Wall Street 50 – 2005

Raymond A. Redlingshafer, Jr./New York Mortgage Trust

As a long-time veteran in the trading industry, Raymond Redlingshafer has worked his way to his current position as president and chief investment officer of New York Mortgage Trust. Before joining the firm, he was the managing director of Pedastal Capital, an Internet-based trading platform used mainly by institutional investors and dealers to trade mortage-backed securities. Other companies that Redlingshafer has worked with include Salomon Smith Barney, Freddie Mac, and UBS.

A proud second-generation Irish American who holds duel American and Irish citizenship, Redlingshafer is a member of The American Ireland Fund, the O’Byrne Clan, the Grandaddy Ryan and McGilley Clan. He says, “Many times I remind myself that a law degree, an MBA, and a career on Wall Street is a walk in the park compared to famine, hunger, a boat trip, and three jobs to keep a new immigrant family housed and fed in a place called America. It is for that generation of survivors and sacrifices I give thanks most often.”

Redlingshafer received his bachelor’s, MBA, and JD degrees all from Creighton University. He is married with four children.