Roots: The Keogh Clan

The Keogh family coat of arms

By Maeve Molloy, Editorial Assistant
June / July 2007

Keough, Keogh, Kehoe, O’Hoey, Hoy, Haughy, Haugh and MacKeogh are all derivatives of the Irish surname Mac Eochaidh.
The clan originated, predominantly, in Leinster, and Kehoe is a common name in County Wexford. Outside of Leinster the Kehoes are most prevalent in Limerick and Tipperary. The Irish spelling of the name Keogh is MacEochaibh, but the Munster spelling is slightly different: MagCeoch or MacCeoch are the Gaelic translation in the southern province.

There were three famous strands of the family Keogh. The first were the MacKeoghs, located in Ballymackeogh, County Tipperary. The second strand was in the Ui Maine Group and counted Eochaidh O’Kelly among their ancestors. They were lords of Magh Finn and
commanded the area of Moyfinn near Athlone, which was known in ancient times as Keogh’s country. The townland of Keoughville in Taghmaconnell also derives its name from the clan.

Of most historical significance of the three sects were the Mackeoghs from Leinster. In medieval times they moved from Kildare to Wicklow and then down to Wexford.

Many of the MacKeogh clan were famous poets, and Maolmuire MacKeogh is described as chief professor of poetry in Leinster in 1534 in the Chronicles of the Four Masters. The 18th century produced two famous Protestant clergymen with the same name: The first John Keogh (1653-1725) was a mathematician while the second John Keogh (1681-1754) was a botanist and a zoologist.

The Keoghs also made their mark as both rebels and politicians. Matthew Keogh (1744-1798) was hanged for his role in the Irish rebellion. John Keogh (1740-1817) campaigned for Irish Catholics to get the vote and to repeal the Penal Laws. William Keogh (1817-1878) was an MP and a judge who knew John Sadlier, a lord of the treasury who was later found to be a conman and a forger. In more recent times, U.S. Senator Christine Kehoe (D) has been serving as senator from California since her election in 2004. Prior to her senatorial position, she was a California state assemblywoman from 2000-2004.

The Keoghs also made great soldiers. Myles Walter Keogh (March 25, 1840 – June 25, 1876) was born in Co. Carlow. He signed up as a volunteer with the Union Army, and saw action in the Gettysburg campaign. After the war he obtained a commission as a captain in the 7th Cavalry Regiment under George Armstrong Custer. He was killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Keogh’s horse, Comanche, was the only military survivor of the battle. Shortly after the Battle of the Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876, the Army honored Keogh by naming Fort Keogh after him. Established to bring the Indians in the region under control and onto reservations, today Fort Keogh is a 55,000 acre rangeland beef cattle research facility operated in cooperation with the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station, the agriculture research component of Montana State University.

Myles Keogh’s remains are interred in Ft. Hill Cemetery in Auburn, New York.

In World War II, Shorty Keogh, “the first American ace of WWII,” was one of several Americans who flew in the Battle of Britain, as members of 609 Squadron. Following the Battle of Britain, Shorty joined the first Eagle Squadron.

Flying high in the world of fashion, we have Elvis Presley’s granddaughter Riley Keough, who is making a name for herself as a runway model. Keogh made her modeling debut with Dolce and Gabbana and has since worked for fashion-world heavy hitters such as Christian Dior and Victoria’s Secret. Born May 29,1989 as Danielle Riley Keough, she is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and musician Danny Keough.

Irish actor Des Keogh is also known for his work on stage and on screen. Since his memorable performance in Ulysses in 1967, he has had a prolific career. Most recently, he reaffirmed his acting credentials with the massive success of his one-man show The Love-Hungry Farmer,  a play he adapted from the letters of John B. Keane concerning his inability to find a woman. After two runs at the Irish Repertory Theatre in New York Keogh brought the show to Ireland where he enjoyed a sold-out tour.

