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Discovery’s Down to Earth Commander

Eileen Collins presses her face against the glass of the shuttle. She is desperately trying to see something. Like anyone far from home when they see land, they look for what they know. Except for Eileen Collins, 48, far from home is outer space. And that little slice of familiarity is a country she visitedRead more..

The First Word: Happy Birthday To Us!

“We choose to go to the moon and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” – President John F. Kennedy. Exactly 20 years ago when we set out to explore the story of the Irish in America we used Mortas Cine — Pride in Our Heritage — asRead more..

Who is Patrick Fitzgerald?

Abdon Pallasch profiles the Irish-American prosecutor who is charged with trying to figure out who leaked the name of the CIA agent whose husband criticized Bush’s invasion of Iraq.   He’s delivering an indictment a day to shady Chicago politicians. He’s jailing journalists as he closes in on President Bush’s top aides, trying to figureRead more..

John Robert’s Irish Wife

It was a long, hot summer for Jane Sullivan. Sullivan, the wife of President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, was thrust into the headlines because of her devout Catholic faith. It was a faith nurtured in a New York Irish enclave. In the early 1970s, Jane Sullivan attended St. Catherine’s Academy in the MorrisRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

Having conquered the world of music and shed light on global poverty, U2 lead singer Bono is now eyeing Hollywood. Presumably this is the charismatic crooner’s way to kill time until he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Until then, Bono is developing a film project which revolves around an Irish musician who comes toRead more..

Soldier Ride

It’s a long way from California to New York, especially on a bicycle, but what makes this 4200 mile ride even more remarkable is that it was undertaken by two soldiers both of whom lost limbs in Iraq. Ryan Kelly, 24, and Heath Calhoun, 26, are part of a group called Soldier Ride, which raisesRead more..

Rockaway Irish Honor Veterans

Irish-American families in Rockaway, New York, played host to injured soldiers recently with a parade and street party organized by the community.”We had to turn families down the support was so strong,” said Flip Cullen, who organized the the visit of 28 wounded soldiers from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. toRead more..

The First U.S. Immigrant Gateway

When many Americans think of their ancestors at long last arriving in New York Harbor and catching their first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty they assume that their predecessors then headed straight to Ellis Island to be processed. However, many of their relatives probably didn’t go to Ellis Island, but instead were sent toRead more..

Irish Citizenship: Are You Eligible?

Irish-Americans are fiercely proud of their Irish heritage, as is evident in the number of Americans who apply for Irish citizenship and passports. Last year the Irish Consulate in New York received 1,200 applications for an Irish passport. However, with 40 million people claiming at least some Irish heritage in the United States alone, thereRead more..

In Memoriam: Mo Mowlam, unique and respected British politician

Mo Mowlam, the former Secretary of State of Northern Ireland, lost her long battle with a brain tumor in late August. She was 55. The former Secretary of State served from 1997-1999 and was an intricate part of the peace process in Northern Ireland. Mowlam was a very candid and feisty woman who worked tirelesslyRead more..