Irish America

Photo: Kit DeFever

JUNE / JULY 2006

30 George Carlin – The Interview In a rare interview, George Carlin talks to T.J. English about his life, from growing up in an Irish family in Harlem to the highs and lows of a 50-year career in comedy.

38 “Taskforce Wolfhound” Lead The St. Pat’s Day Parade. New York’s Fighting 69th and Louisiana’s 256th National Guard celebrated their homecoming by leading the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Marian Betancourt looks at the proud history of both regiments.

42 The Dingle Races Every year a small town in Kerry is taken over by crowds ready to gamble and have a good time. Sharon Ní Chonchúir gives us a glimpse of the unique phenomenon that is The Dingle Races.

48 James Connolly: The Man, The Movie Ninety years after the 1916 Rising, David Smith takes a look at the life of one of its leaders, James Connolly, and talks to the men who want to make a movie about him.

54 The 25th Anniversary of Bobby Sands’ Death. Irish America commemorates the event by pub- lishing an excerpt from Nothing But an Unfinished Song, the first biography on Sands’ life, and talks to its author, Denis O’Hearn, on what it was like to write about the man behind the icon.

64 Paddy Play Ball! Not only do they play baseball in Ireland, now they are making documentaries about it! Colin Murphy talks to filmmaker John Fitzgerald about the popularity of the sport over there, and the challenges of making The Emerald Diamond.

68 Too Late to Stop Now Ian Worpole takes a look at the career of one of music’s greatest artists, Van Morrison, who, after 40 years, is still producing the goods.


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