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Meet the Best: Tim Russert
of NBC’s Meet the Press

Tim Russert is the most influential political journalist in America. As host of top-rated Meet the Press he can make and break careers, but his own success story is a highly unusual one. Niall O’Dowd interviewed him in Washington D.C. ℘℘℘ “He is absolutely the best, he does the most homework. In an era whereRead more..

The First Word:
A Little Boy’s Cry

“Hushed be that sigh, be dry that tear,Nor let us lose our heaven here…” – Richard Brinsley Sheridan ℘℘℘ On a plane to San Francisco a young couple sit across from me with two boys. The younger one is kicking up a ruckus. As I reach for my ear-plugs I hear the wife say somethingRead more..

News from Ireland:
A Fragile Peace

The Northern Ireland Assembly is back – but intransigence could still damage the prospects for peace. ℘℘℘ Glimpse a furrowed brow or lips shut tight against gritted teeth at Stormont right now and you’re looking at someone who was counting on the peace process ending in failure and recriminations. Those with a spring in theirRead more..

News from Ireland:
You Can Go Home Again

One of the happy consequences of Ireland’s robust economy is the reversal of its centuries-long emigration trend. Now thousands of Irish citizens are returning home, often to find an Ireland that is quite different from the one they left. To accommodate this new influx, the Irish government has published Returning to Ireland, a new informationRead more..

News from Ireland:
The Threat of the Super Pub

The small Irish local pub is in danger of becoming extinct with the increasing popularity of larger superpubs, according to a leading Irish vintner. Cork vintner Con Dennehy warned of the danger of transferring licenses from rural areas to larger cities, and he urged Justice Minister John O’Donoghue to change the existing laws. Under theRead more..

News from Ireland: Marriages Up, Births Down
in Latest Irish Statistics

Marriage is on the increase in Ireland but birth rates are falling, according to a report by the Central Statistics Office. Almost 19,000 couples exchanged vows in 1999 (up 1,700 on the previous year), while the birth rate dropped for the first time in four years. Almost half of last year’s births were to first-timeRead more..

News from Ireland: Blair Apologizes to Guildford Four

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has apologized to the Guildford Four who spent 15 years in prison before their convictions for IRA bomb attacks were overturned in 1989 after it emerged that police had concocted evidence against them. A letter of apology, in which Blair said he was “very sorry,” was sent to Courtney KennedyRead more..

News from Ireland:
Racial Attacks on the Increase in Ireland of the Welcomes

Ireland has long been famed as the land of the céad míle fáilte or “hundred thousand welcomes,” but it may be a case of céad míle insults for some visitors, if recent reports of racist attacks are anything to go by. From increasing physical attacks in some areas of Dublin to mass protests around theRead more..

Pulitzer Prize Winners

Irish-American journalist (and Top 100 2000 honoree) Katherine Boo won the Pulitzer gold medal for public service for her two-part series describing abuse, sometimes lethal, of mentally handicapped residents of group homes in the District of Columbia. Boo spent 13 months reporting after a visit to a group home revealed residents sitting in complete darknessRead more..

Hibernia: The Queen of Suspense Goes Digital

Mary Higgins Clark, the #1 bestselling suspense writer in the U.S., recently signed a record-breaking contract with Simon & Schuster, making her the highest-paid female author in the world. Simon & Schuster also released all of her titles as electronic books as part of their celebration of Higgins Clark’s 25th anniversary with the publishing house.Read more..