Wall Street 50 – 2005

James McGinnis/AIG

This year, James McGinnis retired from Morgan Stanley to become the managing director of transactions and structuring at AIG. McGinnis has specialized in the energy sector since 1990. He led advisory teams at Morgan Stanley, using his knowledge for capital raising and strategic initiatives for integrated utilities, pipeline operators, merchant generators, and IPP’s. Additionally, he assisted financial groups analyzing investments in these areas and was a key part of many large investment deals. On the international front, he was an advisor on the government of South Australia’s electric supply industry and privatization. He has also been busy in the Southeast Asian energy sector. He lived in Singapore and Australia from 1996-1999, helping direct the firm’s energy investment banking practices in those regions.

McGinnis was educated at Harvard, doing his undergraduate work in government, and receiving his MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a sixth-generation Irish American whose family goes back to Derry. He is married with two children.