Wall Street 50 – 2004

Peter Cahill/Adams, Harkness, & Hill Investment Banking Group

Principal in Adams, Harkness, & Hill’s Investment Banking Group, Peter Cahill is a fourth-generation Irish American. Cahill’s focus has been specifically on the resource optimization technologies franchise. Since joining the Boston investment banking group in 1996, Cahill has obtained 200 clients and works with $70 million in total revenue. Within the eight years Cahill has been at Adams, Harkness, & Hill, he has also successfully completed more than 40 transactions, including public and private equity placements, mergers, and acquisitions advisory. Founded in 1969, Adams, Harkness, & Hill’s Investment Banking Group is one of the largest independent research, brokerage, and investment banking firms serving the institutional market.

California native Cahill received a BA from the University of Colorado, and an MBA from Boston University. Prior to relocating to Boston, Cahill served as a Lieutenant in the Navy, stationed at the 32nd street naval station in San Diego.