Roots: The Proud History of the Reidy Clan

Reidy coat of arms

By Maeve Molly, Contributor
December / January 2008

The Reidy family surname  (also Reedy, Riedy, Reid, and O’Reidy) is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic name Ó Riada. The family was part of the Dalcassian sept and in early Gaelic times lived in the southwest of Ireland, in the Munster counties of Clare and Kerry. The Ó Riadas can claim lineage to the legendary King Oiloill Olum, who was Monarch of Munster in the third century.

In the late 12th century the Ó Riadas gained control of lands belonging to the O’Donnegans, and an Ó Riada held the title of “King of Ara” (an area in Munster) for over three centuries. Records from the mid-1600s show clusters of Ó Riadas in counties Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary, and as far east as Waterford. Reidy is often claimed as a Scottish or Scotch-Irish name, and in fact, the Irish Ó Riadas are related to Carbri Riada who established kingdoms in ancient Ireland and Scotland.

The Reidy name has made it to the screen with John Reidy, a recognizable face on television due to numerous guest roles on TV favorites such as All My Children and Saturday Night Live. Behind the cameras is Joseph Reidy, well-known director and producer who has worked on such blockbuster films as The Departed, The Aviator, Analyze That, Gangs of New York and Casino. Find his image and look closely: you’ll likely
recognize him as he has small acting parts in many of his films.

Contemporary Reidys span the globe. Some notable ones include Joseph P. Reidy, professor of history at Howard University, best known for his research on American slavery and the American Civil War. His essays have been featured in numerous Civil War anthologies, and he has served as editor of many of them, including Slaves No More, Free at Last, and Freedom.

Maureen Reidy, previous president of the Miss Universe Organization, did her part to beautify the Reidy name. A CPA by trade, Maureen was hired by Donald Trump to save the Miss Universe Organization after years of losses. She did that and more, helping the company to not only make profits, but also change the face of the organization from a beauty pageant to a legitimate source of career and education opportunities for young women. Today, Maureen works as President of NYC Big Events, a division of the New York City governance, which actively seeks and organizes events in NYC in order to spur economic development.

Readers form the Boston area may know Chris Reidy, reporter for The Boston Globe. Reidy is a frequent contributor to the “Daily Business Update” and has penned many an article on mainstream-business news.

Perhaps one of the most well known descendants of the Ó Riada clan is Irish composer Seán Ó Riada. Ó Riada, who was born John Reidy in 1931, reintroduced and revolutionized traditional Irish music by combining it with the classical tradition. Ó Riada studied music at University College Cork and played the violin, piano, and organ. He composed many classical European-style orchestral pieces, and though they received little recognition, his classical endeavors (called “Nomos”) were his first musical passion.  Around the time that Ó Riada had his name formally changed from John Reidy to Seán Ó Riada, his compositions, like his name, became increasingly traditional. Ó Riada found inspiration in Irish folk music and combined it with classical techniques and ensembles. One of his strengths was music for theater and film (he was the music director of The Abbey for several years) as in the case of George Morrison’s acclaimed documentary about the founding of the Republic of Ireland, Mise Éire.

From the formidable starting block of Mise Éire, Ó Riada returned to Irish national radio with a series called “Our Musical Heritage.” Ó Riada’s promotion and compositions began a restructuring of national opinion on traditional Irish tunes. Prior to the success and popularity of Ó Riada’s score for Mise Éire, Irish music was held in generally low regard and most popular folk songs were sung in English.

Ó Riada’s formation of the traditional Irish band, Ceoltóirí Chualann, popularized Irish-language music. Ceoltóirí Chualann played in concert halls and attracted large crowds. It was one of the first modern popular Irish folk bands, and helped give rise to The Chieftains.

Credited with reintroducing the bódhran, which had not been widely used since the 16th century, Ó Riada died prematurely in 1971, but he lives on as the father of the renaissance of traditional Irish music, and his extraordinary compositions continue to influence Irish folk groups and classical composers to this day.

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  1. Paul Reedy says:

    Can this crst be used for Reedy coat of arms

    • Kevin Reedy says:

      From my brief research, I’d say of course! I’m from. Richard Reedy who came from Waterford Ireland to Somerset County Maryland Colony in 1667. Either he or his son Nicholas eventually settled in Loudon county Virginia and from there I’m descended from Shadrack Reedy, John Reedy Sr. John Reedy Jr. All from Virginia, Tennesee, Alabama, NC ten Texas.
      The similarities of names, first names and geographical migrations plus physical looks of all of us is amazing!!

      • Karen Burton says:

        Amazing Kevin. I stumbled onto this page researching Richard Ready. I am also descended through Shadrack, John Sr, John Jr, David Reedy, Melvin Elvin Reedy, Wesley Byrd Reedy, Dorris Reedy Bryant and then me. I happen to live in Waterford, Virginia – quite a coincidence to learn Richard came from Waterford Ireland … and I am in Loudoun County Virginia where several ancesters lived for a time. Just starting my research.

        • Kevin Reedy says:

          Hi, if your descended through Melvin Elvin Reedy, we are decidedly close cousins!! Who were your parents, grandparents, etc?
          My father was Walton B. Reedy, oldest son of Orbie Lee Reedy who’s father wasMelvin Elvin Reedy. Orbie my grandfather was secon oldest of Melvin Nd Amelia Barth Reedy. Their oldest died as an infant.
          Let me know!
          Kevin Reedy

          • Karen Burton says:

            Hi Kevin. Nice to hear from you (and meet you!) – My mother is Dorris Reedy Bryant, oldest of three daughters of Wesley Byrd Reedy and Mary Etta Patterson. Mom lives nearby and enjoys talking about your grandfather Orbie and life in Texas. My parents moved to Virginia in 1956 as my Dad worked for the government in Washington DC for his career. We have the family research that Mom’s cousin Lloyd did as well as a story written by my grandfather Wesley. Do you have that? Lloyd came to Virginia back then to research Shadrach – I believe his war pension application may be in the National Archives? There is a genealogy library near me in Leesburg – I hope to visit sometime soon to see if they have any insights to finding out where in Loudoun County any of the Reedy’s lived – as that is where I live now. I recently started doing research on Ancestry.com. It is addictive but I don’t have the time to delve into it as much as I would like. I would love to hear more about the family background. Where in Texas are you?

