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Peace at last in Northern Ireland?

Though political tensions linger, the Northern Ireland Assembly is up and running and both communities are working together for the future. The Reverend Ian Paisley, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Féin, sat down together before the world’s media on March 26 to announce that they would formRead more..

Bliss to Be Alive

Belfast: “Bliss it was to be alive” the poet William Wordsworth once wrote. It felt like that in Belfast on Tuesday, May 8th. What the world thought was once impossible was suddenly live before my very eyes. The Reverend Ian Paisley, the paragon of hardline Protestantism, and Martin McGuinness, the former IRA leader, were walkingRead more..

The Old Sod Blooms at Philly Flower Show

It wasn’t merely the classic ‘bit of the auld sod’ when the Legends of Ireland commanded center stage at the Philadelphia Flower Show in early March. It was an attempt by North America’s largest garden showcase (and at 178 years, the world’s longest running) to mirror the Irish landscape as well as polished gardens inRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

The Tribeca Film Festival opened in late April, and Cillian Murphy’s latest effort was among the films featured. Watching the Detectives, which teams the Cork-born Murphy with Lucy Liu, was screened several times during the two-week fest, which closed May 6. Watching the Detectives is a romantic comedy directed by newcomer Paul Soter, who alsoRead more..

De Valera’s “Tree of Liberty” at Notre Dame

Captured in May 1918 and imprisoned in Lincoln Prison, England, Eamon de Valera, Ireland’s future president, escaped in dramatic fashion on February 3, 1919. Fearing the propaganda boost his re-arrest would provide England, the IRA dispatched de Valera to the United States. His mission was to acquire official U.S. support for Irish independence, and raiseRead more..

While Mem’ry Brings Us Back Again

Memory is the bond that ties us to home, even when we are far away. And now a stirring book produced by The Aisling Irish Community Center in Yonkers explores the connections Irish immigrants to New York have with their native land. While Mem’ry Brings Us Back Again spans the era from 1927 to 1964,Read more..

Stars of the Southwest

With an estimated 450,000 Irish and counting living in Arizona, it’s suitable that the Irish Cultural Center of Phoenix’s expansion plans were celebrated with an exhibit of one of the largest and finest private Irish art collections in the world, which opened with a black tie dinner preview at the Phoenix Art Museum this pastRead more..

Okie Faces & Irish Eyes: John Steinbeck & Route 66

The ad man knew what he was doing. Hired to write copy about a road that didn’t yet exist, he had an idea: create something out of whole cloth. He had as his subject an about-to-be-named Chicago-to-Los Angeles highway, the ramshackle one that would be quilted together from dozens of variously named and sometimes unconnectedRead more..

The Céide Fields

Liam Moriarty explores the Stone Age archaeological wonder in County Mayo. When one thinks of Stone Age archaeological sites, Stonehenge, Altamira and Newgrange may come to mind. Most likely The Céide Fields will not. But it should. On the way to Ballycastle, County Mayo I was not sure what to expect. Neither was I sure,Read more..

The Prosecutor Goes to Dublin

Fresh from securing a conviction of Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff Scooter Libby, Chicago federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald appeared in Dublin the day before St. Patrick’s Day to talk about international prosecution of crime. “We used to think of prosecutions of conduct happening outside the United States as coming once in a blueRead more..