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Governor Martin O’Malley’s March

Youngest mayor of a large city at 37, governor at 43; it’s possible that Martin O’Malley, fueled by family, Jesuit ideals and Irish history, will march all the way to the White House. Martin O’Malley is easy on the eye – very easy on the eye. He’s handsome, young, and he’s got talent. He paidRead more..

The First Word: The Might Green

“The Irish courage, spirit and humor so clearly shown by our immigrant forebears are going to be even more crucial to meet the challenges of the financial markets of the 21st century.” – Donald Donahue, Chairman-elect and CEO, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. Who knew that the Irish would be so good with money?Read more..

Chicago’s Irish Spire

Irishman to build tallest building in Western Hemisphere. Dublin native Garrett Kelleher, 46, aspires to erect the biggest, most expensive skyscraper ever built on the shores of Lake Michigan. The beautiful, curving “Spire” is the creation of Zurich-based Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Kelleher, a father of six – number 7 is on the way –Read more..

A Statue of John B. is Unveiled in Listowel

On Saturday, this past June 2nd, the day of the unveiling in Listowel’s Small Square of John B. Keane’s statue created by father-and-son sculptor team Seamus and James Connolly, famous for their 2006 Kilkee sculpture of Richard Harris, the entire town and half of Dublin’s literary elite stood in tribute, listening to the words of,Read more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

With the summer upon us, TV is a vast wasteland of reruns – except, of course, for Denis Leary’s brilliant Rescue Me on FT, which some critics believe will take over the title of Best Drama on TV now that The Sopranos is over. But what else is Leary working on, aside from his post-9/11Read more..

Irish Art in London is the Prey of the Celtic Tiger

The London art world was taken by surprise at its annual auctions this spring when the Irish rich, clamoring for Irish art, replaced the usual art buyers. Even the experts were impressed. Grant Ford, director of Sotheby’s contemporary art worldwide, said: “Perhaps the biggest difference was the influx of new wealth from moguls of theRead more..

Boston’s Fenway Park

Fenway Park – home of the Boston Red Sox – is the nation’s enduring symbol of baseball, America’s favorite pastime. Officially opened on April 20, 1912, the park has outlasted all other major league baseball parks, becoming a shrine for baseball lovers everywhere. Writing in The New Yorker magazine in 1960, John Updike described FenwayRead more..

At the Crossroads of Dance

Drawing on the patterns and movements of Irish step dancing, choreographer and dancer Darrah Carr has created a new form of dance that she calls ModErin, a fusion of modern and Irish. Fascinated with the idea of dissolving the boundaries between the strict forms of Irish dance and the freedom of movement of modern, CarrRead more..

Faces of the Fallen

The Faces of the Fallen exhibition, which commemorated the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, recently closed. The story of Faces of the Fallen begins with a visual artist, a national newspaper and a cup of tea. When Annette Polan opened her morning Washington PostRead more..

Commodore John Barry

From Irish immigrant to Commander of the American Navy, John Barry is a hero to remember. There are many Irish men and women whom one could declare a hero of our time but none is so profoundly remembered as Commodore John Barry, known to those in the nautical world as “Father of the American Navy.”Read more..