          • Kevin Reedy says:

            Hello there cousin! I told my sister Robin about you. I am the youngest of three born in 1955. My Dad was a retired Airforce Colonel. We moved to Texas in 1970. After UT I left for Colorado where my daughters are and in 2011 fate brought me to Fort Worth. My sister being nearby in Weatherford. Ironic that I’m near the origins in Texas if our clan.
            I lost Lloyd’s research except what I’ve remembered. That’s unfortunate. If you could send me a copy I would be eternally in your debt! I don’t recall this story of Uncle Wesley’s but I’d be interested in seeing/reading it. I will send you my address and or email just in case. I’d like to keep in touch with you. I’ll be sure to tell my Dads younger brothers kids who are in the Belton Temple area about you. My Uncle Daron Reedy was quite a character. He recently passed away after a very long life. My Dad, Walton Byrd died in 2007.
            Anyway, I’ll leave you with my email and address. You be well out there and keep in touch.
            Kevin Reedy
            4601 Altamesa Blvd Apt 38
            Ft. Worth, Tx 76133

          • Kevin Hayle Reedy says:

            Karen, a bit of a PS…. I completly spaced out that email is not private here! Oh well, from know on you can email me since you now have my email address if thats your preference. I also wanted to mention that I would reimburse you for sending a copy of Lloyds research.Unless the is you email it. I really really would appreciate that. what my sister has is not very complete at all as the only we copy complete one was what my Dad had and gave to me which I lost.

            Speaking of my Dad, does your Mom ever speak of him as they were cousins, although Dad I am sure was older( born 1919).
            take care,
            Kevin Reedy

          • A. Reedy says:

            How would i find out if we could be relatives by some chance? We share the same name….i live in texas…very close to your residence but have never looked into my name and ancestry. Its neat….but whats the best realisic place to find actual information that can trace this?

        • Kevin Reedy says:

          So Karen , you are the granddaughter of my great uncle Wesley? Wow! I’m grandson of Wesley’s older brother Orbie Lee.
          Let me know!
          Kevin Reedy

        • Kevin Reedy says:

          Karen, I forgot to mention, since we are second cousins, that my father, Walton is named after your grandfather. Walton Byrd Reedy.
          I look forward to hearing from you.

        • Joe Reedy says:

          I also stumbled here while doing research on the Reedy (Reidy) name after hearing that we were descendants of the Reidy clan and there was a Reidy castle in Ireland. We started to perform research and found out our great grandmother (Anne Brennan) can from Kilkeny and my Great grandfather Joseph John was from Cork County.

          • George Ready says:

            Don’t know who here is related to my side of family, but we are having a O’Riada, Ready, Reidy reunion in Co. Cork this summer at Ballyvourney, the final home of Sean O’Riada the last week of July. Anyone interested can contact me. gbready@georgebreadyattorneys.com . I did several DNA tests years ago and connected up many lines of the family. Our branch was originally from Clare, then Limerick, Kerry and Cork. Thank you.

          • Darren Reidy says:

            If Joseph John came from a place called Rockchapel then I’m perhaps four branches off your family tree. Jerome Reidy would have been my grandfather from the Cork/Limerick borderlands. Born circa 1912.

      • don burnette says:

        we are related on the reedy side, I made a trip to Ireland and visited the ancestors center in Dublin, I talked to one of experts on family history and names, I was told that Richard
        Reedy, who left Waterford around 1620 ? probably left Ireland due to the conflicts between the catholic and protestant uprisings and there is almost impossible to find records due to many of the churches had been burned. I believe we have shared e-mails in the past, so forgive me if I have repeated this with you before. have a great day and marry Christmas to you and yours don burnette

      • Holley Reedy says:

        We might be related!!

      • Gerald (Jerry) Reidy says:

        Hello Kevin. My Grandfather, Matthew Reidy emigrated from the parish of St. Ita, Killeady and Ashford, County of Limerick. I believe his birthdate was June 30, 1869. He passed around 1950, living in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, Pa. He had my dad, Jeremiah J. Reidy, John Reidy, a Catholic priest Robert Reidy and two daughters, Margaret who entered the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart and Mary Reidy Lawler. Mary Pat McKeogh Reidy and I had five daughters. My brother has one son. My sister Marion Reidy Brady had one daughter and two sons. She passed away last year. If you go Facebook you will see some of my cousins posting notes.
        Peace to you and yours – Jerry Reidy – greidy@comcast.net

      • Holley Reedy says:

        We are totally related!!

      • Richard Reedy says:

        I live in Newark, Delaware. It ‘s good to read this.

  2. cristine reidy says:

    I am Cristine Reidy. My father Robert Reidy and his father Thomas Reidy are from NYC and Long Island. I would be interested in any relatives – especially in Ireland and NY. Thanks!! Slainte’

    • Diane Gagner says:


      My grandmother’s maiden name was Reidy. They lived in Kylertown PA. My Great Great Granfather was named Michael D. Reidy and he was born 3-6-1842. I’m trying to find out if I’m Irish or Scottish. My father’s last name is Comfort. Good luck on your searh.

    • Christopher Reidy says:

      I am Christopher Reidy. My father was Thomas Reidy (1931-2000). His father was named James Reidy (d. 1946) and was married to Mary Ellen (Nell) Reidy (1900-1987). I was born and raised in Queens, NY, Chances are we might be related.

      • maureen hargreaves says:

        Its possible you are related to me. My Father John Reidy. 1926-2006. My Grandmothers name was Margaret, not sure of her date of birth but she had sisters, one named Mary Ellen who emigrated to NY in the 1920’s.

        • don burnette says:

          my mother was alta reedy, born in texas. my reedy family came from Waterford Ireland in the early 1700’s the reedy name has been spelled several different ways and we may be related but it would be a LONG time ago. don

          • Kevin Reedy says:

            Oh Lord! You and I are definitely related!!! Wow! My second great grandfather David Watkins Reedy, came to Texas with his siblings and father John Reedy jr. Who’s great grandfather was Shadrack Reedy of Loudon County Virginia served with Contenental Army in the revolution. His second great grandfather Richard came from Waterford( probably boarded a ship) Ireland in 1667- early 1700!! First to Somerset County Maryland, etc. etc!
            Cool stuff huh?? I bet your family are all historically from north Texas as mine. My great great grandfather had some 8-10 children, David Watkins Reedy buried near Byers Texas!!

    • Michael james reidy says:

      My grandfather was Patrick Joseph reidy born in Ireland in 1935 limerick.

