Wall Street 50 – 2007

Bryan T. Durkin/Chicago Board of Trade

As Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of the Chicago Board of Trade, Bryan Durkin is responsible for the exchange’s trading operations and oversees both floor-based and electronic trading platforms.

Joining the exchange staff of the CBOT in 1982, Durkin has played many roles including being in charge of the exchange’s Office of Investigations and Audits. The former Chairman of the Joint Compliance Committee, Bryan has represented the exchange on various industry panels concerning trading practices and operations.

A second-generation Irish American, Durkin traces his roots to County Mayo on both sides. He credits his Irish immigrant grandparents with “paving the way” for his “beautiful and productive life,” adding: “The Irish have proven to be a resilient and giving culture and I am most grateful to be a part of that legacy.” He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an MBA from Lewis University. Durkin has been an adjunct faculty member of the MBA program at his alma mater where he taught courses on organizational behavior and management. Durkin lives in Chicago with his wife and four children.