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Chasing Miracles: The Crowley Family’s Journey

The Crowleys refer to themselves as “a very average American family” who simply did “what almost any other parents would have wanted to do” in the face of a situation that was presented by the medical establishment to be hopeless. But this is a family who, when facing impossible challenges, rose to the occasion inRead more..

The First Word: Chasing Miracles

“I think your happiness in life is largely dependent on how you deal with adversity….” – John Crowley in Chasing Miracles. In this issue’s cover story, we bring you behind the scenes to the Crowley family home in Princeton, New Jersey.  John, one of our Business 100, is the founder of several biotech companies specializingRead more..

Brendan Fraser on Playing John Crowley in Extraordinary Measures

Brendan Fraser’s name might be most often associated with his work on major high-tech Hollywood movies like The Mummy series, George of the Jungle, Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Journey to the Center of the Earth. But in conversation, his thoughtful, halting speech and meaningful insights on his most recent role, that of JohnRead more..

Celtic Woman

The women behind the Irish musical phenomenon that has taken America by storm    In 2008, Celtic Woman’s album The Greatest Journey Essential Collection debuted at number one on Billboard’s World Music chart. Three of their albums combined have held the number one position for ninety consecutive weeks. Now, having sold over 50 million records worldwide,Read more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

Controversy may be on the agenda when Pierce Brosnan’s new film is unveiled at the Berlin Film Festival this February. Brosnan will star in The Ghost Writer, one of the films slated to open the fest. The film has been directed by none other than Roman Polanski. Polanski, of course, was recently placed under houseRead more..

A Trip to the Bountiful: Mary Beth Keane

The Irish immigrant experience is no stranger to the world of fiction, but in The Walking People, Irish American Mary Beth Keane captures the nuances of one woman’s journey in this promising first novel. Protagonist Greta Cahill, cast aside early in her life as a “simple girl,” is destined to face gross underestimation not onlyRead more..

Miracle Worker: Helen Keller & Annie Sullivan

The extraordinary story of Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller, including little-known facts about a trip they made to Ireland In 1930, a visitor to Ireland wrote to a friend: “You must see Killarney…Can you imagine mountains of rhododendrons rising and massive into the bluest sky you’ve ever been under – white, crimson, scarlet, pink, buff,Read more..

Gettysburg: America’s Preeminent Battlefield Shrine

When you go to Gettysburg, you trod hallowed ground where incredible courage under fire by Union and Confederate troops enshrined them in honor, glory and history. You do much more than make a trip. You make a pilgrimage. Gettysburg is a sleepy crossroads town.  Situated in hilly Cumberland Valley fields in Pennsyl-vania, it is aRead more..

Sláinte!: Irish Cowgirls and Award-winning Cheesemakers

My friend Vickie’s face blossoms with one of those secret smiles when I tell her she’s a cheesy broad. Truth of the matter is, she’s a cheese guru who, given the slightest opportunity, will launch into a lengthy monologue on the subtle differences between cow, goat and sheep cheeses, the chemistry involved in making cheese,Read more..

Roots: The Extraordinary Crowleys

Derived from the Gaelic O’Cruadhlaoich, Crowley has been a common surname in Ireland since the 11th century. Formed from the words cruadh meaning hardy and loach meaning hero, Crowley exists in many variations of the original Gaelic spelling, among them Crowley, Crowly, O’Crowley, Croaley and Croawley. The first to bear this name was Diarmuid anRead more..