  3. Amelia Reidy says:

    My name is Ameia Reidy, grandaughter of Ronald Reidy (from OH). I’ve been trying to gather information on my Father’s side of the family, expecially the Irish haritage. I’m glad to have found this bit of information. I’ve been doing further search of Ancestry.com and am planning on heading over to Ireland in the near future to find out more and see where my family is from.

  4. Noel Reidy says:

    Hello, I am Noel Reidy, of CLAN REIDY! I live in California with my wife Nicola and we’re both from Dublin, Ireland. Also happy to hear from other Reidy’s 🙂

    • Denise Storck says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am originally from San Diego, CA.

      my family comes from Riedy in County Cork. There are quite a few Riedys living in Southern California and north. Maybe you should talk with them? My grandfather was Francis J. Riedy, he was the president of the Irish society there in San Diego. My mother was Mildred Riedy and she had 4 siblings. I don’t know if this is something you would be interested in, just thought I would throw it out there.
      Have a lovely day,
      Denise Storcl

  5. Maurice Reidy says:

    My grandfather, Maurice Alphonse Reidy Sr. was born in the Bronx, I think. His brother, Peter J. Reidy was NYC Building Commissioner in the early 60’s, and also high up in the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority. We had a big Reidy family reunion in 1995, at which there were a lot of cousins from Long Island. I still have some addresses, although all from 1995. Some may still be current.

    • Jonathon Reidy says:

      We were there in 1995 Maurice! Jonathon, son of William (Bill), grandson of James D. Reidy from Farmingdale Long Island. Uncle Pete the Building Commissioner gets a mention in Robert Caro’s tome about Robert Moses (The Power Broker) … something about Uncle Pete having one too many martini’s and giving up too much info about a hush Moses deal near the Queensboro Bridge!

    • ROBERT CORALLO says:


  6. Jay Reidy says:

    Jay Reidy, son of John Reidy and Patricia Harrington. My dad was born and raised in Roslindale, went to Roxbury Latin and Harvard.

    Patrick Harrington, my mother’s father was a Sinn Fein member who fought for Ireland’s freedom.

    I would love to hear from Reidys or anyone from Ireland. I hope to visit within a year.


    • Mary Anne Birnell Hicks says:

      My great grandfather was John Reidy born in 1817 and married to Mary Fitzgerald. My family comes from County Kerry Ireland. I’d love to find out more information on them. Thank you kindly.

      • jim shaw [reidy] says:

        hello mary anne, my grandfathers name was john reidy and my grandmothers name was mary, im not sure of her maiden name but after my grandfather died she remarried to john stankus. my fathers name was donald but he died when i was 13 and i was adopted by my stepfather bob shaw. i also had a step brother donald reidy and a step sister gina and i have 4 other brothers and a sister. but im going to be 55 this month april 2016. im wondering your age and if maybe your my step brothers daughter he was older than me and died in 2006.

  7. Jason says:

    My Great Grandfather Edward was adopted by the Edleman Family and lived in Lorain Ohio up until his death in 1935. His real surname was Reidy. B. Circa 1884. Anyone have any info?

  8. billy finn says:

    Hello, my great grandfather was Mauric Reidy, a successful horse trainer in Brownstown The Curragh Kildare. He hailed originally from the Castleisland area in Kerry, died in 1933 and we believe his father was Maurice `the Baron` Reidy from Crag Castleisland Co. Kerry, who died in 1905. It`s all a bit of a mystery and I`d love to know more. Billy Finn

    • Art O'Mahony says:

      Hi Billy,

      I am from Castleisland myself. Maurice ‘the Baron’ Reidy is my great-great-great grandfather if I’m not mistaken. My late grandad seemed to have a relatively firm understanding of the occurrence. Your great grandfather was a bastard son of the Baron, although I believe he assisted your great great grandmother with finances. The baron had three daughters. His daughter Nora married J.K. O’Connor, a merchant and politician. That’s my connection to the story 🙂

      • Donna Winn O'Connor says:

        My Greatgrandfather O’Connor was from Caslteisland and he married an O’Reidy going to NY around 1850’s

      • John Finn says:

        Art, I’m Billy’s brother John Finn. Alas, Billy passed away in June 2017. Since then I’ve taken up the baton and am in the process of putting together a family tree! I’d like to get the family surname of Maurice Reidy’s (Kildare) mother.
        My email: johnnyfinn93@gmail.com
        Hope all is well with you
        John Finn

    • George B. Ready says:

      Billy, my family is from Meenlietrim, just outside Castleisland. the name Maurice was and still is present in our family. Likely we are related. I have established much connections with family here in the U.S. and in Ireland. Contact me back via direct email for more info.

    • George Ready says:

      My family is from Castleisland area of Kerry. Maurice is also in our family names. Probably connected if we can figure it out. On Ancestry already. I proved we were related to the O’Riadas this way and now have many family connections in Ireland! Email directly if you want to try and figure out connections. gbready@georgebreadyattorneys.com

      • Johnny Ready says:

        It’s good to see someone who spells Ready correctly!
        I don’t know much history of the Irish part of our family.
        I’d like to just mention some names to see if any of them ring a bell.
        My dad was John Raymond Ready, Sr, born 1933 Mason Ill.
        His dad was Lynn Ready, born 1906 (7 ?), don’t know where.
        Sibs were Arthur, Charley, Thelma.
        Lived in Mason Ill. Married Myrtle Shumaker.

    • Jean Gallagher says:

      My great grandmother was Mary Reidy from Castleisland. She married James Marshall. I think her father was Jeremiah Reidy and his father Maurice? Having trouble tracing this line. Any information you have would be appreciated.

      • George Ready says:

        Jean, not sure if the same family but mine came from Meenlietrim just outside Castleisland. Jeremiah and a father Maurice would match mine from the area but they all left in 1852, came to NY then on to Pa, then to St. Louis where some stayed and others came down to Vicksburg, MS.

    • Kay O'Leary says:

      Hi Billy, I just stumbled across this site and your posting. I think we may be connected. M GGrandmother was Catherine Reidy and she married Giles Williams. Catherine’s parents were Jeremiah (Dermot) Reidy/Ready and Elizabeth Murphy. Their children were Catherine, Maurice, John, Jeremiah, Mary, Elizabeth and Honora. Family lore has it that the Reidys came from Castleisland area. My G Grandmother, Catherine is buried in Novohal Cemetery, Ballymacelligott.