In the world of sports, Matt Keough (1955- ) played baseball in the major leagues from 1977 to 1986. He began his career as an infielder, but quickly became a star pitcher. Keough played for the Oakland A’s, the New York Yankees, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Chicago Cubs, and the Houston Astros. His son, Shane Keough, is currently in the minor leagues and a prospective recruit for the Oakland Athletics.
The Keogh name is also familiar to those with an eye on retirement. The Keogh plan, a tax-deferred retirement plan designed to help self-employed workers, was named after U.S. Representative Eugene James Keogh, who came up with the idea in 1962. Keogh, a Democrat, was born in Brooklyn in 1907, and elected to Congress in 1936.

But in a world of interesting Keoughs both historic and present day, there is no one who means more to Irish America than Donald Keough. A true friend of Ireland, Keough, whose ancestors hail from Co. Wexford, established the Institute of Irish Studies at Notre Dame, and the Keough Notre Dame Centre in Dublin. The former president and CEO of Coca-Cola Company, and current chairman of Allen & Co., grew up in Sioux City, Iowa. He is the recipient of numerous honors, including the Horatio Alger Award and the Notre Dame Laetare Medal. A keynote speaker at Irish America’s  Business 100 and Wall Street 50 dinners, he was our  Irish-American of the Year  in 1995 and was honored as one of our “Irish of the Century”in 1999.

88 Responses to “Roots: The Keogh Clan”

    • Shaun Eldemire says:

      My grandfather was Michael Keogh from Wexford who married Ellen McGrath.

    • Susan Keogh says:

      Hello All.
      My name is Susan. I am the 11th child of Mary Keogh ( yes that was her maiden name) and my father Joseph Keogh ( yes I am a double Keogh!).
      I was born in Drogheda and now live in Ontario. As I had 10 brothers and sisters and many Keogh relatives it is lovely to see this site. Our name actually means soemtihng other than course… .it actually means ” leader of the pack” and as I am a double Keogh, I sure am bossy!
      I will check this site again to see if I get any responses.
      Slan ( gaelic for bye). BTW, I speak and understand Irish gaelic.
      Best Wishes
      Siobhan Ni Eochoidh. ( My name in Irish). 🙂

  1. Meg butler says:

    I am a descendant of the “Keogh’s ” so awesome to find out about the name

    • Meg butler says:

      My great grandfather was a Keogh, John was his name… If related get in touch please.

      • Meg butler says:

        My great grandfather was a Keogh, John was his name… If related get in touch please.

      • Shane Keogh says:

        Pretty much all my grandfathers were John. Do you know of anyone else?

        • Meg Butler says:

          We had a Phillip Keogh… I do know my family is from Roscrea and Tipperary…my uncle Dennis Keogh went to Roscrea and saw our ancestors burial site which had wrought iron fence around it . I hope this can help!

        • Alan Keogh says:

          so Joseph and william. pretty large in fact I am a william alan
          so many williams called by middle name Alan
          Grandfather Joseph born August 1885 was from Dublin
          my mother ( Hannigan treacy ) had the 1920 IRA CONNECTION SEAN mckeon attendts at his wedding Michael Collins Eamon Devalara
          John / Sean. big here

    • John arceri says:

      From ny?

  2. lisa Keogh says:

    I am a Keogh and so very proud to be one

  3. June Keogh says:

    I will be traveling to Ireland this summer to find the Keogh’s that were from Taum, CO Galway. James Keogh was the first to America of our family. Anyone out there also from Tuam, or know any history before 1835?

    • Kathleen says:

      How was your trip to Ireland. If you ever go again I would like to go. I am a descendent of Keough/Kahoe/Kehoe.

  4. I too am a Kehoe! And so very proud to be a part of this strong Irish history. Traveling to Ireland with my family next month. Can’t wait to experience this amazing culture!

    • PMacd says:

      My Madian name is Kehoe as well. My great great grandfather’s name was Lawerance but was born in NS.Canadan. Wondering if you have any info on your ansestors. Thanks

  5. Dan wilson says:

    My father was a keough st Bridgets des laval
    Quebec (near Quebec City)
    There was a marriage in 1835 Keough and Ryan
    My dad was Thomas Keough unfortunatly I only knew him as Tommy
    Such was the times
    My mother a Doherty again Quebec St Bridgits
    Now known as st Bridgit des Laval

  6. Great grandmother was a Kehoe or (Keogh) who married a Kennedy who’s daughter (Mary ALICE) married an O’Riley , who’s daughter, Bridgetta Irene
    married a Norseman named Gunderson.

