Township, Ouchita County, Arkansas. My great grandfather, Jeremiah Monk Joyce, was born there. I don’t know where Martin and Mary are buried but Jeremiah Monk Joyce is buried in Franklin, Texas.

        I hope you can help me find Martin’s parents and our Joyce roots in Ireland.

        Thank you.
        Mike Joyce

      • Cindy Duncan says:

        in response to Tony, my ancestor is also Alexander Joyce and my line comes through John A. “Coon” Joyce (about 1750-1814) in Rockingham county, NC. According to historical books in the Madison library, JOhn lived on the Mayo river near his Joyce cousins (sons of his Uncle Alexander Joyce). One of these cousins was also a John Joyce, so they identified them as John Joyce, Coon and John Joyce, Possum in court recorda and deeds to differentiate them.

      • Erica Joyce says:

        Alexander Joyce Sr is my 8th great grandfather 😁

  30. Elizabeth Woods says:

    Mary Elizabeth Joyce married Henry Mixon son Henry Joyce Mixon USA

  31. Kathleen Joyce says:

    My dad was Robert Joyce. His father was Martin Joyce born around 1870.to 1875. Probably in New York or Ireland. He had 2 other sons Martin and Joseph born in late 1800s. The lived in New York and then Jersey City. Kathy

  32. Kathleen Collie says:

    I’m helping my husband (whose mother was Doris Eleanor Joyce). We are trying to find the parents of John Bull Joyce, born circa 1852 in Canada. He married Martha Beebe circa 1871. I’ve tried FamilySearch, MyHeritage, and Ancestry. No luck.

  33. Burney Simmons says:

    Cheers all! I am working on my fiance’s JOYCE line. He and his Da were both born in Dublin. His Da married a CONROY from County Mayo. From what I can gather some other names include RYAN, MCDONAGH, BISHOP. Also we have recently found that his Joyce’s and McDonagh’s so far are from the Traveller community and it is now so difficult to find ancestors. There was mention of a Thady “Blind Thady” Joyce if that rings any bells. Soon to be Hubby has lots of stories passed down but not sure what is true.
    Regards and hope to hear from you!!! Cheers.

  34. Laurie Joyce says:

    The Tribe Joyce Family History Group on Facebook now has over 700 members.

    There are almost 1000 members of the Tribe Joyce Network on LInkedin

    And over 450 members of the Joyce DNA Project at FamilytreeDNA

    As well as a lot of information on Joyces from around the world at http://www.tribejoyce.com

    I’d welcome anyone seriously tracing their Joyce Family Origins to join any or all of those groups.

  35. chris nugent says:

    My grandfather was James Joyce orginally from mayo in ireland came to england with his brother his brothers are some where in manchester or could be back in ireland my grandfather likes to go bye the name of frank he got marryed to johanna tobin in which they went on to settle in north london archway which they had two daughter Alison and Joanie Joyce i am looking for cousins or relative IRISH/TRAVELLER

  36. Julie-ann Girling Nee Joyce says:

    My Grandfather was Patrick joseph joyce born 1903 Dublin .mother Julia Joyce nee Ryan , Father Patrick Joyce Sister Kathleen joyce cousins Bishops . Grandmother Ryan was money lender , Dealer and Horse dealer in Dublin but had connections in Galway and Cork .My Grandfather patrick joyce was a singer and dancer who spent time in the 1920s in New York .

  37. sohara says:

    my grand mother was mary joyce daughter of marjorie joyce who was the sister of frances joyce. owners of newhall estate is ennis co clare, ive been trying to find her for years but not getting any luck, so much heritage i have missed out on because we lost contact

    • Joanne Gauntley says:

      I would like more information if possible about your grandmother Mary Joyce. I may have some information for you. Is she your grandmother on your mother or fathers side?

    • John Joyce says:

      That family originated between Maam and Leenane in north Connemara before buying Newhall

  38. Nan Curtin says:

    Do you have any info on a A. Joyce in Housatonic, Massachusetts who was a photographer. Late 1880’s early 1900’s. SHe/he photographed a relative of my husband. Curios for more info. Thank you, Nan

  39. Elizabeth Mixon says:

    Love all the teamwork on the James Joyce Family. I have a ELIZABETH Joyce who married they had Son Henry Joyce, Mixon. I was told there was s connection and 38./. Of my family is Irish according to my DNA.

  40. Fathers name John Joyce died 29/20/2007 , his father John Edward (Jackie) Joyce died 06/06/1986 married Elizabeth Carmel Joyce.died..14/02/1994…

  41. Cindy Duncan says:

    My maiden name is Joyce. My dad was from Madison , NC and our family descended from John “Coon” Joyce, first cousin of John “Possum” Joyce. They used the Coon and Possum to keep the families straight! Interesting that Madison is the town next to Mayodan and the Mayo River– named after the area in Ireland?
    My grandfather was David Warner Joyce.

    • Kathryn Halsey says:

      Cindy Duncan I think you are my kind. May Aunt was Marilyn Joyce Pineda. I am Kathryn. My great grandmother was Ellen Joyce. I read the name Possum and I just knew cause we had a family cemetery in TN named Possum Cemetery

      My maiden name is Joyce. My dad was from Madison , NC and our family descended from John “Coon” Joyce, first cousin of John “Possum” Joyce. They used the Coon and Possum to keep the families straight! Interesting that Madison is the town next to Mayodan and the Mayo River– named after the area in Ireland?
      My grandfather was David Warner Joyce.