      • George Ready says:

        Kay, I believe we are connected too. Have you done a DNA with Ancestry or other service? We left in 1854 but many relatives remained in the Meenlietrim/Castleisland area and even remain there today.

        • Kay O'Leary says:

          Sorry for the late response George, I just saw your response. Yes, I have tested with Ancestry and uploaded to Gedcom. My # is A480851. Kay

  9. Denis Michael Reidy says:

    Hey there, Reidys! Also from New York, My father, Michael, came over around 1935. He grew up in Country Kerry, his parents being Pat Reidy and Katie O’Sullivan. My sister recently traveled there, learned out more about the family, found a cousin we didn’t know, and the ruins of the one-room cottage in which my father’s family all lived. Don’t know who I might be related to here, but as they say, if you’re Irish, come into the parlor!

    • Kevin Reedy says:

      Heh there, I’m Kevin Reedy and I am descended from a Richard Reedy who came to Maryland Colony late 1667 sailed from Waterford Ireland. My group made their way to Virginia Colony then Tennessee then Alabama/ NC and then to Texas in early 1840’s. I was born in NM and my Daughters in Colorado. My Dad born in Petrolia Texas 1919 served thirty years in military.
      What amazes me are the physical similarities of us all regardless of Reidy or Reedy or Gaelic spelling. I am so amazed! So I am pleased to make your acquaintance!

      • don burnette says:

        well it does look like we are cousins thru Richard Reedy from Waterford Ireland. I just returned from Ireland and visited Waterford to see If I could get some information on the family of Richard, I went to the new irish Heritage center in Dublin, I was told that records on our Richard would be very hard to locate due to the lack of knowing what church he would have attended, if any, that would be the only records that would have been kept. there are still a few reedys in that part of Ireland. wow what a trip, if you can make that trip you would love it. I also visited the homes of my burnett family in aberdeenshire Scotland. there was a gathering of the burnett family at crathes castle the home of my burnett ancestors. over 250 burnett’s from all over attended, several from texas. then to hanmer wales, the home of the ancestors of the hammer family who also moved to texas, that is where my grandfather married Martha hammer, in wise co texas in 1894.. another historical family in wales, that goes back to the 1100s there have been a member of the hanmer/hammer family living in that small village since that time in history. this has been a blast locating our families and learning more about history than I ever learned in school. don burnette

    • Julie says:

      You share the exact same name as my grandfather. My father is also named Michael. The family roots are all around Cork and Kerry. I remember hearing about a Pat when I was growing up. Your grandfather may have been one of my grandfathers brothers or cousins. I know my grandfather had brothers who moved to New York around the same time as you say. The names connect.

  10. Tommie Reedy says:

    I’m a Reedy as well. The first in the comments to have this spelling. I don’t know much about the Reedy side of my family other than my grandfather was Thomas Reedy Sr. And my father is Thomas Reedy Jr. My side of the Reedy family now live mainly in Illinois, but I was born and raised in Iowa.

    • Jason says:


      I finally received some information about the Reidy family that I am associated with. The original name was actually Rudy and came from Ruedi and I tracked back my family to Switzerland of all places! Bummed! That means I have no Irish in me at all that I know of.

      • Karl Reedy says:

        I am also of the Filisur Switzerland group.

        Hanslet Otto Reidi – b-approx 1585

        I am in Bristol, VA and my GGG father was Peter Reedy of Grayson Co Virginia. GG was Hezekiah Reedy. That line has stayed in Southwest VA since about 1840.

        Family arrived aboard the good ship Samual out of Rotterdam in 1739.

        Another group from that landing stayed in PA.

        Google Reedy Rifle

      • Karl Reedy says:

        I am also of the Filisur Switzerland group.

        Hanslet Otto Reidi – b-approx 1585

        I am in Bristol, VA and my GGG father was Peter Reedy of Grayson Co Virginia. GG was Hezekiah Reedy. That line has stayed in Southwest VA since about 1840.

        Family arrived aboard the good ship Samual out of Rotterdam in 1739.

        Another group from that landing stayed in PA.

        Google Reedy Rifle

    • Danny Reedy says:

      Hi I’m in Illinois also I don’t know much about my family history I’ll have to ask but im also in the Reedy Family my Is Danny Reedy the third and my fathers name Danny Reedy Jr and His Father Is Danny Reedy Sr Idk what what grandfathers fathers name is maybe that can help me

    • Kevin Reedy says:

      Unbelievable! I’m descended from my second great grandfather David Watkins Reedy born in Madison county Alabama 1828 who came to Texas with his father John jr. And siblings in 1840’s.
      He, David had a son named Thomas after David’s older brother. Eventually my kin settled in north Texas…

    • Laura (Reedy) Stukel says:

      Hi Tommie. Based on your notes here I think we are related which would mean you are also related to John Reedy who posted here earlier (about the real estate branch in the Chicago area). My grandfather had a brother Tom and there are a lot of Tom’s in his branch. The eldest Tom married a woman named June who did a TON of research on the Reedy family in 1975. If you can track her book down you will find lots of great info. Good luck!

  11. donald burnette says:

    am in process of doing my family tree, had d.n.a. done, 18% irish, 42% great britton. my grandfather was Arthur reedy, my reedy line goes back to Richard reedy, born in 1668 in Waterford Ireland, he was the first of my reedy line to come to America. His grandson was shadrick reedy, who fought with George Washington at valley forge. any one who is in this line of the reedy family drop me a line. thanks

    • Christina says:

      Hi Donald, do you know where in Waterford your Reedy’s are from. My fathers family are Reidy’s from Ballybricken, Waterford. I am currently researching my line not yet back to the 17th century. The spelling of the name does change over the centuries. Thank you

      • donald burnette says:

        I am still trying to learn more about the reedy line from Waterford Ireland. I am making a trip to the home of three of my four ancestors. My grandfather was Arthur reedy, he is from the line of reedys that go to Waterford. my burnette line goes to aberdeenshire Scotland, and my hammer line (grandmother hammer who married Arthur reedy) go back to the village of hanmer wales. I will be in Scotland, cathers castle burnett home for over 400 years, then to hanmer wales and Waterford Ireland. the trip of a lifetime for sure. don

        • Kerri Burnett McMillan says:

          Donald, would love to communicate directly with you as I am trying to find information on various Burnett lines. Despite extensive research, I lose my line in Ireland, and cannot find the link back to Scotland. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Just need to see if we might be linked so I can obtain additional information. Best regards, Kerri

        • Kerri Burnett McMillan says:

          Donald, trying to get in touch with you about Burnett family. Please contact me directly at McKerri64@gmail.com


    • Kevin Reedy says:

      My goodness Don, we are indeed cousins. My second cousin Dr. Lloyd Reedy did this incredible genealogy but there is some things not clear. What is clear is Richard Reedy my 8th great grandfather was either born 1667 or came to Maryland Colony from Waterford Ireland 1667. But what’s is very very clear is Shadrack of Morgan’s Virginia Rangers/ riflemen served with George Washington in numerous battles and is my 5th greatgrandfather !! I used to have a photocopy my second cousin gave to my Dad of Shadracks veterans pension 1804 of $8! Shadrack is buried in Tennessee. A cool story about that as well!

