Business 100 - 2010

David McCourt/Granahan McCourt

David C. McCourt, chairman and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital, has founded or bought 14 companies in 7 countries.
David was raised in Watertown, Massachusetts and graduated from Georgetown University. In 1982, he created his first company, McCourt Cable Systems. David also founded the Grenadian TV station, Discovery TV.

David was executive producer on the series What’s Going On?, which documented the impact of global conflict on children around the world. In 2005, he won an Emmy for the series Reading Rainbow and produced the show Miracle’s Boys on Nickelodeon’s teenage network, The N.  Today he serves as CEO of Satellite Holdings, LLC.

In 1984, President Reagan presented David with the first award from the White House recognizing accomplishments by private sector businesses. In 2004 the American-Irish Historical Society presented him with its Gold Medal. He lives with his wife and two children. David is a second-generation Irish American: his mother’s family is from Galway and his father’s is from County Tyrone.