William Flynn

The Optimist

Philanthropist and Chairman of Mutual of America insurance company William Flynn.

By Niall O’Dowd
October / November 2000

William Flynn is living proof that sometimes big business and politics should mix. In his role as Chairman of insurance giant Mutual of America he has worked tirelessly to keep the U.S. involved in the peace process in Northern Ireland.


There are some commitments which one makes out of obligation, some out of position, and some out of choice. There are other commitments that are thrust upon one by the weight of history and heritage. For me, religious liberty and freedom of conscience are such a commitment. I speak as a Catholic of Irish heritage whose father was from the north and whose mother was from the south. And I am deeply saddened when I see the violence that divides neighbors and the bitterness that hardens the soul. We must uphold and renew that which makes us caring persons striving for a just nation and a peaceful world. – November 1993

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