    • Kevin Reedy says:

      A PS: Shadrack is the great grandson of Richard. Shadracks father was Cornelious Reedy and his father was Nicholas. I’ve a lot of info about us!

  12. Shawn says:

    Hi not sure if the same Reedy or not but I’m also doing a family tree and my dad was telling me we come from Switzerland but in America stayed around Kentucky, Illinois, North Carolina.

    • don burnette says:

      hello, my reedy family came from Ireland the first one was Nicholas reedy, born in 1668 in Waterford Ireland, he came to the u.s.a in the early 1700s and lived in Maryland. in the late 1700s, early 1800s those reedys moved to texas and lived around dallas tx. my grandfather was Arthur reedy and he was born in 1895 in the panhandle of texas near vega texas. so probably not the same branch, but your reedy may have left Ireland and moved to around prion to coming to usa. thanks for the note don.

      • Kevin Reedy says:

        Don, it’s a year later since you wrote the above post but ya gotta contact me! Khreedy7@gmail.com!! We are cousins! Ironically despite being born in NM and growing up as a military kid, settled in Colorado, I’m now back in Texas. The irony is that I’m surrounded died by an area homesteader by us Richard, Nicholas, Cornelious, Shadrack, John Sr, John jr, David, Melvin , Orbie Lee, and my Dad Walton born in Petrolia Texas.

        • Kevin Reedy says:

          Don, sorry for misspelling mistakes. I’m exited about this and taping on an iPad. My grandfather Orbie Lee Reedy was born in 1895 in Henrietta Texas, just east of Wichita Falls. His father was the second youngest of some 7-12 children born to David Watkins Reedy buried in Benevenue cemetery Byers,Texas.
          I’ve a great deal to share with you!

          • donald burnette says:

            sure looks like we are cousins, I just returned from Waterford Ireland where I attempted to get more information on Richard Reedy, the first of the reedy family to come to the colonies. I went to Dublin and to the new heritage center where they are experts in locating Irish families, they gave me some info but not anything about his family in Ireland. looks like when he left Ireland it was due to religious persecution which was a very ugly time in Ireland. he was probably not a catholic and at that time that was not a good time for his family. found several reedy/reidy headstones but they were from the 1800s so not of any value on locating our reedys. don

    • ERIC REEDY says:

      Hello Shawn our name we share Reedy is from the name Reidy.

  13. Judy says:

    My Mother was a Ready…first spelling this way I’ve seen in the comments. Not sure if it ties back to this clan, but trying to find out more information about my family. Any other “Ready’s” out there?

    • donald burnette says:

      my mother was a reedy, I am a member of ancestry.com had have a very extensive family tree. my reedy line goes back to Waterford Ireland, my familys are reedy, hammer burnett had houts. reedy, irish burnett scotish, hammer welsh,.houts german all of those have spelled their names different as time went by. I have reedy, ready reidy spellings. hammer, hamner and hanmer. burnett all the same but some had only one t and some, like mine have a e at the end. my dna results were 42?great britian, which includes Scotland and wales, 17% Ireland,16% Scandinavia, 16% western Europe. funny thing is that I have NO one with a Scandinavia name. but the Vikings did invade, Ireland, Scotland and wales, seems like they must have had their with the women from those places. ya think? if you would like more info on the reedy name let me know . thanks don

      • Kevin Reedy says:

        Don, I sure hope you read this a year later…. My DNA is 80.8% Brittish and Irish( my heritage dna), 7.4% west Asian (??) 7.2 east European 2.6 % Finnish and 2.0% Iberian.
        What a trip! I suspect the west Asian is somewhere, lord knows where from my mother’s side… Her surname was Hayle and her mother’s was Hopper. Who knows! A lot of pillaging and migration back in the day!

      • Karen Burton says:

        Hi Don,
        I stumbled on this site recently and have since discovered I am definitely a second cousin to Kevin Reedy who has also posted in this discussion. (He was able to send me a photo of my great-grandmother who I had never known or seen a photo of!) Kevin’s Grandfather Orbie Reedy was a brother of my grandfather Wesley Reedy – from Texas. We all descend from Richard Ready through Nicholas, Cornelius, Shadrach, John Sr., John Jr., David W., and then Melvin Elvin Reedy – great-grandfather to Kevin Reedy and myself. It would be interesting know who our common ancestor is. I am on Ancestry if you would like to know more. I live in Loudoun County, VA where Cornelius and Shadrach apparently spent time. So cool to find these family connections.

    • George B. Ready says:

      Judy, still have it and in use!

    • Mitzi Ready says:

      I also am a Ready!
      It’s my understanding that our surname is descended from this clan. I am continuing research and appreciate information you have discovered

    • George Ready says:

      YES! in fact Ready is closer to the original correct spelling coming from Gaelic Im told by Peadar O’Riada, son of Sean

  14. Julie Reidy says:

    I would like to trace relatives of Denis Reidy born in 1915 in Castlewrixon to Michael and Catherine Reidy nee O’Mara, and also relatives of Hannah Mary Reidy nee Quinlan of Knockduff, later Newmarket. She was born to Timothy and Margaret (Maggie) Quinlan nee Forde. Denis married Hannah in Jersey in 1940. Both had numerous brothers and sisters, including a set of twin girls in the Quinlan family who later moved to Australia and became nuns.

    • Kevin Reedy says:

      I am absolutely convinced we are all from O’Riada of Munster, Kerry , Limerick and Waterford. Not to mention the huge number of Reedy surnames and place names in Australia: Reedy Creek in Victoria, Reedy River in New South Wales and a Reedy Creek suburb or subdivision in Gold Coast, Queensland!
      This ancestry stuff is so amazing!!

