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The Manly Mr. Crowe

Russell Crowe is clad in a black jersey with a shamrock and bulldog embroidered on the left breast, and the name Jim Braddock, Crowe’s character in Cinderella Man, emblazoned on the right (“Something I designed for the crew,” he says briskly). His face is roughly shaven, and his short bicycle shorts show off the scopeRead more..

First Word: Survivors

It is one thing to see the Depression in photographs — black-and-whites of men in suits and hats lining up for food. It’s another when it is recreated on screen by good actors, and a director who made his first film — a documentary about the Depression — when he was in 11th grade. ThereRead more..

Clinton Launches Suicide Prevention Program

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton launched a major new suicide prevention program in Dublin. The program being run by RehabCare is aimed at tackling a growing number of suicides in Ireland, particularly among young men. Figures for 2003 show that 444 people took their own lives, with 11,2000 attempted suicides also recorded. “We want toRead more..

Government Favors EU Poll

The Irish Government is likely to press ahead with a referendum on the EU Constitution despite consecutive rejections of the treaty in France and Holland. Britain postponed holding a referendum following the setback in northern Europe but Ireland aligned with Poland and Denmark saying the constitution should be put to a national vote in eachRead more..

Dublin Population Faces Boom

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) predicts that the population of Greater Dublin area will exceed two million people by the year 2021. It is estimated that the region will by then be home to an estimated 40 percent of a national population of five million people in the Republic of Ireland. This will mean thatRead more..

Irish Language
Confuses Tourists

Visitors to Gaeltacht (Gaelic-speaking) areas on the west coast of Ireland may be in for a surprise, following a government directive on the public use of Irish language. The Placenames Order 2004 makes it a law that all Gaeltacht signposts and maps display place names only in the Irish language. Towns widely known by theirRead more..

Donleavy Archive U.S.-Bound

Author J.P. Donleavy (pictured right) is in negotiations with a U.S. university for the sale of his literary archive. The Brooklyn-born author who has been resident in Ireland since 1946 came to international prominence with publication of The Ginger Man nine years later. Donleavy did not wish to name the East Coast university but wasRead more..

Famine Ship to Go on Display

Replica famine ship Jeanie Johnston was bought by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority as a permanent attraction on the River Liffey. The replica, a tall ship modeled on the design of the original Jeanie Johnston, was built for $20 million, the cost of which was borne primarily by local authorities in Co. Kerry. The originalRead more..

An Unforeseen Victory

No one in the boxing world thought Ireland’s Kevin McBride stood a chance against Mike Tyson in the American’s latest comeback fight on June 11. Prior to the Tyson fight, McBride, known in the game as the “Clones Colossus,” spent his days bouting fellow no-name boxers, and confirming his reputation as a journeyman fighter. ItRead more..

John Duddy Wins Again

June 11 was a big night for the Irish in boxing. In Washington, D.C., journeyman Kevin McBride outlasted a fading Mike Tyson to put the final nail in Iron Mike’s career coffin. But Tyson-McBride was about the past. The future of boxing was on display at Madison Square Garden, where John Duddy of County DerryRead more..