  42. gerry joyce says:

    very interesting

  43. Abby Joyce says:

    This is all amazing to read! I want to know more!

  44. Joshua Andrews says:

    My Great Nan was a Joyce and lived on a farm land in the Connemara mountains area, her and her sisters left Ireland for London in the early 1900s after one of the sisters was raped and got pregnant by the Bishop and the father didn’t believe her and was kicking the sister out so they all left.

  45. jina joyce says:

    my dad is van lee joyce his father is martin jojn joyce , martin married susan e moss . i would like to know more of to. i need help findiong ,

  46. Trish says:

    Interesting reading. Google. It’s a PDF copyright protected
    Connemara Experiment
    Minnesota History magazine – Request permission for commercial or educational purposes.

    Copyright of Minnesota History is the property of the Minnesota
    Historical Society and its content may not be copied or emailed to
    multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s
    express written permission. Users may print, download, or email
    articles, however, for individual use.

  47. Linda Joyce says:

    Hello Family, Doing my Husbands Family tree.

    So far I have —

    Peter Joyce Married Mary Joyce Nee- Moor, Moores. (G/Grand Parents).
    James William Joyce Married Ann Eleanor Joyce Nee-Dare.(Grandparents).
    Charles Harold Joyce married Myrtle Ellen Jean Joyce Nee= Bennetts., (Parents).

  48. Ray Herbst says:

    Looking for information on my Great-Grandmother, Honor Joyce, b 1857 in Togher, Co. Mayo and died 1887 in Staten Island, NY. She was married to Martin Egan. My grandmother, Mary Egan was sent back to Togher after her mother’s death 1887 to live with her Aunt Mary & James Jennings, nee Joyce, who were shop owners.

    • Michael Joyce says:

      Hi Ray, your great grandmother, do you know if her father’s name was Patrick (Patsy) Joyce, married to a Catherine Joyce (maiden name Tuohy) by any chance?

      There are couple small townlands/villages called Togher, at least 2 in Co. Mayo alone but one is in Newbrook, in the parish of Robeen where I live. My great grandfather John Joyce (b.1859) may have been a brother of Honor.

      Any more info you have on her and where she came from would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

      • Raymond Herbst says:

        Hi Michael, According to my research, John Joyce married Julia Farragher. If that matches, let me know because I can send you documents regarding the JOYCES in NY. Also, my grandmother is listed in the 1901 Irish census living with her Aunt Mary & husband James Jennings. Townland: Togher, Barony: Kilmaine & Parish: Robeen. Let me know

      • Raymond Herbst says:

        My great-grandparents were Peter Joyce (abt. 1808-died 1896) and Honor Mulloy/Mallory (abc 1822-died 1912). They lived in Ballinrobe, Newbrook, Townland: Togher, Barony: Kilmaine, Parish: Robeen. My G-grandmother Honor can be seen in the 1901 Irish Census living with her daughter Mary (Jennings) and my grandmother from America Mary and her sister Anne.

      • Raymond Herbst says:

        I have JOHN JOYCE born abt 1859 died April 1943, Togher, Newbrook, Robeen? I have copies of his death and marriage records (Julia Farragher 1870-1942).

  49. Cindy Fegley- Hiram Warren Joyce 2/18/1825- 6/12/1914 (89) was a private in the 22nd NCST Company K. He was wounded above the left eye at Gettysburg in July 1863 he returned to service and was shot in the ear at the Wilderness in May 1864. He was a POW and paroled on April 9, 1865. He has a Bronze marker.
    Lusina M Dillon Joyce “Sina” 3/4/1833 – 7/11/1896 (63). They had 3 children born before the War and 3 born after the war. Both are buried at Glenn’s Chapel Baptist Church in Ayersville, Rockingham County, NC. They were founding members of the church. Several of their children are buried in the church cemetery.

  50. Marlene O’Malley says:

    My paternal grandmother was Julia Joyce, born in Toumakeady, Joyce Country, not sure what year or any other Joyce family history. She and my grandfather, James O’Malley, from Westport, met and married in the US after they emigrated to Erie, Pennsylvania. Settled on the north side of Chicago. Had 6 kids – my dad James Joseph, Laura, Marie, Dorothy, Florence and Edward. Waiting for my results from ancestry.com.

  51. My mother is Kathleen Joyce daughter of Micheal & Annie Joyce. I’m trying to find picture of her house where they lived and family pictures if anyone knows of her family and has picture or related please contact me. americasmediagroup.jw@gmail.com

    • Michael Joyce says:

      Do you know what part of Ireland they emigrated from? If you know the village or the parish that would go a long way in he long you

  52. Samuel Morrow says:

    Trying to find more on the William Joice/Joyce who married Ruby Atherton/Addition about late 1700’s in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Ma. Ruby’s mother was Chloe Hanks (my line) who married Thomas Atherton.

  53. Kenneth Steffy says:

    I am the grandson of Emerette Ann Joyce of County Cork of Ireland. I am originally from Dorchester, Massachusetts. I am the first Grandson born of my Mother’s Mom who is by maiden name a Joyce. Until she married into the COLTON name another famous name. My 7/8 Great Uncle is Samuel L. COLT who made the COLT45′ also

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