    That explains my Norwegian name (I loved dad’s family but my Irish relatives were usually more fun).

    Thanks for the research. The one that got hanged for rebellion was definitely a cousin.

  7. I am a Keough! Desperate to find relatives! My papa was Gary Keough he went to visit captain Myles Keogh so that might be a start if anyone know anything please let me know trying to find my real roots! Thank You!

  8. Juli Mcclanahan says:

    My great grandfather was James Dennis Keogh from Tipperary. Born ~1855, married Florence Mary Rodgerson Born ~ 1874 They immigated to New Zealand ~1880 then on to California ~ 1890, any information, please contact juliatplume@yahoo.com

  9. Shannon Keough says:

    I’m a Keough from Newfoundland, Canada. I can trace back the Keough to the first one that came over from Ireland. His name was Patrick Keough.I can’t find any Irish records unfortunately. He was from Wexford to my understanding.

    • Anthony says:

      I am also from Patrick keough
      Who died in 1826 in carbon earth Nilda
      I have more info

    • Anthony says:

      Patrick was born in Wexford
      In 1784 . Left because of the 1798 rebellion.
      Died at the age of 42.
      He is buried in Carbonear Newfoundland
      Hope to get a reply

      • Shannon Keough says:

        Hey Anthony, i would like to find out more about your Patrick Keough. I’m stuck because of a few conflicting pieces of data. The Patrick Keough had a son named Patrick Keough. I was wondering if you have any data on him.

        • Anthony keough says:

          Yes he had a son named Patrick born in carbonear
          August 08/1822
          Parents Patrick and Ellen Phealan
          William,John,Margarite ,and James were the other siblings
          .is Patrick your great x3 or 4 grandfather
          James ,Patrick’s brother is my great x3 grandfather
          Are you still in Newfoundland?

          • Shannon Keough says:

            Anthony, here’s the catch. My great great grandfather was Patrick Keough. He married Anastasia Goss from Torbay. I have no record of his parents. In a death notice of Patrick Keough from Water St, St. John’s, it said that he was from Carbonear. Family lore says he came from Wexford.
            I have a feeling that my great great great grandfather came from Wexford and I think it’s Patrick’s father Patrick who died in 1824? in Carbonear & he was the one from Wexford. I have no proof of this but that’s where everything that I have is pointed. I live in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

          • Sheila Keough O’Brien says:

            Interesting….My grandfather, born in or near Carbonear late 1800’s Leonard Kehoe, initially married to Elizabeth Powers in Newfoundland. They had 2 children Mary and Thomas.both born early 1900s….allegedly Elizabeth died in the early 1900s and my grandfather remarried Alice Hamilton Kehoe also in NFLD…They migrated to Mass. had 8 kids. I found a receipt that my grandfather actually paid for a funeral for an Elizabeth Powers in the 1950s in CHarlestown Ma…hmmmmm

          • Sheila Keough o’Brien says:

            …side note, My dads half brother, Thomas named his daughter Marguerite,,,a name I see in the family thread

      • Sheila Keough-O’Brien says:

        Hi Keo Kuz…My maiden name is Keough..tho it was spelled Kehoe until the 1930’s —changed at that time in the US
        My grandparents left Newfoundland in the late 1800s/early 1900 landed in Boston. They were from Carbonear and Harbor grace. As far as I learned their tribe left Ireland and went to ..Newfoundland in the 1700s—they headed to Newfoundland at that time because the cost was cheaper than sailing to NY. My grandfather was Leonard Keough, I believe he died in Mass. in 1959..was born in 1899? In NFLD

        • Anthony keough says:

          George j keough married Bridget angus o’brian
          They are buried in st john’s At Belvedere rc cemetary
          Edward keough Wexford 1796
          Died dec 17 1876 holy trinity rc cemetary ferryland
          Ref Caplin bay Calvert family name will connect to Edward,
          And many other keough’s
          This is all general info

          • anthony keough says:

            digging in my files and I found a Edward Keogh
            arriving in stone Island in 1816 it appears he was born in county Wexford may be the same as the one resting at trinity RC cemetery December 17 1876

