Bad Boy Billy Bob

Billy Bob Thornton.

Sean O'Driscoll, Contibutor
October / November 2005

Johnny Depp isn’t the only Hollywood star who is interested in his Irish lineage. Bad boy Billy Bob Thornton has been looking into tracing his ancestry as well.

Thornton, star of this summer’s remake The Bad News Bears, recently spoke to Sean O’Driscoll of the Irish Voice about his new film and his Irish roots.

Thorton’s father’s family is Irish, while his mother’s side is part Irish, Italian and Native American.

“That’s the side [his mother’s] we know quite a bit about. That’s the Italian-Choctaw Indian side. So ethnically, I was screwed from the beginning. Italian, Choctaw and Irish. Boy oh boy. My uncle used to say, ‘Lock up the liquor, the firearms and white women!'” he jokes.

Thornton began his search for blood relatives in 2003. His assistant has been extensively searching the Internet and genealogy records in Ireland. The search has led him to the West of Ireland and the Galway area.

Thornton has only been to the Dublin area while touring with his country rock band, but now he wants to go to the West of Ireland to search for his family.

“It turns out that most of my people were from around the Galway area which is beautiful. I do want to get there. It’s something I’m real proud of and now I want to find out more.” ♦

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  1. Matthew Guy says:

    Dear Mr. Thornton,
    I do genealogy on my material Thornton family.
    I see that your interested in your Thornton family and Native American ancestry, so am I. My great grandmother, Dora Agnes Thornton, was full blood Cherokee from Jumping Branch, WV.. Her family has a very interesting story which would be an interesting period piece for a play or movie. I would love to share their story with you if you’re interested.
    Best wishes and Happy holidays,
    Matthew Guy

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