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Reclining With Kevin

Kevin Kline is seriously funny. Blame it on his Irish side. ℘℘℘ Settling back into a plush maroon velvet banquette in the restaurant of the Mark Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Kline sips his cappuccino, then leans forward in a conspiratorial fashion and smiles. “She was definitely in charge.” Agnes Kline, his mother, wasRead more..

The First Word:
The Wealth of Our Heritage

As I write this, the end of the first year of the new millennium is closing in. It’s November 1. Celtic New Year, a day when it was thought by the ancients that the layer between this world and the otherworld diminished and souls passed freely from one to the other. In the Ireland ofRead more..

More Millionaire Madness

Millionaire madness has hopped the Atlantic taking firm hold in Ireland with the October debut of the Irish Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Hosted by popular TV personality Gay Byrne, former host of Ireland’s Late Late Show. The first show, aired at 7:30 P.M. on October 17, was watched by 74 percent of peopleRead more..

Sinn Féin Ordered
to Fly Union Jack

The British government has announced that it will be assuming powers to order Sinn Féin members of the Northern Ireland Executive to fly the Union Jack over their offices on specified days. A spokesman for Prime Minister Tony Blair told The Irish Times that the Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Mandelson would order the Union flagRead more..

Trimble Wins Reprieve And Jeopardizes Good Friday Agreement

Another political crisis in Northern Ireland was narrowly avoided and a new one born when at the end of October Ulster Unionist Party leader David Trimble won his party’s confidence vote, defeating a challenge from anti-agreement MP Jeffrey Donaldson for the leadership of the UUP. This was the third challenge Trimble faced in his leadershipRead more..

Educating Martin

How Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness is adjusting to his new role as Northern Ireland’s Minister for Education. ℘℘℘ Unusually for a politician, Martin McGuinness is early. He arrives at the Irish-speaking primary school in Newry, the Bunscoil an luir, as part of his duties as Minister for Education in the Northern Ireland Executive. The Executive,Read more..

Get Your Irish Up!
At Galway’s Oyster Festival

It’s early evening and a vast room at Galway’s Corrib Southern Hotel is lined with long rows of tables, laid for a banquet for over 600 people. Men in dinner jackets and bow ties make small talk with women in elegant ball gowns as their starters are served with military precision by a team ofRead more..

Dreaming of Freedom

A new exhibit in Boston traces the city’s history as a gateway to the United States and freedom. A state-of-the-art multimedia exhibition honoring Boston’s diverse mix of immigrants has opened to the public at the city’s new $3 million Dreams of Freedom Center. Located at One Milk Street, the birth site of Benjamin Franklin DreamsRead more..

Gore’s Wexford Home

John Murphy has come up with the essential accessory for any would-be U.S. president – an Irish homestead. He is certain Al Gore’s roots can be traced to Murphy’s land where the remains of a ten-bedroom mansion once owned by the Gore family lies in ruins. If confirmed (and if Gore wins) it will beRead more..

Margaret Mitchell’s
Lasting Gift

Madam, I greet you on the beginning of a great new career.” With these words John Mitchell presented his wife, Margaret, with a second-hand Remington typewriter. Ten years later Margaret Mitchell presented to the world her masterpiece, Gone With the Wind. On November 8, 2000, 100 years after her birth we remember her extraordinary gift.Read more..