        • Nancy Aspell Spaulding says:

          Hi Sheila Nov 2, 2020
          I’m not sure when you posted your comments here, but I’m just now seeing them. We are definitely related. Your grandfather Leonard (known to me as Uncle Len), was my mother’s brother. Your dad was my 1st cousin. The receipt you found was for the burial of his Mom, Elizabeth (Powers) Kehoe. My mother’s name was Mary (Kehoe) Aspell. Not sure which of my cousins was your Dad (Leonard, Gerald or Billy). My son has been trying to find some of the history for our relatives, but on my father’s side the records are scarce. So it was great to read some of you information

    • Jennifer DeLeskie says:

      My paternal great-grandfather’s name was Andrew Keough, from Plate Cove Newfoundland. My father has done some work on tracing Andrew Keough’s name-sake ancestors, whom I believe came from Co. Carlow. I wonder if it is the same family.

      • Shannon Keough says:

        Jennifer, to my understanding, 3 Keough brothers came from Ireland to Newfoundland. The three settled in different areas of the island. One settled on the southern Shore. I think his name was Edward. Another settled in Carbonear and his name was Patrick. The 3rd brother settled in Plate Cove, Bonavista Bay. Though not completely sure, Andrew may have been the 3rd brother. So it is possible that there are family ties there somewhere.

        • Anthony keough says:

          My great grand father was George Keough
          He had a grocery and general store on the corner of
          Water st and queen st.the building is still there.
          His brothers Patrick and Peter ran the general store with their father James in carbonear.
          They are buried at st Patrick’s Roman Catholic cemetery in carbonear.Patrick from Wexford is also buried there

          • Shannon Keough says:

            Anthony, I’m not sure We’re talking about the same Patrick Keough unfortunately. The Patrick Keough that I’m related to (as far as I know) was born around 1820, married Anastasia Goss from Torbay around 1845 or 1842. To my knowledge, he was a cooper who lived on Prescott Street in St. John’s. One of the reasons why I thought he might be from Carbonear is because in one of the death notices it says that he was from Carbonear. One said that he died at 51 on March 14,1880. Notes to this record was Decreased was a native of Carbonear. He was a kind parent. (Age was also recorded at 61)
            To me, 61 is the right age or thereabouts. So on this record, which I tried to copy and paste but couldn’t, it contradicts itself by stating 2 different ages. I know he lived on Prescott St in St. John’s so that part tells me it’s the correct Patrick Keough and it states that he’s from Carbonear. So if the age had to be correct, then I would be more inclined to accept it. By the way, I have my DNA done with Ancestry.com DO you know if any of your family or cousins have had their DNA done through Ancestry? I have list of people who are listed as relatives and what the relationship is 1st cousin, 4th cousin, etc.

          • Anthony keough says:

            Shanon In my records I have two Patrick
            One born August 13 1822 his brother is my great great
            Grand father James born October 3 1820 in carbonear
            Sons of Patrick from Wexford .
            The other is Edwards son Patrick
            Born 1816 king cove possibly.
            I have many photos from my family
            Dating back to late 1800’s including one of
            George j keough 1919 with the prince of whales
            Shannon i would like to get in touch
            Can I find you I will make calls
            And then I can email direct think your Patrick is george’s Uncle

          • Shannon Keough says:

            Anthony, not sure if entering an email address s allowed on this site but here’s my email skeough20@hotmail.com Are you located in Newfoundland?

        • anthony keough says:

          in my records I have a Edward
          born 1796 co Wexford died in1876 Dec 17 Caplin Bay
          holy trinity RC Cemetary..
          and a Edward 1835 Stone Island, Caplin Bay.
          the address of George J Keough was 362,363,364 water st and #2 queen st. archives news paper 1920
          st John’s Newfoundland..
          the property in carbonear was owned by james father of Patrick ,Peter,and George .James son of Patrick of Wexford. the property was adjacent to what is now Rorke store museum.
          Shannon have you gone to Carbonear?
          I also have a Leo and Nelllie Leo brother of my grandfather John Mary Keough born in ST John’s

          • Shannon Keough says:

            Anthony, I have been to Carbonear however not for researching my family tree. Are you living in Newfoundland? You are correct about Edward from Wexford & Caplin Bay. My father name was Leo but he didn’t have a brother John. There was also a Patrick Keough from Portugal Cove who married a Mary Cullen ( I think) in 1815 so that’s another reason why I’m not convinced. I can’t find any proof of my Patrick’s birth or parents. I know that my Patrick was a cooper, as was one of his sons,William. If you’re in Newfoundland, you know where Portugal Cove is. If not Portugal Cove is only about 5 miles from St. John’s while Carbonear is about 40 miles. Torbay, which is where Patrick’s wife, Anastasia Goss lived is only about 3 miles from Portugal Cove so it’s much closer that Carbonear. There appears to be too many conflicting bits of data for my Patrick to be from Carbonear especially if your Patrick worked in a store with his brothers. Then his death accouncement says he was from Carbonear so it’s a circle that I hope to get to go in a straight line sooner or later.

          • Shannon Keough says:

            Anthony, what do you know about George Keough who is buried in Beveldere graveyard? From what I’m reading in an earlier comment is he lived on Prescott st in 1920 or at least you said per archives 1920.

        • James Brendan Galligan says:

          Edward was my G3 Grandfather – he married Margaret Smith and settled near Stone islands – his children moved to the head of the Bay in Calvert – calvertweb.ca has much info about the Keoughs of Calvert Bay (Caplin Bay) . I know Edward was born in New Ross – we think Margaret was born in Glascow – I wondered for some time whether the Keoughs from Bonavista were related – I was hoping DNA would tie that out at some point.

          • Karl says:

            If you are related to Edward Keough born 1796 I may be able to help.

          • James Galligan says:

            I am related to Edward Kehoe (B 1/27/1796 via his son Phillip (Lighthouse Keeper) tand his grandson Jim who came to NYC and started a tugboat company. Since I made this post a cousin sent me Edward’s baptism recording which showed his parents as John Kehoe and Margaret Meehan. I also had connection of my DNA which put me in touch with a person who had a common direct ancestor with Margaret Smith (Edward’s wife) and pointed to a more compelling emigration story of Margaret Smith coming from Tramore, Waterford.

      • Anthony keough says:

        Patrick was from edermine parish in county Wexford
        Carlow is approximately 11 hrs by foot
        The keogh’s from Carlow could be related
        Possibly as cousins. Myles Keogh is from Carlow
        And is buried at fort hill cemetary in auburn New York
        Well worth going it is near Syracuse NY
        Patrick’s siblings were Anne,Elizabeth,Peter,Paul,
        Thomas,John,Chistian and possibly Mary
        The brothers were known as the Wexford boys

      • anthony keough says:

        hi Jennifer I have a Anne born marsh 25 1826
        parents Andrew Keough wife Catherine (Aylward)
        king cove nfld

        • blake says:

          Hello Andrew

          I am trying to figure out the keough family from King Cove In Newfoundland. My great great grandmother is Mary Keough who married Michael harty in 1830. They lived in Broad Cove aka Duntara. King Cove was tiny in the early 1800s maybe 400 people. Broad Cove was much smaller maybe a little over a 100 people. In the King Cove Roman Catholic records they have an Andrew Keough and a Patrick Keough, I am assuming they are brother. I am wondering if Mary Keough was a sister to them? She is listed as being from Tintern,Wexford, Ireland.

      • sam watson says:

        My maternal great grandfather was Andrew from Plate Cove. I think ancestors from County Carlow in Ireland. Andrew married Charlotte Mary Keats. Is this the same Andrew?

        • Mary says:

          Suzanna Keough born Dec 20, 1895 is my 3rd cousin 2x removed and I have a bit of history on her. Happy to share what I have with you.

