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Business at Tiffany’s

Jim Quinn, President of Tiffany & Co., talks to Patricia Harty about business at Tiffany’s, his Irish heritage and family, and his commitment to New York. On that famous strip of Fifth Avenue where all that glitters is gold and silver, and shoppers from the world over come to buy at Bergdorf Goodman, Louis Vuitton,Read more..

The First Word: Epic Journeys

I remember as a young immigrant strolling down Fifth Avenue and stopping to look in the windows at Tiffany’s. I was enthralled. I lived in the Bronx and most evenings after my shift I headed to the subway or took a Checker cab with the other waitresses, girls from all over Ireland. Like generations beforeRead more..

Lord of the Dance Marries His Lady

Lord of the Dance creator and star Michael Flatley threw open the doors of his magnificent, historic castle in Cork earlier this month to marry his leading lady, dancer Niamh O’Brien, in front of 250 family members and friends – and anyone else who wanted to wish the couple well. Chicago-born Flatley, 48, and O’Brien,Read more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

Donal Logue is best known for the years he starred in the solid, if not exactly brilliant, sitcom Grounded for Life. His character was named Sean Finnerty, and Logue’s own name certainly is Irish. Yet his Harvard degree, his California-dude affect and the fact that his movie roles have been extremely diverse never made LogueRead more..

Nearly Lost, But Not Forgotten

A mong the many victims when a major city experiences near death are the personal artifacts of the families who called it home and the history of the people and ancestors who came before them. That’s how it stands today in New Orleans. Lost in the ineffectual largesse of governmental bureaucracy and the dreadful minutiaeRead more..

Quote Unquote

“I’m so proud for Ireland, bar that clown on the last green.” – Paul McGinley speaking after Europe retained the Ryder Cup for a third successive time. The “clown” was a streaker who ran across the putting surface, prompting McGinley to concede a 20-foot putt to halve the match with J.J. Henry in an unprecedentedRead more..

Irish Actors, Scholars & Playwrights at Princeton

Distinguished Irish actors, theater directors and other luminaries gathered at Princeton University Oct. 13-15 for discussions, readings and performances highlighting the “Players & Painted Stage Symposium.” Among the many speakers were Irish actor Stephen Rea, known for his Oscar-nominated performance in The Crying Game; Irish actress Fiona Shaw, who has been called the best ShakespearianRead more..

Roots: Quinn

The family name Quinn or Quin is an anglicized form of “O Cuinn,” meaning “of Conn.” O’Cuinnde notes lineage from the legendary High King of Ireland, Conn of the Hundred Battles. Conn is derived from the Irish word, ceann (head) signifying a person of intellectual ability. Traditionally, Catholic families of the O Cuinn family spellRead more..

On the Waterfront

History, Hope and the Port of Belfast In the lives of cities, boldness and vision rarely follow catastrophe,” wrote architectural critic Paul Goldberger. The city of Belfast in Northern Ireland may be the exception that proves the rule. After a generation of Troubles, the citizens of the great port city have grown accustomed to peaceRead more..

The Continuing Education of John Duddy

Thomas Hauser takes a look at the Derryman’s biggest battle and the repercussions it may have on his career On September 29, John Duddy fought Yory Boy Campas at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. The fight was made by Team Duddy with the expectation that it would be the next step up the ladderRead more..