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America’s Top Cop

As Police Commissioner Ray Kelly rolls through the streets of Manhattan in the back seat of a black SUV he is fed a steady stream of information by his detail detective who rides shotgun. On this cold fall day there is the usual assortment of New York mayhem to report; a decomposed body has beenRead more..

First Word:
Happy and Peaceful New Year

As the year winds down I cannot but reflect not just on the past year but on the past 19 years. It’s hard to believe, but the coming year marks Irish America’s 19th year in existence. It’s been a fascinating journey into the landscape of Irish America, which often proved to be unexplored territory. LookingRead more..

Justice Time for Dublin/Monaghan Families

The bombs went off during the Dublin rush-hour, at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 17, 1974. Three car bombs exploded on Parnell Street, Talbot Street and South Leinster Street in the center of Dublin. An hour and a half later another bomb exploded on North Road, in the border town of Monaghan. There had beenRead more..

Irish Troops Land in Liberia

A rapid reaction force of 450 Irish soldiers landed in Liberia as part of the U.N.’s 15,000-strong military intervention in the war-torn West African country. The troops will take part in a peace enforcement mission that is expected to last between three and four years. It is the Irish Army’s first U.N. engagement since theRead more..

Gilligan Case Adjourns

The Court of Criminal Appeal in Dublin adjourned an application by convicted drug dealer John Gilligan. Three years ago the Special Criminal Court acquitted Gilligan of the charge of murdering journalist Veronica Guerin but sentenced him to 28 years imprisonment for drug dealing. It is the longest sentence ever handed down by an Irish courtRead more..

Irish Family in the U.S.
Faces Deportation

The holiday season was a tense one, to say the least, for the McAllister family. Days before Thanksgiving, federal agents raided their New Jersey home in the dead of night. Before Christmas, it became a distinct possibility that all six Belfast natives would be deported. Now, the McAllisters are awaiting a crucial decision from anRead more..

In America Premieres
in New York

The A-list was in full force for the New York City premiere of Jim Sheridan’s latest film In America. Many fans and friends of Sheridan were out to support the semi-autobio-graphical film for its holiday opening. In the movie, a family immigrates to America from Ireland and grapples with life in a new country. TheRead more..

Young Stars on Screen

Two young actors, Dakota Fanning and Spencer Breslin, have burst onto the Hollywood scene with the blockbuster Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat. Fanning plays the bossy, organized Sally, sister to Breslin’s mischief-making Conrad. The youngsters are preparing for a party when The Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers) arrives on their doorstep toRead more..

New Host for This Old House

Making his debut this season as host of the Emmy Award-winning series This Old House and Ask This Old House, Kevin O’Connor is the newest member of America’s favorite home improvement team. Prior to joining the show, O’Connor worked for Fleet Bank as a vice president in the sports finance group, not exactly a prerequisiteRead more..

Clooney for Congress

Nick Clooney doesn’t fit the stereotypes typically applied to politicians. He recently announced that he will run as a Democrat in what promises to be a heated Congressional campaign in Northern Kentucky. He certainly hasn’t lived a boring life. And for a weekly columnist, former game show host and radio personality, father to one culturalRead more..