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Sláinte!: Irish Wedding Traditions

Just when I think I have my dad all figured out, a new snippet of info comes to light, and June always finds me thinking more about him than usual. It’s Father’s Day month, his birthday was the 3rd, and my parents were married on June 16th, now celebrated globally as Bloomsday, the day LeopoldRead more..

Kevin Cahill: A Healer on a Global Mission

A TV mini-series could be made about the adventures Dr. Kevin Cahill has had in the various countries he has worked in. (After his wife died in 2004, he calculated that he had worked in 65 countries. She had been to 45 of them with him.) On a number of occasions, his life was inRead more..

The First Word: Celebrating the Far-Flung Irish

When I was young, a visit by two Frenchmen caused great excitement in our house. They were distant cousins – descendants of Oliver Harty who was born in Knockainey, Knocklong, County Limerick in 1746 and left for France as a lad of sixteen. Like many young Irishmen who had lucrative careers in continental armies sinceRead more..

GAA Marks Its 125th Birthday

The Gaelic Athletic Association staged a spectacular fireworks dis- play at Croke Park in Dublin to commemorate its 125th anniversary since being founded in 1884 in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. Association president Nicky Brennan rejected criticism that the 500,000-euro spectacle was inappropriate in a time of economic hardship. “In the past we have been criticized forRead more..

IrishCentral Launches Global Site

The goal of IrishCentral.com is nothing less than putting a nation’s heritage online for the first time, and to reach the 70 million people around the world who identify themselves as Irish. It is a spectacularly ambitious mission that we hope will grab headlines around the world as easily as it has drawn prominent investorsRead more..

The Coke Side of Life

How one Coca-Cola ad gave an Irish America reader a very pleasant surprise. The photo at right depicts Anne Marie Nevins and Joseph Michael Kenney on their honeymoon in Ireland in 1932. The image may be familiar to readers as it has often been featured in the Coca-Cola ads on the back cover of IrishRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

Now that Liam Neeson has done the Hollywood blockbuster thing with his very big, very violent hit Taken, he can return to the kinds of movies which have made him such a respected actor. Neeson is currently out shopping Five Minutes of Heaven, a drama about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. This, of course, isRead more..

The History of the Clancy Brothers

As Liam Clancy remembers it, being asked to perform on The Ed Sullivan Show did not seem like a big deal. “We just did not understand the significance,” he told Irish America in a recent interview, during a publicity tour to promote a brilliant rerelease of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem performing live atRead more..

Those We Lost

George Carlin 1937-2008 George Carlin, whose father was born in Donegal in 1888, died of heart failure on June 22. Born and raised in Manhattan, Carlin served in the Air Force before embarking on his comedy career as a radio DJ. In the 1960s he appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and was a regularRead more..

Ulster Scots at Stone Mountain Highland Games

For 38 years, Stone Mountain Park, northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, fills with the sounds of bagpipes, fiddles and harps during the third weekend in October for the Stone Mountain Highland Games and Scottish Festival.  Expect thousands of Scots to don their family tartans for this year’s festival  October 16-18.  Last year the Ulster Scots wereRead more..