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February 13, 2001

After two years of living in Tralee and Waterford, refugees from Kosovo were granted the right to become Irish citizens on February 13, 2001. In 1999, almost 1,000 Kosovar refugees first arrived in Ireland. They were displaced due to the ethnic war  and “cleansing” taking place in their homeland, and fled to Ireland under theRead more..

Gerry Adams The Way Forward

Kelly Candaele talks to Gerry Adams about recent developments in Northern Ireland. ℘℘℘ Gerry Adams is no stranger to violence. In 1984, he told reporters that he believed there was a ninety percent chance he would be assassinated. Two months later, he was shot by loyalist paramilitaries. While he denies ever having been a memberRead more..

The First Word:
Carry On, Mr. President

Dear Editor: Re: “Thank You, Mr. President” Just because Ms. Harty got her night in the Lincoln Bedroom, we’re all supposed to admire an underachiever, a national embarrassment and a degrader of women. Is it required to be a Democrat to read Irish America? Sincerely, (Mrs.) Josephine K. Maloney Matawan, New Jersey Dear Josephine: ThankRead more..

Chris Patten
Endorses Police Bill

The Republican and Nationalist communities suffered a blow in their efforts at police reform when Chris Patten, chair of the Patten Commission, endorsed the controversial Northern Ireland Police Bill which passed into law at the end of November. In the Belfast Telegraph Patten wrote that the new legislation, criticized by Nationalists as a watered-down versionRead more..

British and Irish Governments Seek U.S. Ban on Real IRA

The Irish and British governments have asked the United States to designate the Real IRA as a terrorist organization, a step that would prevent the organization from raising funds in the U.S. The Real IRA is widely believed to be responsible for planting the bomb that killed 31 people – including unborn twins – inRead more..

Police Seize de
Valera’s Love Letters

The Gardai (Irish police) have seized 18 letters written by Eamonn de Valera to his wife, Sinead, between 1912 and 1920. Some of the letters were written while he was imprisoned for his part in the 1916 Rising and others were written while he was in the U.S. promoting the idea of an independent Ireland.Read more..

The Last Hurrah

President Bill Clinton’s third, unprecedented and final visit to Ireland as President had all the feelings of a homecoming. And why not? No other American President has devoted as much time, political energy and determination to bringing peace to Northern Ireland and economic development to the country as a whole as Bill Clinton. And itRead more..

The Irish Arrive

Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern was in New York last December to present of a sculpture to the United Nations. Entitled Arrival, the bronze piece was created by John Behan, Ireland’s foremost sculptor, and was installed on the north lawn of the UN headquarters. Situated only yards from the East River, and standing 23 feetRead more..

Steve Allen (1921 – 2000)

If the stars are twinkling a bit more lately, it’s because one of Earth’s brightest has taken his place in their midst. On November 1, Steve Allen passed away in his sleep and into the realm of legend. His wife, actress Jayne Meadows, once described him as “a good Irish Catholic boy. One of theRead more..

The Faithful Departed

The face of Catholic Ireland is changing beyond recognition. Ten years ago, well over 80 percent of Irish Catholics went to Mass at least once a week. That number is now down to about 60 percent and falling fast. The empty pews seem staggering to anyone who has been away from Ireland for a while,Read more..