    • Sheila Keough O’Brien says:

      Hello! My maiden name is Keough—-it was spelled Kehoe until the 1930s.
      Both my paternal grandparents came fro Newfoundland in the late 1800s.
      They hailed from Carboneer and Grace Harbor, wound up in Boston …I nresearched mt Keough/Kehoes in Newfoundland back t the 1700’s. Story goes they could not afford to sail from Cork Ireland to Ellis island—-NFLD was less expensive. Most of the Keough were mariners going back centuries…My great grandfather, grandfather and father and uncles were all Boston longshoremen

      • Shannon Keough says:

        Hello Shiela, How much do you know about your family from Carbonear & Harbour Grace. Supposedly my G G grandfather was a Keough from Carbonear or Harbour Grace according to his death notices in the papers. His name was Patrick Keough, born in about 1820 and died in 1880.
        Are you part of Keough/Kehoes whose family moved from Carbonear to Bonne Bay and most of those moved to The States? Hopefully you will get back to me
        Shannon Keough

      • Shannon Keough says:

        Hello Shiela, How much do you know about your family from Carbonear & Harbour Grace. Supposedly my G G grandfather was a Keough from Carbonear or Harbour Grace according to his death notices in the papers. His name was Patrick Keough, born in about 1820 and died in 1880.
        Are you part of Keough/Kehoes whose family moved from Carbonear to Bonne Bay and most of those moved to The States? Hopefully you will get back to me
        Shannon Keough

  10. I’m a Keogh ancestor living in the United States… I heardwe haves large clan/family in this area

  11. Leslie Gollmitzer Criswell says:

    I am looking for any information on the Keough family from we’ve been told Wicklow. My Great Great Grandfather was Murtha Keough and was married to Catherine Armstrong. They left New York and settled in Bergen, Hudson New Jersey. He came to the US on 8/7/1885. became a Naturalized Citizen on 9/5/1890.
    His children included: Margaret, Isabella,James, Mae, Frank, Jennie, Agnes, George and Harold.
    I know that there must be information on this family-but it’s truly become a dead end for us.
    Any help, direction would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance. Leslie Criswell

    • Laurie Shawhan says:

      Hello – my 3rd great grandfather was Bryan Stafford who married Ann Kehoe 1805 in Killaveney, County Wicklow. You had mentioned having a Kehoe from Wickland. I am unable to find anything on Ann. Any connection?

  12. Margaret Butler says:

    My ancestors are Keogh’s and they are from Rosreo and Tipperary! So much interesting information!

    • Margaret Butler says:

      I’ll read through all of my information on our ancestors that I have… I’ll let you know what I find!?

      • Lauren Keogh says:


        Would love any information on the Tipperary Keoghs. I have a Thomas Keogh born roughly 1816 and married to Mary Kenane in roughly 1840. That is the end of the tracks for us. Their son was Patrick Keogh (Born in Tipperary, 1849) Possibility and likelihood of siblings however unrecorded.

  13. Margaret Butler says:

    Anthony… I’ve found that my ancestors are, John Keogh of Dublin… who was an early pioneer of the Catholic emancipation… also William Keogh of Galaway who as a judge provoked the Fenians! And then Myles Keogh whose horse was the only survivor of the little big horn!! And lastly I’ve found our ancient ancestors we’re poets! Maolmire MacKeogh back in 1534 was considered the finest poet in Leinster some very interesting stuff I’d say!! I’ll check out more info for you though!

  14. Anthony keough says:

    I live in Ontario about 1mile from where one of the finnian raid took
    Place in 1866. Approximately 2hrs from Auburn NY where Myles Keogh
    Is buried.
    Patrick and John appear to be the most common given names with the
    Keough’s. It took me a very long time to get to where I am as far as info
    On the Keough’s. Many trails leading in different directions.I then started looking at names that appeared common associated with the Keough
    Name. What a history lesson that has been.we often cross paths with the decedents of those who cross paths with our ancestors.
    Kavanaugh,Kennedy,Murphy,Phaelans are just to name a few.
    It is only ounce I got my grand fathers birth certificate that I was able to go back to Patrick of Wexford with certainty.I then ,using the Irish records and library of Ireland , was able to go back to 1715.
    My grand father was John Mary keough (went by the name of Jack)
    Immigrated to Montreal in the 1820’s where he married
    Gladeous O’Brian O’Flaherty on January 1st 1926.
    He left st John’s Newfoundland not on good standings with his family
    Including his brother Leo.
    I have in my records a Patrick Keough who Maried a Bridget Walsh in 1815
    King cove marriage record.
    I also have a Andrew Kehoe,of Sutton parish Wexford,
    maried a Anna Brien StJohn’s 1798.
    Please forgive me for the long winded story .
    Hope it helps

    • Mary says:

      Patrick Keough and Bridget Walsh are my 3rd great grandparents. Do you have any information on where Bridget was born? They had many children one of which was Thomas my 2nd great grandfather. I do have lots of information on this family and happy to share.

