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Sikh the Fair Land: Faiths o’ the Irish

Sixteen graduate students from Columbia University’s School of Journalism traveled to Ireland and found a country of many cultures and religions. ℘℘℘ The Indian Christians in Galway By Betwa Sharma and Zachary Goelman The ground floor entrance of the Westwood House Hotel entices passers-by with rock music and drink specials. It is a popular hauntRead more..

The First Word: Seeking the Fair Land

Walter Macken’s book  Seek the Fair Land came to mind when I chose the cover text to go with the picture of the Sikh man dancing in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin. Macken’s novel centers around Oliver Cromwell’s  brutal “ethnic cleansing” of Irish Catholics, who were either killed, or banished “to Hell orRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

Irish-American hunk George Clooney recently said that he plans to return to his ancestral home for a summer of motorcycling. “I am doing a motorbike ride in Ireland this summer,” he recently told Dublin radio station FM104. “I hear it rains a lot but I’ve got the perfect outfit!” Clooney’s last film Leatherheads was aRead more..

Silicon’s Finest Irish at Stanford

SILICON Valley has long been the birthplace of great innovation. Companies such as Google, Apple, Hewlett Packard and Intel all began their journeys to greatness here, and the world was changed forever. Now comes a new Irish organization that could change the way the world sees Irish America and Ireland. With Irish America acting as co-host,Read more..

Meagher of the Sword Honored in Brooklyn

A gravestone honoring Irish Patriot Thomas Meagher, a Fighting 69th Brigade commander and former acting governor of Montana Territory, was unveiled at the Green-Wood Cemetery, in Brooklyn, New York on April 19. The Green-Wood Historic Fund erected the gravestone to Meagher, whose body was never found after he went missing on the Missouri River inRead more..

I Heard They Went to New York

By the 1930s, an influx of Irish immigrants from Monaghan to New York had brought with them a great deal of the cultural and social traditions of their homeland. In the Monaghan County Museum, Ireland, a photographic exhibit opened on April 17, 2008, which tells the tales of many of these families and their livesRead more..

A Thousand Welcomes?: Asylum in Ireland

“I lost three of my four children.  My son is the only thing I have left,” says a mother, her voice choking with emotion. “In Nigeria, it was all gangs, armed robbers, hired assassins.  You were either in or out,” remembers a young man who escaped the violence. “There was no peace in the Congo. Read more..

A Declaration of Intent

Six flags fly at Kosovo’s Camp Viele – Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia and Ireland – but the camp commander comes from Rosses Point, Co. Sligo. Significantly, it’s the first time an Irish senior officer leads the  multinational peacekeeping force in Kosovo. Lunch will be a brief affair. It’s Tuesday so the troops fromRead more..

Finding Home

September, 1930. Age 16, my mother, Kathleen Sloyan, the second of eight children, leaves her home in Ballyhaunis, County Mayo. She will marry, raise three children, and die in Brooklyn, New York, at age 53, without ever returning home. We have no photos of her as a child. With my first wage as a paperRead more..

The House That Hoban Built

James Hoban, Architect of the White House. In 1785, a newspaper in Philadelphia carried this advertisement: “Any gentleman who wishes to build in an elegant style, may hear of a person properly calculated for that purpose who can execute the Joining and Carpenter’s business in the modern taste. James Hoban. Hoban was an Irishman, bornRead more..