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The First Word:
Something to Remember

“Irish people didn’t get me out of jail. It was English people who got me out of jail.” – Paul Hill ℘℘℘ I don’t remember Bloody Sunday. I don’t remember seeing footage on TV or being shocked by the carnage that left thirteen people dead and a fourteenth who would die later from wounds. HowRead more..

For the Defense

If political power can be judged by how an individual influences society and changes its laws, then there’s an arguable case for British defense lawyer Michael Mansfield being one of the most powerful figures on the British stage today. The list of trials and inquiries in which he has played a major role reads likeRead more..

All About Colin

In a street café in Prague’s Old Town, 24-year-old Colin Farrell is having a coffee with Bruce Willis. It’s a few days before they face up as adversaries in Hart’s War, a war drama that Gregory Hoblitt, who also directed Primal Fear and Frequency, is shooting on location in the wooded hills outside the CzechRead more..

Real IRA Informer in
Protective Custody

A former leading figure in the Irish American dissident republican community is in protective custody after it was revealed that he had been working as a double agent for years. According to Irish and British news accounts, David Rupert, 49, a trucker from Illinois, infiltrated the Real IRA, the republican splinter group opposed to theRead more..

Paddy Clancy
Memorial Scholarship

Applications for the Paddy Clancy Memorial Scholarships are invited from students in Ireland and North America. The $1,500 scholarships are available to students interested in studying folk song, sean nós and the traditional ballad. North American students may apply the scholarship towards study at the Irish World Music Center at the University of Limerick, whileRead more..

Irish Tourism Crisis
Grows Worse

The Irish Tourist Board is working furiously to clear up misconceptions surrounding the foot-and-mouth crisis among potential tourists, engaging in an “assurance campaign” to convince the U.S. that Ireland is just as safe and attractive a destination as ever. Jim McGuigan, executive vice president of the Irish Tourist Board in New York, explains that manyRead more..

The Giants’ Cause

Rioting fans, hooliganism and remote and sometimes ugly multi-millionaires have given sports a bad name in recent times. But every now and then, the world of fun and games provides an uplifting story, like the one unfolding in Belfast, where a team of American and Canadian hockey players is being heralded for improving relations betweenRead more..

The Mammoth of Ventry

How many men can say they live with four women and the only woolly mammoth in Ireland? Harris Moore can, because his home in Ventry on the western Dingle Peninsula is also the unique Prehistoric Celtic Museum, whose feature attraction is “Millie,” a 300,000-year-old woolly mammoth. Moore, 41, divides his time between his chores asRead more..

Dorothy Day’s Staten Island
Home Demolished

The small waterfront bungalow in Staten Island, New York that Dorothy Day occupied late in life was razed in February to make way for a subdivision of million dollar homes. The act stunned the Landmarks Preservation Commission who were only days away from formally nominating the site for historic preservation and believed it had aRead more..

Irish Hunger Memorial Groundbreaking in NYC

Plans for a half-acre, $4.7-million Irish Hunger Memorial commemorating victims of the Great Hunger and those who immigrated to the United States, were unveiled in New York City on March 15. The year-long project is being funded by the Battery Park City Authority. Governor George Pataki; Mayor Rudy Guiliani; Michael Martin, Ireland’s Minister of ChildrenRead more..