  15. Anthony keough says:

    We should all be proud of our heritage
    But we should also try to understand the hardship
    That our ancestors went through.
    And thank God that they got us here.
    For the Mc eochaidh clan , as for many others,the hardship began during
    Oliver Cromwell ‘s era and the penal laws.
    Our land taken and given . The plantations
    Our names as many other Irish names,bastardized and Anglisized.
    To had insult they put a K ,there are no K’s in the Irish language.
    Well we now are Keough,Keogh Kehoe.
    To further understand how a mass exodus of Keough’s out of Ireland
    Between 1750 and early 1800’s you have to look at English Marshall law in Ireland and the Irish rebellion of 1798.
    Brutality !
    If you were a keough Kehoe,Keogh any we’re from Wexford and surrounding miles you were marked
    And either were pitchcaped , floged publicly
    Or hanged and spiked
    We should be very proud of who we are
    and thankfull for the resiliency, sturborness,and heart
    That our ancestors has passed on
    Mc Eochaidh Gobragh

    In memory of Patrick Keough age19
    Mathew Kehoe
    And Mary others executed
    At the bridge over rivers slaney 1798

  16. William T McKeogh says:

    Proud to be of the McKeogh clan. Probably, one of the few, full blooded Irish left.

    • Margaret Butler says:

      Hi I’m a Keogh descendant.. my grandmother was a Keogh and her family came to the United States when she was a child. Our clan is from Roscreo ( not sure I spelled it right), and Tipperary!! It’s so nice touching base with people from your own clan! My mother’s cousin Eileen was just over in Ireland visiting and seeing where our clan is from… I Hope one day to do the same .

  17. James Brendan Galligan says:

    Edward was my G3 Grandfather – he married Margaret Smith and settled near Stone islands – his children moved to the head of the Bay in Calvert – calvertweb.ca has much info about the Keoughs of Calvert Bay (Caplin Bay) . I know Edward was born in New Ross – we think Margaret was born in Glascow – I wondered for some time whether the Keoughs from Bonavista were related – I was hoping DNA would tie that out at some point.

    • Shannon Keough says:

      James, where did you have your DNA done? I have mine done on Ancestry. I’m a Keough from Newfoundland & can’t trace my roots passed 1820 from by 2x great grandfather. I think all Keoughs in Newfoundland are related but of course it doesn’t appear that way.

      • James Brendan Galligan says:

        Hi Shannon, I have my ancestry done on Ancestry.com and also on 23 and me. I have had a bunch of positive matches to people who trace their ancestry to Edward Keough and Margaret Smith – my username is jbgalligan and my tree name is Galligan_Kehoe if you want to look it up – I am trying to confirm now if Edward’s dad (whose name was John Kehoe (note different spelling) on the Baptismal line entry was originally from Carlow.

  18. Andrew Keogh says:

    Keoghs from Wirral Merseyside.
    Love to learn more about relatives,ancestors ect.

  19. Cara Baker says:

    Looking for living Kehoe descendants from Coolnagree, Wexford. My tree starts at Thomas Kehoe, son Thomas married Bridget Kavanagh in 1895. Children were Martin, Laurence, James, Marks, Maggie.
    Maggie married Laurence Kehoe (no relation I hope!) and they had 3 children, Margaret, Martin and Bridget. Laurence and the 2 younger children died in 1928 and Margaret and her daughter (also Margaret, my Grandmother) came to the UK.

  20. Margaret Butler says:

    The Keogh’s arrived in New York,Ellis Island… my grandmother was Margaret Mary Keogh!

  21. Dennis Keogh says:

    I am Dennis Keogh, based in Phoenix, AZ. I am the leading Sean Connery Lookalike/ Impersonator in the world having performed over 1500 events worldwide. I am proud of my Irish heritage & to be impersonating a Scotsman who once acted as British Agent 007.
    My website: http://www.denniskeogh007.com

  22. Ryan Keogh says:

    Keogh from glasgow Scotland, my father Stuart has traced the family tree all through Ireland so if any1 has any missing links or questions contact me. Also my understanding that me my brother mark and his son max are the last 3 remain keogh makes in central Scotland who carry the name and will continue to do so !

