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Everywhere He Wants to Be: Michael O’Hara Lynch

He travels the globe putting sponsorship deals together and whether it’s the soccer World Cup in South Africa or the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs or the Olympics in Beijing,  Visa’s Michael O’Hara Lynch will be there.   Michael O’Hara Lynch is everywhere you would want to be. As head of Visa event and sponsorshipRead more..

The First Word: Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears

My god, what they went through to get here.  Whenever I forget the lot of early Irish immigrants to America, something pulls me back. As I write this, I have open in front of me a book called Forgotten Ellis Island: The Extraordinary Story of America’s Immigrant Hospital by Lorie Conway. (Smithsonian Books). Lorie’s bookRead more..

A Letter to the Editor: Mission Possible

I felt compelled to write you and say thank you for unintentionally helping my family. Because you put a group of wonderful people in the same room (for the awards ceremony of your “Top 100 Best & Brightest”) our lives have forever been changed. Let me explain: My husband John is a 15-year Army veteranRead more..

A Window on the Past

This book is lovingly dedicated to my son, Max George, whose great-grand-father Edward Conway immigrated to America in 1900 at the age of 18. Arriving at Ellis Island from Ballina, Ireland, he had two dollars in his pocket and listed his occupation as “laborer.” By 1915, he was already living the American dream – heRead more..

The Save Tara Campaign

The harp that once through Tara’s halls The soul of music shed, Now hangs as mute on Tara’s walls As if that soul were fled. – Thomas Moore The Save Tara Campaign spread its wings to New York City and the steps of the Irish Consulate on Park Avenue on September 22 when a groupRead more..

Irish Man Builds Houses for Homeless in South Africa

New York, September 24, 2007: Irish philanthropist, Niall Mellon, unveiled plans to build the world’s first not-for-profit housing super-factory in South Africa in response to the inability of traditional methods of house construction to keep pace with the growth of homelessness among the Developing World’s poor. The Irishman’s radical plans to build the first suchRead more..

A Celebration of Grace Kelly

The Irish flag flew over Sotheby’s on October 15, 2007 when the  exhibit “Grace, Princess of Monaco: A Tribute to the Life and Legacy of Grace Kelly” opened as part of a ten-day “Celebration of Grace” in New York marking the 25th anniversary of her sad passing on September 14, 1982. The tricolor was mostRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

The Irish and boxing are longtime Hollywood staples, from John Wayne as the reluctant slugger in The Quiet Man right up to Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man and Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby. In December, a Cork-born writer-director and quirky American actor are going to take their shot at the genre with Strength andRead more..

Darina Allen: Simply Delicious

Irish chef, TV personality and founder of Ballymaloe Cookery School, Darina Allen’s enthusiasm for food has brought the Allen family to prominence and made her a true celebrity in Ireland. But it all started with her mother-in-law, Myrtle. Irish cuisine… Now there’s a thought.  But is it an appetizing one?  Traditionally, it conjures an imageRead more..

Mission Responsible: Fr. Séamus Finn

A past president of the board of ICCR, Fr. Séamus Finn currently serves on the executive committee of 3IG, which represents a post-9/11 coming together of the major world religions to participate in what is known as “socially responsible investing.”  It isn’t easy getting face time with Séamus Finn. It’s not that he didn’t wantRead more..