Wall Street 50 – 2005

Timothy F. Keaney/The Bank of New York

Timothy Keaney is an executive vice president in charge of management responsibilities for all of The Bank of New York’s operations in Europe. The Washington, D.C., native has over 4,700 people who report to him from offices based in London, Dublin, Brussels, and other areas in Europe. His jurisdiction also includes The Bank of New York’s offices in the Middle East, and Africa.

Keaney began his career at The Bank of New York in 2000, as a managing director responsible for Depository Receipts, one of the largest securities services business. He previously worked at Deutsche Bank as a senior vice president, where he was managing a wide variety of roles in their London office. Other companies he has worked for include Bankers Trust and the Trust and Investment Division of Mellon Bank/The Boston Company.

Keaney graduated from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts with a degree in business administration.

A member of The American Ireland Fund, his Irish roots are in County Galway. His paternal grandparents were from Connemara and Ballinasloe. He is married to Martina and they have two children, Christine and Kathryn.