      • George Ready says:

        If from the O’Riada of Munster area, then related to me also and to Sean O’Riada, the great Irish composer . I have lots of info on these branches of the family.

      • Julie says:

        My great grandmother was Margaret Reidy nee Forde of Knockduff which I believe was the Kilarney/Cork area Knockduff. My grandmother Hannah born 19.8.1914 was one of a few daughters. There were a set of twin girls in the family who moved to Australia and became nuns. I know of her brother William (Bill). Hannah married Denis Reidy of Castlewrixton, Ballyhea, Cork, the son of Michael Reidy and Catherine Reidy nee O’Mara. Denis was one of many brothers. Denis and Hannah moved to Jersey and married there in 1940 with Joan Reidy and Daniel Riordan as witnesses. William her brother (Bill) also moved to Jersey. Someone must know or have heard these names mentioned in their familes. I have many family members on my grandparents sides still living in Killarney, Cork, Ballyhea area. Apparently the family was huge on both sides with many children, many of whom moved to Australia and USA before the War. Would love to connect with anyone who may know any of my family any where in the World. My Gran and Pop’s siblings may be deceased, but I believe many of them had children.

        • Clara Melchor Bowman says:

          Hi Julie,
          I hope you get to see my message here since you posted yours well over a year ago now.
          You mention Denis Reidy that married your Hanna.
          Well, Denis Reidy’s father Michael Reidy, that you mention was my great grandfather’s brother. My great grandfather was William Reidy from Castlewrixon Ballyhea, Co.Cork. William married my great grandmother Hanora Sullivan and went on to have my grandma Mary Ann Reidy in Limerick. Micheal and William’s father was Patrick Reidy( my x2 great grandfather).
          So, we are most certainly connected Julie. It would be great if we could connect here and I can then lead to my ancestry account where you can see all this branch of the Reidy’s and their respective families. All the best for now and I hope to connect soon.
          P.S. I am in Manchester in the UK. My lovely mum born in Limerick is still living and is here in Manchester also. She was born in 1941.

          • George Ready says:

            Clara, Id love to see those lines to see if we are connected also. Im guessing we are as my line came from the same area. thank s

          • Julie says:

            Hi Clara. I have only just seen your message. Would be great to chat and find out more yes. I hope you see this message. It’s been a while since I signed in.

          • Julie says:

            My email is karol@workmail.com. Forgot to add it.

  15. Darren MacRiada says:

    It’s strange how you guys can claim ancestry to the 3rd century, while my own research hit a wall with the Scottish Plantations of the 16th century. Also the O’Riada heraldry looks like the Reddy heraldry with a colour change and the motto removed. I
    Munster O’Riada here by he way,
    Paternal grandfather from Rock Chapel, Co. Cork,
    Paternal grandmother (Lenihan) from Ardagh, Co. Limerick.
    Maternal grandfather (McMahon) from Foynes Co. Limerick.
    Maternal grandmother (O’Gorman) from Nenagh Co. Limerick.

  16. Mary Reidy says:

    Hi my name is mary reidy my father is Michael reidy from robertstown
    County kildare hes mother is Margaret reidy and hes father is Michael reidy dont know much but were related to the Moore’s also

  17. Jessica Ann Reedy says:

    My grandfather was Thomas Ray Reedy Sr.
    Born Jan 1 1906 Died May 11 1996, lived in Frederick Maryland owned a Brass Shop then moved to Flordia after retirement. I know he was married before my grandmother (Esther Bell Renshaw from PA) and had children. Looking for info, thanks!
    I know nothing about his family before…if anyone knows

  18. Diane Reedy says:

    I am a Reedy I am interested in learning more about my hertiage ….I do know that my great grandfather Johann Reedy came to America during the potatoe war….I don’t really know much else..My father was Calvin Bylthe Reedy,Jr and his dad was Sr …..my dad’s grandfather’s name was Howard Reedy and his wife’s name was Estella

  19. Joe Reidy says:

    Hey fellow Reidy’s,

    I’m from Maine in the United States. I just happened upon this site almost entirely by accident. I am recovering from a brain injury at the moment. But I’m getting stronger everyday. So what has everyone been up to?

  20. Kim Reidy Spruance says:

    I too stumbled upon this site by accident but find it very interesting. My father, Wayne Gilbert Reidy, was born in 1925, in Minnesota to Arvetta (maiden name unknown) but his father left after the birth so we have no information from that side of the family. My mother, Arline Marion Madole was born in Britt, Iowa in1926. My siblings and I were all born in Mason City, Iowa but moved to California in the early 1960s where most remain. This is a very informative site.

  21. Amy Reidy says:

    Hi everyone, I live in Australia. I have been told by my family that I’m part Irish so there is a possibility that we are distantly related!

    • Kevin Reedy says:

      Hi, I’m Kevin Hayle Reedy of Richard Reedy who came to Maryland Colony from Ireland circa 1667 and I am convinced we are all related!

  22. Marin Reidy says:


    I know exactly where I come from as I was borne in Ireland, and can trace my great grand parents back to farms in the days of the famine.I am interested in going back a bit further. Is there anybody out there who has looked beyond Ireland. My family has always held the view that we arrived in Ireland via a ship wreck on the west coast as part of the Spanish Armada I have hear of the name Le Gorss ( cant be sure of the spelling) that translates to a form of Reidy. I cannot find any evidence of the Reidy’s in Ireland prior to the Armada. Any thoughts?

  23. Linda Arata says:

    My Reidy connection is through my Paternal Great Grandmother, Annie Moore McCormack , who married a Reidy after Mr McCormack died. She had 4 children: Elizabeth( my grandmother) Henry, Mary and Christopher. They grew up in Queens, NY, I believe. Familiar?

  24. Craig Cyr says:

    Hello All, My wife is descends from Richard Ready who left Waterford, Ireland in 1677. We found his name on a 1677 merchant ship passenger list. The name of the ship was the St. George of London. There were 180 passengers headed for Maryland.

