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A Darker Shade of Green

When Bill Clinton took the stage in Dundalk on his final presidential visit to Ireland last December, he could have had no idea how much of a welcome was waiting. In the late 1990s, the border town (population 30,000) had almost shaken off its El Paso image, a legacy from the Troubles, and was workingRead more..

The First Word:
Afraid of the Dark

The Irish writer John B. Keane once said of my home town that “they should build a wall around it and let no man in and let no man out.” I don’t know why he said that about An tAonach, which means Fair or Market place. (The town was named Nenagh by the English duringRead more..

Back to Your Future

As the Irish economy continues to rise, the government is campaigning in the United States to fill thousands of job openings. On St. Patrick’s weekend they will hold a two-day recruitment exhibition in New York. “We’re selling Ireland. We’re saying to people come back. We’re not saying you’re going to get what you’re getting inRead more..

Furor Over RUC
Recruitment Campaign

Belfast: Republicans and nationalists have attacked Royal Ulster Constabulary chief Sir Ronnie Flanagan for launching a new recruiting drive before outstanding police reforms are completed, Brendan Anderson reported in The Irish Voice. Sinn Féin’s president Gerry Adams has asked young Nationalists not to join the force and to ignore an RUC advertising campaign which isRead more..

Reid Takes Over as
Northern Secretary

The departure of Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Mandelson in late January caused few tears in Ireland. Mandelson, whose tenure in the North was supposed to restart his political career, left under a cloud. He was pulled from the job by British Prime Minister Tony Blair over alleged involvement in a passport scandal. It was theRead more..

New York Remembers
Bobby Sands

Plans to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of hunger striker Bobby Sands on May 5 in New York, have Unionists hot under the collar. The Irish papers reported that Gerald Kelly, the Belfast painter who together with other artists will create a mural to Sands, had been given a $75,000 grant from theRead more..

The White House Years

To mark the 40th anniversary of her emergence as America’s first lady, and explore her enduring global influence on style, Jacqueline Kennedy will be celebrated this September with an unprecedented special exhibition of the original costumes and accessories she wore at state events in America and abroad. “Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years” will beRead more..

Black Wind / White Lands

Fifteen years to the day since the Chernobyl nuclear reactor went into meltdown, an exhibition showing the effects of the “world’s greatest environmental catastrophe” will be held at the United Nations Plaza in New York. “Black Winds/White Lands” will open on April 26. Photographers, sculptors, graphic designers and multimedia artists will contribute. “The long-term effectsRead more..

Bacon Painting
Sells for €3 Million

Francis Bacon’s Three Studies for a Portrait of John Edwards, sold for over €3 million to a private collector at an auction in Christie’s in London, on February 8. Te oil canvas, a three-panel work painted in 1984, is considered a rare and important portrait of Edwards, who was Bacon’s companion until the artist’s deathRead more..

Those We Lost: Al McGuire

On January 26 the sports and television world lost one of its true champions. Known as “the James Joyce of the airwaves,” sportscaster Al McGuire passed away in his Milwaukee home surrounded by his loved ones. McGuire’s renown as former coach of the Marquette Warriors basketball team, and later NBC then CBS commentator for theRead more..