Wall Street 50 – 2007

Thomas Ryan/ING Capital

Thomas Ryan is Managing Director and Regional Head of the Americas for the Financial Engineering Group at ING Capital based in New York. He is the youngest managing director in ING Capital and under his leadership the group has grown to be the largest revenue-generator for ING Capital in the region.

Ryan joined ING 1 1 years ago after a short period al NCB Stockbrokers in Dublin. He started with the structured leasing unit of ING in Dublin, followed by a period in the Financial Engineering Group at the head office of ING Group in Amsterdam. He moved to New York in November of 2001 to help develop the Financial Engineering business for the U.S. and was made regional head of the group in 2003.

Ryan has a degree in Business Studies from the University of Limerick and received a master’s of science in Economics from the Center for Economic Research in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Since coming to New York as a student many years ago, Ryan is fulfilling a dream by working in the finance sector with ING. He is a member of The American Ireland Fund, the advisory committee of the SDLP USA and the University of Limerick Foundation.