    Here is the link: http://members.tripod.com/~Data_Mate/irish/Stgeor1.txt

    • Kevin Reedy says:

      Hello there, well I too am descended from Richard Reedy! Your wife and I are indeed related. Tell me of who her father, grandfather, etc were? I’m descended from Richard Reedy’s great grandson Shadrack Reedy of Loudon County Virgina. My branch eventually settled in north Texas. I look forward to hearing from you as well as more info regarding Richard Reedy
      Kevin Reedy

      • Craig Cyr says:

        My wife Susan descended from Shadrach Reedy as well. Then John Reedy, Sr/William Carroll….

        We have no more info about Richard Reedy other than what I posted. It looks like others in this community have traveled to Waterton and could not find anything else. One American genealogist I spoke with told me she was amazed we had identified an Irish relative back to the 1600s. She expressed doubt it would go much back further.

        In my opinion, the next step would be to hire an Irish based professional to do the Irish research to see if more info could be uncovered. Would be interesting to see if this community could make that happen. I would be more than willing to kick in some money.

        Such a fascinating branch of the family.
        Craig Cyr

        • Kevin Reedy says:

          Hello there, tell me more about your wife’s family history. I noticed you mentioned John Reedy Sr. I’m descended from him and his son John Reedy Jr who made his way to Texas in 1840’s. I’m descended from John Jr’s son David Watkins Reedy, my great great grandfather.

          There is another descendant of Shadracks here in these posts, a Don Burnette who mentions that Richard Reedy boarded the Saint George out of London in Waterford Reedy. Also that he speculated that the lack of info on Richard in Ireland may be due in some degree because Richard was not Catholic. There being animosity in Ireland towards non Catholics. Somewhere, maybe from research done by my second cousin Dr. Lloyd Reedy, speculation that Richard may have come to Waterford from Ulster, being a Reedy who originated from Somewhere back in time to Scotland. Who knows??
          Kevin Reedy

          • Craig Cyr says:

            Kevin – The common ancester between you and my wife is John Reedy, Sr. From there, my wife Susan descended from William Carroll Reedy.

            I will have to seek out the posting from Don Burnette who believes that Richard was not Catholic. What a fascinating theory.

            Are you a member of Ancestry?

          • Karen Burton says:


            I am also related to the line of Ready/Reedy’s that your wife is connected to through John Sr. and then John Jr. I discovered through this web site that Kevin Reedy – who you mention above is my 2nd cousin all the way down to our great-grandfather Melvin Elvin Reedy as our common ancestor. We have actually been able to share family photos from the 1940s of our Reedy relatives. I live in Loudoun County, Virginia where some of the early ancestors were born or lived (Cornelius and Shadrach Reedy – grandson and great-grandson to Richard Ready). So great to find these connections!

  25. Caitlin says:

    Hello all,
    Like some of you, I have stumbled across this site by accident. Glad I did. My connections to the Reidy name is from my 4x great grandfather, John Reidy born between 1798-1810. Born somewhere in Ireland , cane to the US in the 1830’s I believe. to Albany, New York. I have only been able to track them as far as the 1850 US federal census. My 3x great grandmother was John Reidy’s daughter, Margaret Reidy. Margaret married my 3x great grandfather, Matthew Clary is 1854 in Albany, New York.

    I haven’t had much luck tracking most of John Reidy’s children so I am not sure if there are any other descendants from this line other than my family.
    I will list the names of John Reidy’s children found in the 1850 census in Albany. Maybe someone will recognize someone from this line.

    John Reedy -56
    Elizabeth Reedy- 38
    Ana Mariah- 16
    Margaret- 13
    Ellen- 11
    Thomas- 6

  26. Joel R Reedy says:

    My name is Joel Reedy from Richlands, Virginia. My father is/was Roy Richard Reedy married to Minnie Bray (Brahae) Reedy. His father was James Albert Reedy. I’m 82 years old. I am an only child, so I am looking out of curiosity into my genealogy. We hail from Ashe County, NC, to Greenville Co. Tennessee and Tazewell County, Virginia. I now live in Horry County, South Carolina. If anyone on this feed sees this and would like to strike up conversation, please email me anytime!

    • Catherine Reidy says:

      Wow I just became a little more knowlageble… nice to meet you all!!

    • Kevin Reedy says:

      Joel, I’m a wee late discovering your post, but I believe my 4th great grandfather, John Reedy Sr. Is buried near Ashe County and my 5th great grandfather, Shadrach Reedy is buried in or near Clinch . Mountain, Tennessee. I suspect we may be related.

      • Craig Cyr says:

        Hello Kevin,

        My wife Susan Reedy (Cyr) also descends from Richard/Nicholas/Shadrack.

        My wife and I plan to visit Shadrack’s burial site in Tennessee this coming summer (week of July 27). I know Susan would appreciate meeting any descendants that might make their way there to the cemetery mid week perhaps. A family of reunion of sorts!

        Craig Cyr

  27. Sheila says:

    I’m looking for info on the Reidys from Ballyheigue, Co Kerry. My great grandfather Maurice Reidy was born in Glenderry, Ballyheigue in 1878. Father Arthur, mother Judith aka Julia ODonoghue. He married Bessie Quilter of Lixnaw around 1909 but I cannot find a marriage record anywhere.

    • Sheila Lavelle says:

      Still desperate to find marriage record of Maurice Reidy Bessie Quilter of Lixnaw in 1909. He was born 1878, she 1878/79. Don’t know which family she’s from. Have 1 suspect Elizabeth born in Ahabeg. But can’t be certain til I find out who Bessies father was for sure. They had 2 children Julia Reidy (My grandmother) 1911, and Mary Reidy 1915. Mary married John Oconnor and they spent time in England later on.

  28. Neus Torres Donat says:

    Hi, I’m looking on behalf of my husband information about Reidy’s, his great granfather was John Reidy (1834) married to Ellen Greany
    he was born in Quartertown, Mallow Co. Cork, he had 8 children:
    John, Anne Mary, Denis, Helena, William, Richard, Margaret Teresa, Mary Britget. We only know about the last two sisters, Margaret Teresa and Mary Bridget.
    They were brought up in Cork City as their father was an accountant working for Maloney Soicitors in South Mall.

