Bono’s Oprah Appearance

By Irish America Staff
December / January 2003

Bono took his African crusade to the American heartland in September when he appeared for a full hour on Oprah. “If you want to talk to the American people, you come to Oprah,” said the singer who talked about his international campaign to wipe out African debt and to increase awareness of the AIDS epidemic there. “I was very humbled to find out that the less time I spent in the studio, the better the music seemed to get! The band is really supportive of my work. They just wish the people I was hanging out with weren’t so unhip!” Bono replied when Oprah asked how his work in Africa affects his work with U2.

Bono certainly played to his audience too. Why should American women take such a keen interest in what’s happening in Africa when there are so many problems right here at home? “Because any mother knows that the pain of losing a child is the same in Africa as it is in America,” is his answer. ♦

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