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Maureen O’Hara:
The Queen of Technicolor

84, still fiery and wearing red, Maureen O’Hara stood before 700 guests at the Irish Film and Television Awards in Dublin last September as she accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award. Coupled with the publication of her autobiography ‘Tis Herself, Ms. O’Hara has had a good year. These remarkable achievements only make up a handful ofRead more..

First Word: The Best
& The Brightest

When we compiled our first Top 100 list in 1985, we did it to show that the Irish had not all vanished into the mainstream of American life but were still a viable ethnic group. Almost 20 years later, the Irish, despite their profound identification with American way of life, still hold a great appreciationRead more..

News From Ireland

Setbacks Send Sinn Féin Reeling Having been at the center of the peace process and made huge electoral gains north and south of the border, the year has begun disastrously for Sinn Féin. A series of unrelated events has put the party under intense scrutiny for its policy and attitude towards crime and paramilitary violence.Read more..

News in Brief

TAOISEACH Bertie Ahem led a 200-strong trade delegation to China in an effort to increase trade and develop investment opportunities between the two countries. Contacts between Dublin and Beijing have increased significantly since 1998, and last year Chinese premier Wen Jiabao and vice-premier Huang Ju visited Ireland. Irish businesses foresee expanded opportunities in the steadyRead more..

Oscars and Golden Globes

The Hollywood award season is in full swing, and the Irish are making their usual strong showing. Up for an Academy Award for best screenplay is Hotel Rwanda, which also was up for a Globe as best drama. Rwanda, written by Terry George and Keir Pearson, and directed by George, is the story of aRead more..

Making the Universal Story

Colum McCann’s writing is so intensely visual that adapting his work to the visual realm is a delicate task indeed. This year, Gary McKendry, a young director from Northern Ireland, succeeded in the task with help from Colum and several pints of Guinness at their favorite Irish pub. The pair have been so successful inRead more..

Irish Raise Funds
for Tsunami Relief

Two Irish nationals were listed among the dead in the massive toll from the December 26 tsunami in Far East Asia. The bodies of Eilis Finnegan, 27, from Dublin and Conor Keightley, 31, from Cookstown, Co. Tyrone were retrieved from the debris following the disaster. Several more Irish nationals are still missing, feared dead. MinisterRead more..

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Chicagoeans will celebrate by dying the river green. In Boston, it’s a city holiday (officially it’s Evacuation Day). In New York City, Grand Marshal Denis Kelleher from County Kerry will lead the largest parade in the U.S. up Fifth Avenue, while Enterprise, Alabama, will host the smallest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the world. OnRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood

A recent New York Times article about the next installment of the Batman movie series was headlined “Batman Now Speaks With a British Accent.” That may be true regarding Christian Bale, the hunky, Welsh-born star of Batman Begins, which hits theaters this summer. But if you listen closely you will also hear a lot ofRead more..

Irish Team Win the Yukon Arctic Ultra

Just walking around the block in the daunting cold of Canada’s far north is a test. Try hiking 100 miles across frozen rivers, through deep woods and over wind-scoured hills. Five Irishmen took on the challenge in February, tackling the world’s toughest foot race, the Yukon Arctic Ultra in the Yukon territory, near Alaska. JohnRead more..