  23. Carol Hestbech says:

    Whoa! I am from Sioux City, Iowa. What are you trying to tell me that we may be direct descendant to the Kehoe of Tintern, Wexford, Ireland along with CEO Donald Keough of Coca-Cola of Atlantic, Georgia. I knew a Priest from Catholic Church who knew him and was a lifelong friend with Donald Keough. As I am direct descendant of Mary Kehoe who had married to Michael Harty and she was from Tintern, Wexford,Ireland. She immigrated to Duntara (Broad Cove), Newfoundland back in late 1829. I am trying to find Mary Kehoe Harty parents’ name. My mother name was Anne Griffin and she was from Duntara, Newfoundland. Anne Griffin Hestbech’s mother name was Mary Anastasia Harty Griffin. So my grandmother was a direct descendant of both Mary Kehoe and Michael Harty.

  24. Carol Hestbech says:

    If you wanted to contact me as my email name is hescarol@aol.com.
    Thank you, Carol Hestbech.

  25. Cliona Keogh says:

    My name is cliona keogh I’m from Ireland I would love to find out more about my family roots

  26. Tom Kehoe says:

    I will hopefully be traveling to Dublin and County Wexford this July in search
    if distant relatives. My Kehoe family line left Ireland for the U.S. in 1870.
    Know any good hotels to stay in?

  27. Mr Gerard Keogh says:

    Hi, Just thought I would say ‘Hello’ to all you lovely Keoghs over there!
    I’m originally from Salford England, and now live in Norfolk England.
    I believe I’m probably from the Wexford Keoghs, and my grandparents were from Dublin.

    • Margaret Butler says:

      Hello!! I’m a MacKeogh descendant and my clan is from Roscrea and family members have visited our ancestors grave sight!! Of course once they came to America the Mac for some reason was dropped and my grandmother is a Margaret Keogh!! It’s so nice being able to connect!!

  28. Meg Butler says:

    Her family from Roscrea but she lived in Bradford Ohio

  29. Declan Keogh says:

    Great to hear the history of the Keogh’s, my parents were from Dublin I have some information about my grandad being in the police but little else. I live in the UK and love the information listed here.

  30. Rick Keogh says:

    My great grand-father William Keogh was born in Liverpool in the 1860s and emigrated to Lawrence, Mass. Are there any Keoghs in Liverpool who might be related to him?

  31. Nick Nicholls says:

    Hi, I’m a Keough / Keogh too.
    Does anyone know about a Captain Peter Keough / Keogh born in about 1750 in either Wiltshire or possibly in Ireland.
    He was a Napolionic soldier who, upon retirement, worked protecting the royal family in the Tower of London.
    I am a descendent of his through his daughter Eliza (Elizabeth) Keogh who married Samuel Frederick Nicholls / Nichols in about 1813 in London.
    I would simply looooove to know anything more about him so I can go back further.
    Any help at all would be just terrific.

  32. Karen Keough Applegate says:

    Hello. I love this information. My maiden name was Karen Keough. I was born in Philadelphia Pa. USA. My father Joseph and grandfather Joseph were also born in Philadelphia. My great grandfather was James born 1864 in Kilkenny dies in Phila, his father Patrick born 1845 and his father George, Im guessing was born around 1820. They were from Kilkenny. I believe that George was an attorney. Any news on these guys? Thank you very much!!

  33. Lauren Keogh says:

    I too am looking for any further information of Keoghs in Tipperary, Ireland. My Great, Great Grandfather is Thomas Keogh born roughly 1816 and married to Mary Kenane, roughly 1840 in Tipperary. Unfortunately thats where the line stops for us and we haven’t been able to find any further information of ancestors that didn’t immigrate, remaining in Ireland. I believe he either had a brother or father named John but this hasn’t been confirmed. I would desperately like to research and go back further so maybe other Tipperary Keogh’s can help? Thanks!

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