  29. Deborah Jones says:

    I too am part of this Reidy Clan!
    My Grandfather was Frederick B. Reidy, not sure when born but I know it was in Ware Massachusetts. He married Dorothy R. Tupper, SURVIVOR of the Ripper Mountain, in Wilbraham Massachusetts. The lived in Wilbraham, had 3 children. Frederic M Reidy, (Married Linda, had 3 kids, Sarah, Christine, and Danny) Mary C. (Married Patrick Keough, had 4 kids, Patrick, Ann, Mary Ellen and Frannie), Terrence Tiupper Reidy, being the youngest of their 3 kids (Married Florence Irene Trafton, having 3 kids Patricia A. (Miron) 1960-present, Margaret Ellen 1960-2009, and Deborah Lynn (Me) 1967-present. I have 3 children, Tahnee Nicole (Murray), Terrence Gregory Reidy 1992 – present and Kayla Anne (Thibodeau) 1999 to present.

    My Grandfather (Frederick) parents were Herbert and Mary (Egan)

  30. My paternal grandfather was John Andrew Reidy, born in Ireland/county Clare or Kerry. roughly in 1860s. He emigrated from Ireland as a young man, age unknown. He settled in Springfield,MA and married Bridgit E Walsh, from Kilmurray-McMahon. They were married in Sringfield, MA in 1896 or 1987. They had five children. Joseph, 1987, Edmond Thomas,1899, Mary Susan, 1902, Margaret Helen, 1904? And “Bud” Andrew Reidy born about 1912-1915. My brother and I are researching our family history and would appreciate hearing about any possible connections.

    • Peter Reidy. says:

      Hi Margaret I was told by my father that all Reidy’s with the same spelling of REIDY are related but there are so many with the spelling REIDY, having researched a little on the internet it’s strange that most Reidy’s are musical or in the film and TV industry, my father played piano and the organ, my cousin Frank Reidy was a sax player who played with the Jack Parnell Band and also Benny Goodman, I was a pro musician entertainer for many years also, my other cousin Marie was a Harpist who used to broadcast on radio. I also found a Reidy’s Bar in Ireland so I know we have Irish roots and American roots. Best Wishes. Pete Reidy.

  31. Holly reedy says:

    Hello fellow Reedys

  32. Mila Bonnet Mason says:

    I am related to the Reidy clan through my paternal grandmother Helen Evelyn Reidy Bonnet (born 1911). She had a sister Mary (married name Cosmos) and at least one brother – whose name I can’t remember (I never knew him). They were from the Cook County – Chigago IL area. If anyone knows of this line I would appreciate any information. Thank you in advance.

  33. It is apparent that the writer is a data geek. I like how he
    writes and organizes facts.

  34. Noah teixeira says:

    My name is Noah Teixeira my mom’s maiden name is reedy. And we are Irish and Portuguese my reedy blood and name came from reidy is there anyway that these are related my grandfathers name is Joseph reedy J.R. And my dearly departed great grandfathers name is Joesph reedy S.R

  35. Jes Reedy says:

    Reedy’s in Shenandoah County, VA (toms Brook area) part of this?
    There’s far too many to figure out with similar names

    Thomas Reedy (MY GF 1906-1996)
    William Reedy (1877-1936)
    Joseph Reedy (1855-1946)
    Samuel Reedy (1827-1904) Wife Elizabeth Lineweaver


  36. Katie (Reidy) Allsup says:

    This is incredible!

    Hello everyone! I am part of the Reidy clan from Iowa. My grandmother recently passed away and we have been going through photos and documents that she has saved (and she saved EVERYTHING) and decided to see what would come up if I googled Reidy. Im so intrigued by this website hearing about the Reidys that stem from County Kerry and County Clare. That is where my ancestors are from. I believe that my great great great grandfather came from ?? Ireland. I believe this is how the generations go:

    Me- Katie Reidy
    My father- Thomas Reidy
    My grandfather- Clement Reidy
    My great grandfather- Martin Reidy
    My great great grandfather- James Reidy (born in county clare Ireland in 1832)

    James was one of four (Austin, John, and Mary) Im so interested to hear where their branches are and what they are up to. Im so grateful to be living a life where I know my ancestery and are in a technical world where I can learn more.

    Hope to hear from someone!!!!

    • George Ready says:

      The original conversion from O’Riada to english was Ready as my name but soon became Reidy. I have tracked down most families connections. Mine came to America from Kerry but originated from Clare like yours. You might want to contact Mary Reidy on FB from Ennis, Co. Clare. SHe is a cousin whom I talk with often and may be able to help you as she knows the family names pretty far back. You can email me directly for more contact if like

  37. Stephanie Reidy says:

    Hi everyone, I’m Stephanie Reidy from Nova Scotia, Canada. My grandfather was William John Reidy, born in 1910 in Kinturk, County Clare. This site has the census data for the family from 1911.
    Grandpa immigrated to Canada (in his early 20’s?) and settled in Montreal. He married Cecelia Cronin and their children were James, Eileen, Geraldine, Patricia, and Joseph (who goes by his middle name, Kevin, and is my father.)

  38. Debi Reidy-Bond says:

    HI everyone! Posting on behalf of my husband as I’m trying to trace his family tree and am struggling to find much as we have very little to go on, but having read the posts here some of you may be able to help 🙂

    My husband is Noel Thomas Reidy born in limerick. `His father was Thomas reidy, Jockey, born in Tralee born in 1948 but sadly killed age 27. I have found that his father was Michael (Mike) Reidy, also a Jockey in Tralee but this is as far as I can get!

    I would be very grateful if there is anyone who may have come across any information about them who can help.

    Debi 🙂

  39. Hi I am a Reidy,
    My father was Edward Francis Reidy he was born in Chicago IL
    in 1922. He was the third oldest in a family of eight. Joseph, Dorothea,
    Gerald, Peggy, John, Mary, Patricia. His parents were Jeremiah Reidy
    and Margaret(Kitty). My father grew up in St. Kilian’s parish and graduated
    from Mount Caramel High School in Chicago IL. He served in World War II
    and took over his father’s business as a butcher and owner of Reidy’s Meat Market on 85th and Racine in Chicago IL. He married my mother
    Dorothy (Adamczewski) I am the youngest of 6 children Roger, Nancy,
    Thomas, John, Mary-Ellen and myself Beverly. Both of my parents have passed on and all of my Dad’s siblings except for my Aunt Patricia (Reidy)
    Mc Namara I plan on asking her for some more family history so I can trace my roots back to Ireland. I know my grandfather was born in the US;
    and my great Grandfather Kilty my grandmother’s father was a Chicago
    Keystone Cop in Chicago. I also will be doing an ancestry DNA search soon
    as well. If any other Reidy might be related through my father let me know.
    Beverly A. (Reidy) Gallo

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