Daniel’s Big Day

By Irish America Staff
December / January 2003

One of Ireland’s most eligible bachelors, Daniel O’Donnell, will walk down the aisle with his fiancée Majella McLennan on Monday, November 4. The couple who met three years ago has had to wait until Majella’s annulment came through, as she is the divorced mother of two. “We’re delighted that Majella and her former husband were successful in their attempts to get an annulment and, therefore, it allows us to marry in the church,” a happy O’Donnell told the Sunday World newspaper.

The wedding will take place in O’Donnell’s home town of Kinclassagh, Co. Donegal in the village church. O’Donnell’s best man is an old friend while his bride-to-be will have her daughter Siobhán and a niece of O’Donnell’s as attendants. Two priests will be on hand to give blessings.

The forty-something couple will live in O’Donnell’s new home in Donegal when they’re not on the road promoting his country music career. In fact, they’ll spend their honeymoon in Branson, Missouri as O’Donnell is booked for a series of shows at a local theater. But he doesn’t mind that it’ll be a working vacation. “We’re hoping to have (a honeymoon) for the next 40 years or more,” he says. ♦

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